Howatt, Gordon: The Restless Spook
©1943 Ireland Magic Co., IL
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 25 pages
The Restless Spook
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Gordon Howatt: The Restless Spook


Contents (based on revised edition of Let's Make Magic, page numbers are approximate):

1 Penetrating Ribbon
2 Unpredictable Die
4 Goofus
5 Ribbon Thru the Body
6 Archimedes' Well
8 Borrowed Deck, Hank, Rubber Band
8 Magic Interlude
10 Perfect Prestidigitation
10 Color Divination
11 Mental Control
13 Peculiar Book of Matches
14 Milk Transposition
16 Color Changing Ribbons
17 An Examinable Egg Bag
18 Restless Spook
20 The Flight of Eggs
21 The Topsy Turvy Cigarette