Hoffmann, Professor: More Magic
1890, Routledge and Sons, London
Hardcover, 457 pages

Also published by David McKay, Philadelphia, NY

1890 Routledge and Sons Edition
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor
More Magic
David McKay Edition
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor

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1 Introductory

2 Chapter I The Magician's Wand, the Magician's Table, and the Magician's Dress
2 The Firing Wand
4 The Electric Wand
6 New forms of "Servante"
6 Substitute for the "Table"
7 A Mechanical Hat

9 Chapter II Principles of Sleight of Hand Applicable to Card Tricks
9 The "Charlier" Pass
11 To Force a Card (New Methods)
13 To Force Three Cards together
14 False Shuffles (New Methods)
17 To Change a Card - The Revolution
19 To Spring the Cards from the one Hand to the Other (with Mechanical Pack)
20 The Bridge (Additional Methods)

22 Chapter III Card Tricks With Ordinary Cards and Not Requiring Sleight of Hand
22 Methods of Identifying a Chosen Card
23 Any number of Packets of Cards having been formed face downwards on the Table, to discover the Total Value of the Undermost Cards (New Method)
25 New Numerical Trick with Cards
27 The Capital Q
30 To name Cards without seeing them
31 The "Alternate Card" Trick
31 The "Spelling" Trick
32 The "Twenty-seven Card" Trick - To cause a Card selected by one Spectator to appear at such number in the Pack as another Spectator may indicate
35 A Row of Cards being placed face downwards on the Table, to discover how many have during your absence been transferred from one end to the other. (Improved Method)

38 Chapter IV Tricks Involving Sleight of Hand or the Use of Specially Prepared Cards
38 To produce Three Cards at any position in the Pack thought of by another person
40 A Card being freely chosen from the Pack, replaced, and the Pack shuffled, to make any given Card change to the one chosen
42 The "Alternate Card" Trick with a Complete Pack
46 To pass a Chosen Card through the Crown of a Borrowed Hat
48 To change Three Cards, placed in the Pocket of a Spectator into three others previously chosen
49 To make a Card freely drawn, and replaced in the Pack, change places with another Card on the Table
50 To distinguish the Suit of a given Card by Weight
51 The "Three-Card" Trick
55 "Changing" Cards
56 "Walking Pip" Cards
57 The Cards passing up the Sleeve, and the Diminishing and Increasing Cards

67 Chapter V The "Charlier" System of Card-Marking, and Tricks Performed by Its Aid
67 The method of Marking
68 Reading the Cards
69 The Charlier "Dial"
72 Method of Calculation
75 Practical Illustrations
84 The Mysterious Pairs
87 To name the Article taken by each of Four Persons
88 To name the Bottom Card of each of Three Heaps of Cards

91 Chapter VI Card Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus
91 The Rising Cards (La Houlette) (Improved Methods)
95 To Catch a Selected Card on the End of a Walking Stick
98 Frames of various kinds for producing Cards
99 Field's Card-Frame
101 The French Card-Frame
102 The Sand Frame
103 The Velvet Frame and Artist's Easel
104 The Crystal Frame
107 The Cabalistic Star, for the production of Cards
109 The Velvet Cloth, for the production of Cards
111 The Black Cloth Target
115 The Magic Card Case
118 The Card Drawer. (Improved)
121 A New Changing Card-box and Tricks therewith
124 The Magnetic Wand and Walking Card
128 The Enchanted Hand-Mirror
131 The Multiplying and Vanishing Cards

139 Chapter VII Methods of Sleight of Hand Applicable to Coin Tricks
139 The "Jerk-back" Palm
142 Coin Changes
143 To Extract a Coin from a Folded Paper
144 To Wrap a Coin apparently in a Handkerchief

145 Chapter VIII Coin Tricks Without Apparatus
145 To make a Coin vanish from and return to the Left Hand
146 To rub a Coin into the Elbow
146 To vanish Coins and reproduce them from the Elbow
147 The Penetrative Coins
149 Another Method
154 A New "Multiplication" Trick

157 Chapter IX Coin Tricks Requiring Special Apparatus
157 To produce Coins from a lighted Candle
158 To pass Coins into a Bottle
161 Multiplying Coins and Tricks therewith
165 The eight Coins and two Brass Covers
171 Head or Tail
172 The Mysterious Tumbler - To pass a coin from a Glass of Water into the Centre of an Orange
181 The Climbing Coin - A Florin made to climb up the face of a small Wooden Pillar, into a Box at top

185 Chapter X Tricks With Watches and Rings
185 A Smashed Watch (New Methods)
188 The Improved Watch Mortar
190 A Watch found at the root of a Flower
192 Taylor's Watch Trick
193 Devono's Watch-bag
195 The "Lady's Stocking"
196 The Wandering Ring
199 Verbeck's Wedding-ring Trick

203 Chapter XI Tricks With Handkerchiefs
203 A Handkerchief Puzzle
203 The Instantaneous Knot
206 The Stretched Handkerchief
207 To "Vanish" a Handkerchief (Sundry Methods)
209 The Buatier "Pull"
211 The "Bare-armed Vanish"
214 The Dissolving Handkerchiefs
216 The Two Decanters and the Flying Handkerchief
218 Multiplication of Handkerchiefs
220 Red, White, and Blue
221 The Vanishing Pockethandkerchief found in a Candle. (New Method)
227 "Flash" Handkerchiefs
230 The Revolving Candle for Handkerchief
231 A Pack of Cards transformed into a Handkerchief
233 A Saucepan to cook a Handkerchief

237 Chapter XII Feats of Divination
237 The Expunged Numeral
241 To Predict the Sum of Five Rows of Figures
242 The Magic Circle (To discover a Card or other Object touched during the Performer's Absence)
243 "Second Sight" Tricks
250 Reading Blindfold
251 Dr. Lynn's "Second Sight" Trick
255 The Thinkophone
257 The Box of Numbers

261 Chapter XII Ball Tricks
261 The Billiard-ball Trick
265 Another Method
274 The Chameleon Ball
279 The Obedient Ball (Improved)

285 Chapter XIV Tricks With Hats
285 Hartz and his "Hat" Trick
287 The Bundle of Firewood
289 A Flower-garden from a Hat
290 A New Folding Bouquet
291 The Cannon-ball Trick (Improved)
295 The Cannon-ball Globe
300 The Paper Ribbon and the Barber's Pole
303 The Animated Cigar
306 A Hat with a Hole in it
307 The Finger through the Hat
308 The Cork through the Hat
309 The Coin through the Hat
311 The Cigar through the Hat
312 The Wand passed through the Hat
315 The Magnetized Hat
317 Another Method
318 The Smashed Hat

323 Chapter XV Tricks With Eggs
323 The Egg made to Sink or Swim at Command
325 To Balance an Egg on a Table
325 To Balance an Egg on the End of a Straw
327 To Spin an Egg on End
327 To Produce Eggs from an Empty Handkerchief
330 Another Method
332 "Patter" for this and a "Cake" Trick
339 Prepared Eggs - Paper from an Egg
340 A Barber's Pole from an Egg
340 To Produce Eggs from the Flame of a Candle
342 Egg Swallowing
344 To Pass an Egg through a Hat
345 The Climbing Egg

348 Chapter XVI Miscellaneous Tricks
348 The Mysterious Release
350 The Bottle Imp. (Improved)
351 Conjurer's Cress
355 Candle-lighting Extraordinary
358 The Obedient Candle
359 Newspaper Cuttings turned into Pale Ale
361 The Bran Plate
362 Bran Disappearing from a Glass, and Re-appearing under a Plate
364 The Flying Glass, Watch, and Handkerchief
368 The Inexhaustible Punch-bowl
371 The Coffee Trick. (Improved Method)
375 The Wine and Water Trick. (Improved Methods)
380 Wine or Water. (Another Method)
383 The Wine Proof
385 The Inexhaustible Portfolio
386 The Horn of Plenty
388 The Bewitched Fan
390 A Shower of Flowers
395 The Spiritualistic Ball, Ring and Card

403 Chapter XVII Stage Tricks
403 The New Target, for Watch and Card
416 The Broken Mirror
421 The Card in the Candle
424 The Bewitched Skull
427 The Talking Hand
428 The Shower of Gold
437 The Demon Marksman
448 The Vanishing Lady

457 L'Envoi