Hull, Burling: The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism Volume Two
©1988 Burling Hull, Micky Hades Enterprises, Canada
Hardcover, ring-bound, 10"x11.5", 206 pages
New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism Vol Two
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Burling Hull: New Encyclopeidic Dictionary of Menatlism Volume Two

Comments: "A Gigantic collection of complete mentalism methods, secrets, instructions, routines, acts, programs, shows." Part Two of Three volumes. From the foreword, "Since publishing the ENCYCLOPEDIC DICTIONARY OF MENTALISM a year ago, we have been deluged with letters requesting more such valuable information. As Burling Hull had foreseen the need of a work such as thi6, he had already assembled a large number of effects for a second volume."

Contents (from book):

4 Number-Vision Flight (Burling Hull)
5 Ghostly Influence (Clettis Musson)
9 The Interrupted Spirit (Robert A. Nelson)
11 Mental Stunners
11 (#1) Magazine Prediction Test (John Malone)
11 (#2) Alternate Book Test
12 (#3) Blindfold Cigarette Test
13 (#4) Breaking a Cocktail Glass by Thought Waves
14 Numiracle (E.C. Grant)
16 Other Tests
16 - The Three Coin Test
16 - The Thought Card Test
17 Sensational Telephone Trick - "No Questions Asked" (Richard Himber)
18 "A Medium Calls" (Inzani-Henley Magic Studio)
20 Twin Prediction Miracle (Balducci)
22 Dr. Q's Sight Unseen
26 Abe Gordon's Sealed Prediction
27 Dr. Q's Hypnotic Act
29 Dr. Q's Own Hypnotic Act
31 Challenge Hypnotism
33 Incredo Book Test (Orville Meyer)
34 The Al Baker Dictionary Test
36 Al Baker's Mindreading
37 Grant's Vest-Pocket Book Test
38 Master Mental Divination (Dr. H. Walter Grote)
41 Bookie Book Test (C.L. Boarde)
46 Man from Tomorrow (L.W. Brabant)
47 The Modern Seership Act (Del-Arde)
48 The Phantom Card and Slate Mystery (Mystic Clayt)
49 Lecture for X-Ray Eye Act (Robert Nelson)
52 One Man Mindreading Act (Robert Nelson)
54 Flame Thought (Jim Herpick)
55 Sam's Spell-Bound (Sam Dalal)
58 "Concentration" - A New Mental Telepathic Act (Thayer)
60 Telepathy Extraordinary
63 Mindreading Supreme (Orville Meyer)
65 The Mysterious Seance (F.G. Thayer)
68 Think-O (Fred Ledoux)
69 Supernormal Vision (Robert Nelson)
73 Mental Exploits  (R.A. Nelson)
77 Directions for Bert's Ultra Mental Deck
78 Bombshell Prediction
79 Outer Space (Ken Allen)
81 Decision Control - Addendum (Bob Brethen)
82 Richard Himber's Magazine Test
82 Century Midnight Ghost Show (Robert A Nelson)
93 "The Ultra Question Answering Act" - With "No Questions Written" (Burling Hull)
100 The Million to One Prediction (Fantastic Magic Co.)
101 Miracle Prediction of the Age (Robert Nelson)
116 Ed Mellon's Spectra-Mental (James Swoger)
118 Book of the Mind (Peter Warlock)
120 Auto-Magic Clip Board (Abe Gordon)
121 A Word in Thousands (Al Koran)
123 Divining Rods
124 Predict-O (Harry Lorayne)
128 Mental Choice (Audley Walsh, George Brand)
130 Dr. Anthony's Biblical Divination (Anthony J. Rybakowicz)
132 Invisible Dice Prediction (Frank Garcia)
134 Voodoo Ritual (Larry Knecht, James Swoger)
139 Appendix for Billet Switch

141 Bonus Section B.L. Gibert Secrets
142 Anna Eva Fay Message Test
143 Baffo Sealed Letter Test (Gysel)
144 Cagliostro Billet Heading Test
146 Demon Thought Projection
147 Giant Memory Trick - Simplified Method
150 How to Read Sealed Messages
152 The K Sealed Letter Test
153 Living or the Dead
154 Lulu Hurst Broom Test
155 Madam Normand Outdone (C.J. Maly)
157 Mephisto’s Prediction
158 Mind Over Matter
159 Migrating Music of the Spooks
161 Mind Reading Par Excellence
165 Mysteries of the Zodiac
169 Mysterious Apple, Egg and Orange
171 The Mysterious Paintings
172 New Book Test
173 New Scaled Envelope Force (Thayer)
175 New Spirit Reading
176 Nitram Aro Mind Reading Act (Lieut. Ora A. Martin)
181 Oriental Prophecy
183 Perfection Miracle Slate
185 Pulse Test Extraordinary
186 Satanic Book Test
187 Satanic Prophecy
188 Second Sight Dice Trick
190 Single Party Slate Writing
191 Single Person Mind Reading Act
195 Spirit Card Reading
196 Spirit Reading Extraordinary
197 Thirty Dollar Sealed Letter Test
198 Two Person Seance Act
200 Wonderful Spirit Slate Secret
201 World’s Greatest Spiritualistic Masterpiece
205 Yogi Eyes