Burling Hull: Card Act With Patter - Electra Trance Cards
Hull, Burling: Card Act With Patter - Electra Trance Cards
©1927 Burling Hull
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 10 pages
Hull: Card Act With Patter
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Hull: Electra Trance Cards
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Comments: Gimmick allows deck to be shuffled, yet performer can read the cards, which are not marked

Contents (from book):

1 Burling Hull's Electra Trance Cards: introduction
2 Four Basic Essentials
2 Explanation
2 Effect One: Cards are named as they are dealt from a shuffled deck
3 Effect Two: a few cards are tossed to the table, and then the next cards named as the are dealt
3 Effect Three: performer names selection made by inserting a knife into the deck
4 Effect Four: performer names card at selected number
5 Effect Five: as above, but counted from the bottom of the deck
5 Effect Six: performer names card chosen from a fan
5 Effect Seven: performer names cards chosen and inserted in different parts of the deck
5 For Conclusion - Effect Eight: peformer names selected card blindfolded
5 The Principle: the gimmick described
5 Secret: how to use it
6 Method of Introducing Card
6 Working - Secret One and Two
7 Secret Three
7 Secret Four
7 Secret Five
8 Effect Seven: actually six
8 To Use any Borrowed Pack
9 Secret Seven
9 Effect Eight
10 Ad: for the Electra Trance Cards