Hoffmann, Professor: Tricks With Cards, Condensed From Modern Magic
©1919 George Routledge & Sons, Ltd, London & NY
Hardcover, 142 pages

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Tricks With Cards From Modern Magic
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Professor Hoffman: Tricks With Cards
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Professor Hoffmann

Comments: Cover title is Professor Hoffmann's Card Tricks, while inside title page states, "Tricks With Cards from Modern Magic", and in one edition "Conjuring Tricks With Cards" This is a collection of card tricks extracted from Hoffmann's "Modern Magic" book. Note that this is a different book than Hoffman's earlier Tricks With Cards from the late 1800's.
From the introductory pages of the 8th edition: "The present issue of Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic (which has reached its Eighth Edition, and still maintains its position as the leading authority on all branches of Conjuring) is designed to meet a frequently expressed desire for a more portable form of that work, and to enable the amateur who may be interested in any particular branch of the subject to study it with greater convenience. The various Sections are as under. Price Fifty Cents each: I. Card Tricks; II. Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings, and Handkerchiefs; III Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats, Etc., Also Stage Tricks; IV Miscellaneous Tricks."

Contents (from book, updated Aug 2022):

7 Chapter I. Introduction

11 Chapter II. General Principles of Sleight-of-Hand Applicable to Card Tricks
11 The Cards
12 To Make the Pass
21 To Force a Card
23 To Make a False Shuffle
27 To Palm a Card
27 To Ruffle The Cards
28 To Change a Card
34 To Get Sight of a Drawn Card
35 To Slip a Card
36 To Draw Back a Card
37 To Turn Over the Pack
37 To Spring the Cards From One Hand to The Other
38 To Throw a Card
39 The Bridge

42 Chapter III. Card Tricks With Ordinary Cards, and Not Requiring Sleight-of-Hand
42 Simple Modes of Discovering a Given Card
44 Various Modes of Disclosing a Discovered Card
45 To Make a Card Vanish From the Pack, and be Found in a Person's Pocket
47 To Place the Four Kings in Different Parts of the Pack, and to Bring Them Together By a Simple Cut
48 The Four Kings Being Placed Under The Hand Of One Person, And The Four Sevens Under The Hand Of Another, To Make Them Change Places At Command
49 Four Packets Of Cards Having Been Formed Face Downward On The Table, To Discover The Total Value Of The Undermost Cards
50 To Name All The Cards Of The Pack In Succession
51 The Cards Being Cut, To Tell Whether The Number Cut Is Odd Or Even
51 The Whist Trick, To Deal Yourself All The Trumps: See Also Page 119
52 To Allow A Person To Think Of A Card, And To Make That Card Appear At Such Number In The Pack As Another Person Shall Name
53 The Cards Revealed By The Looking-Glass
53 To Guess Four Cards Thought Of By Different Persons
54 The Pairs Re-Paired
55 The Magic Triplets
55 Another Mode Of Discovering A Card Thought Of
56 To Guess, By The Aid Of A Passage Of Poetry Or Prose, Such One Of Sixteen Cards As, In Your Absence, Has Been Touched Or Selected By The Company
57 To Detect, Without Confederacy, Which Of Four Cards Has Been Turned Round In Your Absence
58 To Arrange Twelve Cards In Rows In Such A Manner That They Will Count Four In Every Direction
58 To Place The Aces And Court Cards In Four Rows, In Such A Manner That Neither Horizontally Nor Perpendicularly Shall There Be In Either Row Two Cnrds Alike, Either In Suit Or Value
59 The Congress Of Court Cards

60 Chapter IV. Tricks Involving Sleight Of Hand, Or The Use Of Specially Prepared Cards
60 The Long Card
60 Biseaute Or Tapering Cards
62 Tricks Performed By The Aid Of A Long Card, Or Biseaute Pack:
62 A Card Having Been Chosen And Returned, And The Pack Shuffled, To Produce The Chosen Card Instantly In Various Ways
62 To Cut At The Chosen Card
62 To Let All The Cards Fall, Save The One Chosen
62 To Pick Out The Card, The Pack Being Placed In A Person's Pocket
63 To Fling The Pack In The Air, And Catch The Chosen Card
63 To Change A Card Drawn Hap-Hazard To The Chosen Card
65 To Divide The Pack Into Several Packets On The Table, Allowing The Company To Stop You At Any Moment, And To Cause The Top Card Of The Heap Last Made To Change Into The Chosen Card
66 To Teach The Company A Trick Which They Learn Without Difficulty; Then To Allow Them To Succeed Or Cause Them To Fail At Your Pleasure
69 To Distinguish The Court Cards By Touch
70 To Name Any Number Of Cards In Succession Without Seeing Them
71 To Make Four Cards Change From Eights To Twos, From Black To Red, Etc.
73 A Card Having Been Drawn And Returned, And The Pack Shuffled, To Make It Appear At Such Number As The Company Choose
75 The Same Trick With Several Cards, And By A Different Method
76 The Three Card Trick
77 To Nail A Chosen Card To The Wall
77 The Inseparable Sevens
79 The Inseparable Aces
80 Having Placed The Four Aces In Different Positions In The Pack, To Make The Two Black Change Places With The Two Red Ones, And Finally To Bring All Four Together In The Middle Of The Pack
83 A Card Having Been Thought Of, To Make Such Card Vanish From The Pack, And Be Discovered Wherever The Performer Pleases
84 To Cause A Number Of Cards To Multiply Invisibly In A Person's Keeping
86 The Pack Being Divided Into Two Portions, Placed In The Keeping Of Two Different Persons, To Make Three Cards Pass Invisibly From The One To The Other
87 To Allow Several Persons Each To Draw A Card, And The Pack Having Been Shuffled, To Make Another Card Drawn Hap-Hazard Change Successively Into Each Of Those First Chosen
90 To Make Four Aces Change To Four Kings, And Four Kings To Four Aces
91 Having Made Four Packets Of Cards With An Ace At The Bottom Of Each, To Bring All Four Aces Into Whichever Packet The Company May Choose
93 To Change The Four Aces, Held Tightly By A Person, Into Four Indifferent Cards
97 The Shower Of Aces
99 Several Persons Having Each Drawn Two Cards, Which Have Been Returned And Shuffled, To Make Each Couple Appear In Succession, One At The Top And The Other At The Bottom Of The Pack
101 To Make Two Cards, Each Firmly Held By A Different Person, Change Places
102 To Change Four Cards, Drawn Hap-Hazard And Placed On The Table, Into Cards Of The Same Value As A Single Card Subsequently Chosen By One Of The Spectators
103 Two Heaps Of Cards, Unequal In Number, Being Placed Upon The Table, To Predict Beforehand Which Of The Two The Company Will Choose
104 A Row Of Cards Being Placed Face Downward On The Table, To Indicate, By Turning Up One Of Them, How Many Of Such Cards Have, During Your Absence, Been Transferred From One End Of The Row To The Other
106 Several Cards Having Been Freely Chosen By The Company, Returned And Shuffled, And The Pack Placed In A Person's Pocket, To Make Such Person Draw Out One By One The Chosen Cards
108 The Cards Having Been Freely Shjiffled, And Cut Into Three Or Four Heaps, To Name The Top Card Of Each Heap
108 To Allow A Person Secretly To Think Of A Card, And, Dividing The Pack Into Three Heaps, To Cause The Card Thought Of To Appear In Whichever Heap The Company May Choose
110 To Allow A Person Secretly To Think Of A Card, And, Even Before Such Card Is Named, To Select It From The Pack And Place It Singly Upon The Table
111 A Card Having Been Secretly Thought Of By One Of The Audience, To Place Two Indifferent Cards Upon The Table, And To Change Such One Of Them As The Audience May Select Into The Card Thought Of
114 A Card Having Been Drawn And Returned, And The Pack Shuffled, To Divide The Pack Into Several Heaps On The Table, And To Cause The Drawn Card To Appear In Such Heap As The Company May Choose
115 To Change A Drawn Card Into The Portraits Of Several Of The Company In Succession
A Card Having Been Drawn And Returned, And The Pack Shuffled, To Place On The Table Six Rows Of Six Cards Each, And To Discover The Chosen Card By A Throw Of The Dice
117 A Card Having Been Withdrawn And Replaced, To Call It From The Pack, And To Make It Come To You Of Its Own Accord
118 Mode Of Preparing Specially Adhesive Wax For Conjuring Purposes
119 The Whist Trick, Improved Method, To Deal Yourself All The Trumps, The Three Other Players Holding The Usual Mixed Hands