Hurst, Thomas (Publisher): The Practical Magician and Ventriloquists Guide
©1876 Hurst & Co, Publishers,
Softcover, 92 pages plus advertisements
Practical Magician and Ventriloquists Guide
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Thomas Hurst: The Practical Magician and Ventriloquists Guide

Comments: The Magnet Handbooks, No. 8. A practical manual of fireside magic and conjuring illusions, containing also complete instructions for acquiring and practising the art of ventriloquism.

Contents (from book):

5 Chapter I Introductory

9 Chapter II Of Palmistry And The Passes
9 First Pass
10 Second Pass
12 To Command A Dime To Pass Into The Centre Of A Ball Of Wool, So That It Will Not Be Discovered Till The Ball Is Unwound To The Very Last Of Its Threads
14 To Change A Bowl Of Ink Into Clear Water With Gold Fish In It
15 The Dancing Egg
16 The Walking Cent

19 Chapter III Tricks With And Without Collusion
23 To Make A Quarter And A Penny Change Places While Held In The Hands Of Two Spectators
23 Trick With The Dime, Handkerchief, And An Orange Or Lemon
24 How To Double Your Pocket Money
25 The Injured Handkerchief Restored
26 To Make A Large Die Pass Through The Crown Of A Hat Without Injuring It
27 To Produce From A Silk Handkerchief Bonbons, Candies, Nuts, Etc.

29 Chapter IV Practice
31 A Sudden And Unexpected Supply Of Feathers From Under A Silk Handkerchief Or Cloth
33 Heads Or Tails?
34 To Cook Pancakes Or Plumcakes In A Hat Over Some Candles.
36 To Eat A Disk Of Paper Shavings And Afterwards Draw Them From Your Mouth Like An Atlantic Cable
37 How To Cut Off A Person's Nose Without Injuring Him

39 Chapter V Tricks By Magnetism, Chemistry, Galvanism And Electricity
41 The Watch Obedient To The Word Of Command
43 A Chemical Trick, To Follow One Where A Young Friend Has Assisted
44 To Draw Three Spools Off Two Tapes Without Those Spools Having To Come Off The Ends Of Those Tapes, And While The Four Ends Of The Tapes Are Held By Four Persons
46 To Restore A Tape Whole After It Has Been Cut In The Middle

49 Chapter VI On The Continuity Of Tricks
51 Introductory
51 During the Successive Stages of a Trick
52 In Concluding a Trick
53 The Invisible Hen, A Very Useful Trick For Supplying Eggs For Breakfast Or Dinner
56 Tricks With A Plain Gold Ring: a series of three tricks

59 Chapter VII Friendly Suggestions
61 The Conjuror's "Bonus Genius" Or Familiar Messenger
63 The Shower Of Money
64 To Furnish The Ladies With A Magic Supply Of Tea Or Coffee, At Their Selection, From One And The Same Jug
66 To Furnish A Treat To The Gentlemen

67 Ventriloquism Made Easy
67 What is Ventriloquism?
70 Ventriloquism Among The Ancients
71 Modem Professors Of The Art
76 The Theory Of Ventriloquism
79 The Means By Which It Is Effected
81 Practical Illustrations
81 No. I The Voice In the Closet
84 No. II
87 Polyphonic Imitations
88 A Mountain Echo
88 Points To Be Remembered
90 Concluding Remarks
91 To Make The Magic Whistle

93 Advertisements