Hugard, Jean: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1938-39
©1939 Max Holden
Hardcover, 138 pages
Hugard's Annual of
              Magic 1938-39
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor
Jean Hugard: Hugard's Annual of Magic 1938-39



7 Foreword (Hadji Baba of Ispahan)
8 Contents
11 Introduction Extempore Magic

19 Cards
19 Perambulating Pasteboards (Hal Haber)
22 The Rising Cards and Glass Bottle
26 Finding the Pairs (O.W. Meyer)
28 The Harmony of Numbers (Dr. H. Walter Grote)
30 Double Prediction (P.W. Miller)
34 The Story of One Card Pete (Elmer Applegit)
38 A Spectator Stabs Thee Cards (Fredrick Braue)
41 The Redhill Four Aces

45 Cards Flourishes
45 Cards From Silk (Newton Hall)
46 One Hand Fancy Deal (Jerry Nadel)
47 Turning the Top Card
48 A Color Change Story

50 Coins
50 A New Coin Production
52 A New Coin Flourish - The Steeplechase With Two Coins Rolling Separately
53 A New Impromptu Coin Vanish (Sam Margules)
54 Vanish for Coin of Any Size
55 The Coin Penetration (Tom Osborne)
57 Coin Detection
58 Method for Obtaining First Coin for Mister's Dream
58 Miser's Dream New Finale
59 The Shell Coin
60 A Passing Coin Interlude (L.T. Tannen)

62 Silks
62 Silk From a Lighted Candle
64 Transmigration of a Silk and a Candle
66 A Silk Interlude
66 New Knot Flourishes
67 Three Instantaneous Knots And...
68 Novel Production of a Silk Handkerchief

70 Billiard Balls
70 The Drop Vanish
71 A Color Change
73 Sleight for the Cups and Balls
73 A Sponge Ball Specialty

76 Cigarettes
76 Big-Cig Jumbo Cigarette Production (Harry C. Bjorklund)
79 Production of Three Cigarettes From Bare Hands
80 Real Smoke From a Phantom Cigarette
81 Rolling a Cigarette With One Hand

82 Some Useful Gimmicks
82 Hook for Ring, Etc.
82 Faked Cards for Flourish
84 New Silk Production Ball
84 Thumb Nail Card Marker
85 Card Case for Pocket Switch
86 Color Change of Silk in Hand
86 Gimmick for the Rope, Coat and Rings Trick
87 Smoke Ball for Billiard Ball Vanish
87 Wand Levitation
88 Billiard Ball Holders
89 Prepared Unbreakable Egg
90 Prepared Cigar, for the Card in Cigar Trick
91 Shoe Lace That Stretches to Twicce Its Length
92 For the Cane to Silk
92 A Prepared Knob for the Cane

94 The Chinese Rings
97 With the Key and One Single
98 With the Key, Set of Two and Set of Three Rings
99 Set of Three, Set of Two and Key Ring
99 The Drop Move
100 The Moves are as Follow
101 A Subtle Move

102 Miscellaneous
102 Pop...Did...Dee...Pop...Pop!!!! (Audley Walsh)
106 The Key to the Mystery - Magical Disportment of an Ordinary Key (Dr. H. Walter Grote)
109 Thimbles
109 - Sleeving
110 - Color Changes (Frederick Braue)
112 The Egg Bag
113 Tare-It (Don White)
116 A Telepathic Experiment (Frank Kelly)
119 The Grimes Paper Chain (Grimes)

122 Stage Tricks and Illusions
122 Professor Woofledust and the Neophyte (Jerry and Mrs. Lukins)
126 Cutting a Woman in Half
129 The Fairy Fountains

138 Advertising