Ireland, L.L.: Card Annual Volume One
©1956 Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.8.5", 24 pages
1956 Card Annual
Image courtesy eBay seller SickofChanging

 Comments: From the intro: "Each, year in our gathering together of material for the Yearbook, we find many card tricks are submitted - far more than we can use in the Yearbook if we are to keep it the book of wide variety it has always been. It occurred to us that our readers might enjoy an all-card annual as well as the regular Yearbook, and we hereby begin such a series."


3 Slow Motion Nudist Pack
7 Ten Knights in a Card Room
8 Color Change Illusion with Cards
9 New Three Card Monte Move
10 All Fair Card Transposition
12 Cardlepathy
13 All Fair Hallucination
19 Switchless Switch
22 Utility Prediction
23 Sympathetic Card Miracle