Hoffmann, Professor: Card Tricks With Apparatus
©1892 Frederick Warne and Co, London, NY
Hardcover, 115 pages plus advertisements

Also reprints in 1900, 1921
Card Tricks With Apparatus
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Professor Hoffmann: Card Tricks With Apparatus

Comments: Also, "Uniform with this volume, by the same author, Card Tricks Without Apparatus"

Contents (from book):

1 Section I Drawing Room Tricks
1 Mechanical Aids To Card Conjuring
2 The Transforming Sevens
5 The Protean Pack
7 The Four Queens Changed To Kings
9 The Cards Passing Up The Sleeve
13 The Diminishing And Dissolving Cards
16 Card-Boxes Of Various Kinds
19 The Card-And-Bird Box
21 The Card-Drawer
21 The Double Card-Drawer
23 The Card-Table
24 Two Drawn Cards, Placed In Different Boxes, Made To Change Places At Command
25 A Drawn Card, Placed In A Closed Box, Made To Fly Back To The Pack, While Another Takes Its Place In The Box
27 Another Method
28 The TornCard Trick
31 The Mechanical "Torn Card"
33 Jumping Cards - To Make Selected Cards Jump Out Of The Pack
36 The Sand Frame
37 Field's Card Frame
39 Conjurers’ Pistols
40 The Magic Sword - A Chosen Card Caught On The Point Of A Sword
43 A Chosen Card Caught On The End Of A Walking-Stick
44 The Magic Mirror
47 The Charmed Bullet And Black Cloth Target
50 The China Plate And Flying Cards
51 Importance Of Well-Made Apparatus
52 The Card-Catching Plate
54 A Card Found In A Cigar
54 A Card Found In A Candle
56 Money-Producing Cards
57 How To Palm A Coin
59 A Pack Of Cards Changed To A Handkerchief
61 The Black Velvet Banner
63 The Multiplying And Vanishing Cards
66 The Magic Star And Cabalistic Pointer

69 Section II Stage Tricks
69 Conjurers’ Tablet - Pistons
71 The Fairy Star
75 The Cabalistic Star
76 The Rising Cards (La Houlette) - Various Methods
84 - The Crystal Houlette
84 - The Houlette a la Main
86 - Alberti’s Method
88 The Wonderful Fan And Enchanted Card
90 The Card And Smoke Trick
93 - Alternative Working
93 The Cascade Of Cards
94 The Pillar Of The Magi
96 The Sensation Card Trick - An Experiment In Thought-Reading
102 The Crystal Frame - For The Production Of Cards
103 The Black Velvet Frame
104 The Card In The Candle
106 The Card Bouquet

115 L'envoi
116 Advertisements: Frederick Warne And Co Book, Hamley Bros.