Hunt, Douglas and Kari: The Art of Magic
©1967 McClelland & Stewart, Ltd, Canada
Hardcover, 215 pages

Apparently Re-printed as The Art of Conjuring
©1975 Bailey Brothers & Swinfen Ltd., Folkestone

The Art of Magic
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The Art of Conjuring
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Douglas and Kari Hunt: The Art of Magic

Comments: General introduction to famous magicians, magic through the years, and some basic instruction in magic tricks.

Contents (Chapters, from book ToC):

3 Magic and Conjuring
9 Deception and Magic
15 The Methods of Deception
20 Illusions
28 Egypt and Magic
33 Greece and Rome
38 Early Hocus Pocus
43 Cagliostro and Pinetti
51 Robert Houdin
61 Maskelyne and Devant
68 Hermann Hoffmann, and Bautier
75 Kellar and Thurston
81 Houdini Escapes
87 Robinson as Chung Ling Soo
93 Blackstone
100 The Inventive Geniuses
109 Sleight of Hand and Cardini
115 Mental Magic
122 John Scarne
127 Mulholland and Tarbell
132 Television
135 Magic Today
140 Invent Your Own Magic
148 Misdirection
156 Preparation
161 Acting
166 Dexterity
170 Decorative Sleights
185 Sleight of Hand
194 Card Sleights
201 Cups and Balls
211 Bibliography