Hoffmann, Professor: Miscellaneous Conjuring Tricks From Modern Magic
©1915 (circa) David McKay, Philadelphia, PA
Hardcover, 124 pages
Miscellaneous Conjuring Tricks from Modern Magic
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Professor Hoffmann: Miscellaneous Conjuring Tricks from Modern Magic

Comments: Full title: "Hoffman's Tricks - Miscellaneous Conjuring Tricks". 109 black & white illustrations. Hoffmann's "Modern Magic" was split into four separate volumes, including I. Card Tricks; II. Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings, and Handkerchiefs; III Tricks With Dominoes, Dice, Balls, Hats, Etc., Also Stage Tricks; IV Miscellaneous Tricks.


5 The Cut String Restored
8 My Grandmother's Necklace
9 The Bonus Genius, or Vanishing Doll
11 The Dancing Sailor
12 The Bottle Imps
13 The Vanishing Gloves
14 The Egg-Bag
17 To Produce Eggs from a Person's Mouth
18 The Pillars of Solomon, and the Magic Bradawl
21 The Magic Coffers
23 The Bran and Orange Trick
35 The Rice and Orange Trick
29 The Magic Whistle
30 The Magic Mill
31 Pieces of Apparatus of General Utility
31 - The Drawer-Box
34 - The Dissecting Drawer-Box
35 - The Chaning Card-Drawer
36 - Changing Caddies
39 - - The Magic Vase and Caddy
43 - The Cover, to Pick Up and Replace any Article
44 - The Changing Cover
46 - The Changing Ladle
48 The Cone, or Skittle
52 The Cone and Bouquet
55 The Flying Glass of Water
59 Bowls of Water and Bowls of Fire Produced From a Shawl
60 A Bowl of Ink Changed to Clear Water, With Gold Fish Swimming In It
61 The Inexhaustible Bottle
64 The Bottle and Ribbons
65 The New Pyramids of Egypt, or the Wine and Water Trick
67 The Mysterious Funnel
68 The Box of Bran Transformed Into a Bottle of Wine
70 The Bran Bottle
71 The Bran Glass
72 To Fire Borrowed Rings From a Pistol, and Make Them Pass Into a Goblet Filled With Bran and Covered with a Handkerchief, the Bran Disappearing, and Being Found Elsewhere
74 The Domino-Box - Sometimes Called the Glove-Box
76 The Coffee Trick
79 The Inexhaustible Box
81 The Japanese Inexhaustible Box
83 The Feast of Lanterns
85 The Butterfly Trick
86 The Wizard's Omelet
88 The Rose in the Glass Vase
89 The Chinese Rings
97 The Charmed Bullet
99 The Birth of Flowers
104 The Mysterious Salver
107 The Vanishing Die
108 The Die Dissolving in a Pocket Handkerchief
111 The Die and Orange
112 The Vanising Canary Bird and Cage
114 The Decanter and Crystal Balls
120 The Flags of All Nations
121 The Umbrella Trick
123 The Passe-Passe Trick