Ireland, L.L.: Ireland Writes a Book
1931 Laurie Ireland, Chicago
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 36pages

1946 Second Printing
Ireland Writes a
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Comments: This is a book of tricks and ideas. Some of the effects are simply short ideas that need more to create a full effect, some are moves that can be incorporated into larger effects (such as the thimble effect), and others are full effects. Some favorites are: Aeorplane Card to Pocket and Cups & Balls.

Contents (from book):

3 Silks to Streamers, a Color Change: two silks change to four colored streamers in the fist
3 Double Streamer or Silk Production: uses a small gimmick
4 Four Thimble Vanish & Production: use after producing 8 thimbles during a normal thimble routine
4 The New Multiplying Golf Balls: a routine to use with the Ireland Clinging Shell feature balls
7 A Combination Move with Two Balls & Shell
8 They Do It Themselves Card Trick: Deck is whittled down person by person until only selected card is left
9 Stretching a Lit Borrowed Cigarette: uses special "tanks"
10 Come & Go Silk Gimmick: describes brass gimmick that allows silk to be handled as a ball
12 Improved Giant Match from Purse: mechanical match described
13 A Sucker Card Trick: Spectator apparently sees ace move from top to bottom of deck, but it ends up on top.
14 Four Ace Control: Four aces are returned to the deck and immediately produced
15 Stacking the Deck for Ireland's Card Tricks (the Ireland deck stack explained)
15 - The First Poker Deal
15 - The Second Poker Deal
16 Ireland's Instant Card Location: using the Ireland stack
17 - The Top 15 Cards
17 - Method of Locating Cards from Number 15 Down to Bottom of Deck
18 Effects & Methods of Producing Cards: 5 methods described
19 Producing a Selected Card at Any Number and at the Same Time Cold Packing
20 Quarter & Half Dollar Transposition: no gimmick method
22 The Four Jacks: four jacks dealt, one selected. Three other cards put on top, jacks returned to deck. The four jacks return to the pile.
24 Wrinkle for a Single Card Vanish: a sleight
24 Another Single Card Vanish
25 Another Effect with Chris Charlton's Ringing the Ribbon Gimmick
26 Ireland's Traveling Knot: Red & blue silks shown, a knot is tied in one which vanishes and appears in the other silk
28 Aeroplane Card to Pocket: Top card is shown, magician sloppily moves it to bottom. Suddenly top card has gone to pocket. Top and bottom cards are shown not bto be the shown card, which is produced from the pocked (no duplicate cards used)
29 An Indetectable False Shuffle: Overhand. Keeps same order, but no control of top/bottom cards
30 Penny Up the Sleeve: Penny vanishes and reappears, NOT up the sleeve
31 A Linking Ring Move: a 2 ring move, spectator points to spot where rings should separate.
32 A Cigarette Sleight: Pushed into left hand and disappears
32 The Card & the Mousetrap: Card selected and returned. Mouse trap placed in hat and deck is thrown in. Trap catches the card!
33 The Cups & Balls: features small standard cups, two cork balls, and three loads. The pass and loading are explained.
36 Price List of Apparatus in This Book: from the Ireland Magic Company