Hull, Burling: All-Fair Want Ad Test
©1932 Burling Hull
Softcover, folded manuscript, 8.5x11"
All Fair Want Ad Test
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Burling Hull: All-Fair Want Ad Test

Comments: From the advertisement, "A "Want Ad" page is torn from a current publication. The same page is cut up by spectators themselves into separate pieces, each bearing one advt. - cut into a transparent glass bowl - so all can see. Anyone selects any one of these (no forcing whatever) by merely plunging his hand into the bowl and taking one A word any number from the top down is selected by the body of spectators by any one of the usual methods. Performer then, to the amazement of all, instantly writes a sentence using the word selected..."


1 Secret
1 Directions
1 Patter & Presentation
2 Effect 2 and 3
3 Effect 3
3 Forcing Methods