Hull, Burling: Sleights
1914 American Magic Corporation
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 32 pages

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Comments: "Being A Number of Incidental Effects, Tricks, Sleights, Moves and Passes for Purposes Ranging From Impromptu to Platform Performances."
Another great old book!


5 Introduction: by The Publishers
6 Burling Hull's Latest Card: A clever business card described (promotion, not a trick)
7 Auto-Magnetism Supreme or The Card Levitation: a set of spread-out cards suspend from the hand, does not use a ring
10 A Card Locator: Use of a "thick" card
11 Interlocked Finger Acquitment: palming a billiard ball and showing both sides of the hands while they are interlocked
12 The Mystic Divination (Without Exchange): members of the audience write numbers on a paper, and when added, they match a prediction (no confederates)
14 Burling Hull HKF and Ball Production: ball produced from a handkerchief that was shown empty (extract from Hull's Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation)
15 Burling Hull Cone Flight: sleights for the Ball and Cone - in this case a paper cone. (extract from Hull's Deviltry)
16 Advertisement: for Expert Billiard Ball Manipulation book
18 Cone Vanish: The cone is crushed and the ball vanishes! (another extract from Hull's Deviltry)
19 A Unique Thimble Move: Finger with thimble is slowly inserted and removed from the opposite hand, and the thimble vanishes (extract from Amagicor publications)
20 The Indeceptive Deception: a returned card selection is located, after the magician "exposes" a potential method and apparantly eliminates it from possiblity
21 An Improved Dictionary Divination: a flexible Book test using Spirit Slates
23 Advertisement: for Where, or the Ghost Card
24 Advertisement: Art of the Stage - Magical Stagecraft and Showmanship book
26 Advertisement: Master Sleights with Billiard Balls book
27 Advertisement: for Hull's Sealed Mysteries book
30 Advertisement: Scientific Mind Reading "Mentasma" or "Great Magicians Past & Present"
31 Burling Hull: listing of inventions and manuscripts
32 Advertisement: Burling Hull's Bulletin No. 1