Hoffmann, Professor: Latest Magic
1918 Spon & Chamberlain, New York, 1st Edition; 2nd edition, 1919
Hardcover, no dj, 222 pages

Latest Magic
Image courtesy Lybrary.com

Comments (Lybrary.com): "Latest Magic is the last book in Hoffmann's series Modern Magic, More Magic and Later Magic. Hoffmann had quite some problem finding a publisher for this book. The reason being the quality of the contents. When Modern Magic came out it explained new tricks and tricks which were performed at the time. Thus it was indeed 'modern'. It is also without a doubt the best book in the series. Latest Magic describes Hoffmann's own creations and dealt with a magic which was already considered old fashioned. From a historical perspective it still makes quite an interesting read."

Note: editions are also available form Dover Publications and in the Public Domain. Also available as an e-book from Lybrary.com


ii Portrait of Professor Hoffmann
vii Preface

1 Some New Appliances of General Utility
1 Magical Mats
5 Fairy Flower-Pots
8 Patter Introducing the Flower-Pots
10 Adhesive Cards and Tricks Therewith
12 The Missing Card

17 Novel Applications of the "Black Art" Principle
17 Black Art Mats and Black Art Patches
23 A Magical Transposition
26 The Detective Die
32 Dissolving Dice
38 Where is It?

46 Card Tricks
46 Arithmetic by Magic
49 Those Naughty Knaves
55 Magnetic Magic
57 The Telepathic Tape
60 A Card Comedy
63 The Fast and Loose Card-Box
64 A Royal Tug of War
66 Sympathetic Cards
68 Tell-Tale Fingers
72 Divination Doubly Difficult
77 A New Long Card and Tricks Therewith
83 The Mascot Coin Box

88 Miscellaneous Tricks
88 Money-Making Made Easy
92 The Missing Link
97 Culture Extraordinary
104 The Bounding Beans
110 Lost and Found
115 The Riddle of the Pyramids
123 The Miracle of Mumbo Jumbo
130 The Story of the Alkahest
137 The Oracle of Memphis
146 The Mystery of Mahomet
156 The Bewildering Blocks
162 An "Od" Force
170 The Mystery of the Three Seals
180 The Wizard's Pocketbook

192 Concerning Patter
203 The Use of the Wand
215 A Few Wrinkles
222 L'envoi