Hugard, Jean: Mental Magic with Cards
1935 Calostro Publications, NY
Softcover, tape-bound, 11x7.5", 30 pages

1970 D. Robbins & Co., NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched

Mental Magic With Cards
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Mental Magic With Cards
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7 Introduction: The Importance of Showmanship

8 Chapter I: Forcing Thought Principle
8 Several Methods of forcing a Certain Card
8 Card and Number Divination

9 Chapter II: The Key Card Principle
9 An Example of Presentation
10 The Three Heaps
10 The Trio
11 The Moving Finger
11 A Card and a Number
11 Divining a Card
12 The Count Down
12 The Six Piles

13 Chapter III: The Nail or Pin Marking Principle
13 Thought Card Discovered
14 A Test Discovery
14 An Envelope Mystery
15 A Variation

15 Chapter IV: The Prearranged Pack Principle
15 Method of Changing Packs
16 Partial Set-ups
16 - Mephisto's Message
16 - Thought Card to Pocket
17 - Finding a Number
17 - Mental Spelling
18 Set-up of Full Pack
18 - Reading any Card Called For
18 Locating a Page and Word by Cards
19 Clairvoyant Reading of Several Cards
19 A Startling Experiment
20 Novel Card Reading

20 Chapter V: Various Presentations of the One Way Deck Principle

21 Chapter VI: Tricks with Assistant as the Medium
21 First Method
22 Second Method

22 Chapter VII: Codes for Mind Reading with Cards
22 Talking Code First Method
23 Talking Code Second Method
24 Silent Code Method One
24 Silent Code Method Two
24 Silent Code for Confederate

25 Chapter VIII Forcing Decks

26 Chapter IX The Marked Card Principle
26 A Card Prediction

26 Chapter X The Impression or Carbon System
27 Method One
27 Method Two

28 Chapter XI The Mirror Principle

29 Chapter XII A Prediction

30 Chapter XIII The Telepathic Bridge Game