Hoffmann, Professor: Conjuring Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings and Handkerchiefs, From Modern Magic
©1893 David McKay, Philadelphia
Hardcover, 122 pages

Also ©1932 Edition
Conjuring Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings and
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Conjuring Tricks With Coins
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Commments: With 57 Illustrations. From the introductory page, "The present issue of Professor Hoffmann’s Modern Magic (which has now reached its Eighth Edition, and still maintains its position as the leading authority on all branches of Conjuring) is designed to meet a frequently expressed desire for a more portable form of that work, and to enable the amateur who may be interested in any particular branch of the subject to study it with greater convenience The various Sections are as under, Price, Fifty Cents each:—
I Card Tricks
II Tricks with Coins, Watches, Rings, and Handkerchiefs
III Tricks with Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats, etc; also Stage Tricks
IV Miscellaneous Tricks
NB — The Introductory Chapter, having a general application to the whole of the last three Sections, is, for the sake of completeness, repeated in each such Section"


1 Introduction

5 Chapter I Principles Of Sleight-Of-Hand More Especially Applicable To Coin Tricks
5 Palming
6 Passes
16 Changes

18 Chapter II Tricks With Coin Without Apparatus
18 A Quarter Being Spun On The Table, To Tell Blindfolded Whether It Falls Head Or
Tail Upwards
19 Odd Or Even, Or The Mysterious Addition
20 To Change A Quarter Into A Penny, Back Again, And Then To Pass The Same Invisibly Into The Pocket Of The Owner
22 To Make A Marked Quarter And Penny, Wrapped In Separate Handkerchiefs, Change Places At Command
23 To Make Two Marked Coins, Wrapped In Separate Handkerchiefs, Come Together In One Of Them
27 To Pull Four Quarters Or Half-Crowns Through A Handkerchief
29 To Pass A Marked Quarter (Or Half-Crown) Into The Center Of Two Oranges In Succession
31 The Flying Money—To Make A Coin Pass Invisibly From The One Hand To The Other, And Finally Through The Table
34 To Rub One Sixpence Into Three
35 The Multiplication Of Money
37 To Make A Marked Sixpence Vanish From A Handkerchief, And Be Found In The Center Of An Apple Or Orange Previously Examined
39 The Travelling Counters
40 The Wandering Sixpence

41 Chapter III Tricks With Coin Requiring Special Apparatus
41 The Heads And Tails Trick
42 The Magic Cover And Vanishing Halfpence
44 The Animated Coin, Which Answers Questions, Etc
46 Appliances For Vanishing Money—
46 - The Vanishing Halfpenny Box
48 - The Rattle-Box
49 - The Pepper-Box
50 - The Brass Money-Box
51 - The Brass-Box, Known As The “ Plug-Box ”
53 - The Handkerchief For Vanishing Money
54 - The Demon Handkerchief
54 - The Davenport Cabinet
56 Appliances For Re-Producing Vanished Money—
56 - The Nest Of Boxes
57 - The Ball Of Berlin Wool
58 - The Glass Goblet And Cover
59 - The Glass Without Cover
61 The Miraculous Casket
62 The Half-Crown Or Quarter Wand
64 The Shower Of Money
67 The Vanishing Plate, Or Salver
69 The "Changing" Plate
70 The Tray Of Proteus

72 Chapter IV Tricks With Watches
72 To Indicate On The Dial Of A Watch The Hour Secretly Thought Of By Any Of The Company
73 To Bend A Borrowed Watch Backwards And Forwards
74 The Watch-Mortar And The Magic Pistol
76 The "Snuff-Box Vase"
78 The "Watch Box"
79 The "Watch Target"
81 The Mesmerised Watch - To Make Any Watch A Repeater

84 Chapter V Tricks With Rings
84 The Flying Ring
86 To Pass A Ring From The One Hand To Either Finger Of The Other Hand
87 To Pass A Ring Through A Pocket-Handkerchief
87 To Pass A Ring Through The Table
89 To Pass A Ring Invisibly Upon The Middle Of A Wooden Wand, The Ends Being Held By Two Of The Spectators
90 The Magic Ball And Rings
92 To Pass A Borrowed Ring Into An Egg
93 The Magic Rose

95 Chapter VI Tricks With Handkerchiefs
95 Introductory Remarks
96 The Handkerchief That Cannot Be Tied In A Knot
96 The Handkerchief That Will Not Burn
97 The Vanishing Knots
99 To Exchange A Borrowed Handkerchief For A Substitute
100 The Locked And Corded Box, And The Washerwomans's Bottle
104 The Reversible Canister
105 The Burning Globe
105 The Transformed Handkerchief
108 The Handkerchief Cut Up, Burnt, And Finally Found In A Candle
110 The Shower Of Sweets
113 The Feathers From An Empty Handkerchief
115 The Flying Plume
117 The Magic Laundry
119 The Egg And The Handkerchief
122 The "Hand-Box," For Vanishing A Handkerchief