Hoffmann, Professor: Tricks With Cards From Modern Magic
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Tricks With Cards From Modern Magic
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Professor Hoffmann

Comments: Cover title is Professor Hoffmann's Card Tricks, while inside title page states, "Tricks With Cards from Modern Magic." This is a collection of card tricks extracted from Hoffmann's "Modern Magic" book. Note that this is a different book than Hoffman's earlier Tricks With Cards from the late 1800's. From the introductory pages of the 8th edition: "The present issue of Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic (which has reached its Eighth Edition, and still maintains its position as the leading authority on all branches of Conjuring) is designed to meet a frequently expressed desire for a more portable form of that work, and to enable the amateur who may be interested in any particular branch of the subject to study it with greater convenience. The various Sections are as under. Price Fifty Cents each: I. Card Tricks; II. Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings, and Handkerchiefs; III Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats, Etc., Also Stage Tricks; IV Miscellaneous Tricks."

Contents (Chapters & partial details, from book ToC):

7 Introduction

11 Chapter I: General Principles of Sleight-of-Hand Applicable to Card Tricks
11 The Cards
12 To Make the Pass
21 To Force a Card
23 To Make a False Shuffle
27 To Palm a Card
27 To Ruffle The Cards
28 To Change a Card
34 To Get Sight of a Drawn Card
35 To Slip a Card
36 To Draw Back a Card
37 To Turn Over the Pack
37 To Spring the Cards From One Hand to The Other
38 To Throw a Card
39 The Bridge

42 Chapter II: Card Tricks With Ordinary Cards, and Not Requiring Sleight-of-Hand
42 Simple Modes of Discovering a Given Card
44 Various Modes of Disclosing a Discovered Card
45 To Make a Card Vanish From the Pack, and be Found in a Person's Pocket
47 To Place the Four Kings in Different Parts of the Pack, and to Bring Them Together By a Simple Cut

50 Chapter III: Tricks Involving Sleight-of-Hand or the Use of Specially Prepared Cards

100 Chapter IV: Card Tricks Requirig Special Apparatus