Ireland, Laurie L. (editor): The Year Book Reader
©1977 Magic Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 339 pages
Yearbook Reader Volume 1
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L.L. Ireland: The Year Book Reader

Comment: Laurie Ireland produced a yearly book of magic called the Ireland Yearbook, starting in 1934. These were later compiled into three volumes, covering a total of years 1934 to 1980.
The first yearbook reader (listed here) covers the years 1934 to 1950. There was no yearbook in 1939 and 1941.  Lots of magic history in these books!

From the introduction: "The tradition of the Ireland Year Book series began in 1934. The author of the first several books (in their entirety) was Laurie L. Ireland, whose first book appeared in 1932 - “ Ireland Writes A Book”. After the first Yearbook in 1934, they followed in annual sequence, with the 1937 issue reflecting the work he was doing at that time. With the magic business now established, he began to work shows for local schools and club dates in the Chicago area, and for use in this work, he designed and built some larger tricks. These he put into the current Year Book as building plans for others to make for themselves. Everything Laurie Ireland published, he had invented, designed, used in shows. He was not given to the ‘dream stuff of some other magical authors. He never asked for contributions to the early Year Books, but as they continued to show up, fellow magicians offered routines and tricks they had designed or invented and thus it was, as time went by, that the Year Books contained the material of many important performers. They also contained much valuable and clever material from originators whose names may not have been so familiar, but who knew how to turn out good magical ideas."

Contents (from book)

3 Introduction

5 Year Book Reader 1934

5 Goofy Deck
5 Ireland's Rubber Band Thumb Tie Method
6 Troublewit Idea for Children
6 Here There & Everywhere Card Routine
7 More Golf Ball Moves
7 Cups & Balls Moves & Ideas (L.L. Ireland)
12 New Clip Bar for Keller Coin Dropper
13 Continuous Production of Card Fans - Try It
14 Three Oriental Boxes
15 Front of Table Hat Load
17 Ireland's Rabbit Trap

20 Ireland's Year Book 1935

20 Hints for Amateurs on Forcing Cards
21 Automatic Jig Saw Puzzle Worker
22 To Fully Restore the Card
22 A Perfect False Riffle Shuffle
24 A False Count to Be used When Dealing off the Deck
26 A Most Unusual Experiement in Which a Chosen Card Appears Instantly at Any Number in the Deck from 10 to 45
27 Better Yet
27 Some Moves for Manipulative Card Routine
27 - Production of a Fan of Cards Using a Silk
28 - Ireland Card Holder
30 A Transposition Routine with a Fan of Five Cards
34 Blue & Red Mystery
35 A Coin Pass
36 Invisible Pass
36 Sucker Card Trick
37 Quick Change Artist - A Closeup Effect: coins
38 On the Bottom, On the Top & In the Pocket
39 A Surprise Explanation for The Color Change

41 Year Book 1936

41 Ireland's New Okito Coin Box Routine
43 Ireland's Comedy Bullet Catching Trick
46 Cups & Dollar Bills
46 Ireland's Four Ace Trick
49 Just a Little Different Thimble Pass ·
49 Burlesque Explanation of De Muth Glass Penetration
49 Ireland's Method of Three Sponge Ball Trick
52 Annie Oakley Outdone! or Shotting a Knot Out of One Handkerchief Into Another
55 Super Billiard Ball Pas
55 The Opium Peddler & His Three Dream Pipes

58 Year Book 1937

58 The Rabbit Bag
59 A Novel Pigeon Production
61 The Human Pin Cushion Torture Box: illusion
67 Suprise Finish for Alarm Clock Production: stage illusion
69 A Modern Noahs' Ark: illusion
72 Artist Draws Picture of Rabbit , Picture Comes to Life

76 Year Book 1938

76 It Changes, It Shrinks, It Vanishes: Jumbo card
77 Big & Little Sponge Ball Transposition
79 Mating Cards with Jumbo Cards
81 Card Control
81 Coin Routine with a Silk
85 Thimble Holder in the Trouser Pocket
85 Thimble Surprise
87 One Ahead Coin Routine
88 Misdirection for Two Handed Pass
88 Effective Golf Ball Move
89 You Caught Me That Time: cards
89 Ireland's Two Card Trick

91 No Year Book 1939

92 Year Book 1940

92 The Card in the Sandwich
93 The Coca Cola Bottle & Nipple Effect
94 Misdirection Card Change
94 Card & Whiskbroom
95 Everready Pencil Trick (Connor)
96 Card Control
96 The Spirit Bar - Portable Black Art (Paul Studham)
100 The Vanishing Cane for Close up
101 A Hanging Episode
101 Camera - Lights - Action
102 Magician's Lucky Card
102 Deuces & Trays
103 Manipulative Dollar
104 Reverse Card Trick
105 Ireland's "Live Bait" Card Fishing Trick Manuscript
111 Color Change With a Laugh
111 A Diachylon Trick

111 No Year Book in 1941

112 Year Book 1942

112 A Different Kind of Penetration
113 Matchless Magic
113 An Alka Seltzer Gag
113 A Pick Pocket Gag
114 Cigarettes - Cigars - Pipe
117 A New Deal in Poker (H.L. Denhard)
118 Douglas Kelley's Telephone Trick: cards
120 A Bit of Patter: for vanishing wand
121 New Routine for the Quarter in the Beer Mug (H.L. Shwaberow)
121 Making Most of Newspaper Tearing Trick
121 The Health Magician (C.J. Maly)
123 Black Jack Magic
125 The Card in the Mirror
126 Routines for Clippo (Ed Marlo): cut paper strip

128 Year Book 1943

128 The Prize Winner Rope Trick (H.L. Denhard)
131 Patter for any Newspaper Trick
131 A Bit of Patter for the Snake in the Basket, Snake That Unties Itself, or Any Other Snake Trick
132 Idea on the Miracle Egg Trick (Charlie Levett)
132 The Patriotic Illusion (Hart Fisher)
135 The Utility Loaf of Bread
136 Are You Psychic? (Martin Gardner)
137 Earl Morgan's Rising Flame
138 Ed Marlo 's Simple Dice Routine
140 High Caliber Production
140 How to Wind and Tie a Turban
142 Old Sour Puss (Earl Morgan): gimmicked card
142 Laurie Ireland's Blindfold Poker Deal
143 Ireland's Cotton Rabbit
147 The Match Box Die Box
147 Who Done It? (Phil D'Rey)

150 Year Book 1944

150 Jack Becomes An Aviator (Col M.A. Reasoner)
151 Chix - Levitation (Hart S. Fisher): with a live Chicken
153 Sense & Nonsense with Cards (Ed Marlo)
155 Routine for the 20th Century and Other Standard Magic (Hart Fisher)
156 Glorifying the Dancing Handkerchief (Hart Fisher)
156 The Migrating Card (Arthur M. Johnson)
157 - A Follow Up
158 Four Corks & a Hat (Ed C. Jochens)
159 Two Number Tricks (Henry Young)
160 Gag with a Lady's Purse (Sgt. Jack Blades, USMC)
160 New Wrinkle for Passe Comedy Bottles (Henry Young)
161 Your Mind Has Told Me So (Ed C. Jochens)
163 Rope Through the Neck (Herb Lehwald)
164 Ireland's Favorite Coin Routine: close up continuous production
165 Bottle of Smoke (Bill Salisbury)
166 Modern Chapeaugraphy (Phil D'Ray)
167 Sgt. Blades' Ball & Ribbon from Mouth Routine
169 Double Trouser Pockets for Magic
169 Earl Morgan's Jumbo Card Production at Fingertips

171 Year Book 1945

171 The Unique 20th Century Silks (Gene Gloye)
172 Gene Gloye's Necktie Trick
173 Practical Suggestions for Welsh Rarebit Pan (Hen Fetsch)
173 Card Filtration (Robert S. Spencer)
174 Back to Back (Robert S. Spencer)
174 The Magic Sharpshooter (Melvin Brockhaus)
174 Reversette (Geo. F. Wright)
175 An Original Routine With the Milk Pitcher & Other Items Most Magicians Have (George L. Neilson)
176 Wild Beer (Dr. E.T. Ackerman): stunt
176 My Favorite Card Routine (Elwin More)
177 Cold Fire - The Magic Torch (James Upchurch)
180 The Earl Morgan Floating Ball - Vest Pocket Style
180 Using a Dart Board (E.R. Hall)
180 Balloon to a Bouquet of Flowers (Arthur C. Nelson)
180 The Hindu Rope Trick (J. Ray Beffel)
182 The Z Ray Box (J. Ray Beffel)
183 The Inexhaustible Hat (Thomas W. Duncan)
186 Tantalizing Thimbles (Warren Wiersbe)
188 Rodeo Magic (G.E. Bunnell)
189 "That's All" Wand (Phil Huckabee)
189 A New Idea on the 20th Century Trick (George Sitkiewitz)
190 The Joe Sherman Spelling Card Trick
190 The Supreme Closing Effect (J.C. Walter)
191 The Popping Silks (J.C. Walter)
191 The Flat Rabbit Comes to Life (Henry Young)
192 Cigarette Pack to Match Box (Ray H. Cason)
193 The William Dolezal Escape Box
194 Yogi Ray's Tips on Spring Flowers

195 Year Book 1946

195 My Blendo Load (Leslie P. Guest)
195 Amazing Coincidence (H. Levenson): cards
196 You Can't - - - Apparently! (Frank De Sua): gambling
197 Okito Goes Mental (Mike Trent)
198 My Favorite Routine With Otto the Duck (James W. Graves)
199 Two Tips on Tricks C.R. Eaton)
199 One Card in 52 (Don A. Hans)
200 Dice Stack Addenda (Mel Stover)
201 A New Idea of Rising Cards (Eugene Gloye)
201 Confetti & Milk (Eugene Gloye)
202 Method of an Unprepared Blendo
202 Drink Your Milk
202 Cut Ribbon Gag
202 About Tables
203 Wine to Beer - a Chemical Trick
203 Utility Glass
204 The Floating Glass
204 Candy from the Air
205 Paper Lady - An Illusion for Production of a Girl
207 An Addition to Reversette (Geo. F. Wright)
208 The Crystal Flame (Harold Rasmus)
208 The Magic House (Henry Young)
211 Checkers to Pear to Rice (Henry J. Young)
214 Colossal Glass of Beer Production (George McAthy)
215 Tic Tac Toe - a Super Mental Stunt ("Printz" R.G. Kraus)
216 The Card in the Noose (Dave Lee)
216 A Bar Bet (Bernard the Magician)
217 Production of a Real Lit Cigar (E.R. Hall)
217 Aladdin's Lamp (Drs. L. Hoople & Ed Prenergast)
218 Block and Wand Penetration (Robert Spencer)
219 Utility Folder for Sucker Effects (Merle L. Fisher)
220 One, Two, Three (Edward C. Jochens): mentalism
221 Routining for the "Little Fellow"

222 Year Book 1947

222 Tying & Untying Knots Without Letting Go of the Ends
223 New & Improved Ink, Handkerchief & Turnip Trick (Carlton King)
226 A Checker Mystery
228 Carlton King's Rabbit Box
229 Ice Cream Cone Production (Bert Douglas)
230 Dollar Bill in Candle Effect
232 Nelson's Candle Trick (Arthur C. Nelson)
233 Bossie Cow
234 The Shrinking Glass of Milk
235 Words & Music (George Anderson)
236 The Jack Yeager Thumb Tie Trick
237 The N.E. Book Test (James Auer)
237 Three Linked Discoveries (James Auer): cards
238 Triple Climax to Cups & Balls (M.E. Faber)
239 The Stripper Combine (Ed Marlo)
240 - Impromptu Method
241 Glendi's Mental Photography - The Dream Photograph
242 Magic in Milk Containers (Gene Gloye)
242 A Gag I Call "As You Wish, Sir!"
242 The Milk Man Has a Hard Time
244 A Gag and Hat Load
244 Passe Passe Bottle with a Milk Bottle
244 A Gag and Hat Load All in One
244 Very Best Cake in Hat
248 Dove Bottle Ala Milk Carton
248 A Lota Effect
248 Topsy Turvy Bottle
248 Perfect Passing Glass of Milk
249 Thimble Box
249 Clock Dial Card Prediction (William S. Groom)

252 Year Book 1948

252 The Community Chest Card Trick or the Red Feather Card (Nelson A. Demers)
252 Community Chest Routine & Patter for Square Circle
253 New Idea for the Paddle Trick (Emmett Barbee)
253 Restless Cigarettes (George F. Wright)
254 Rabbit out of Top Hat (H. Levenson)
255 Stage Size Out to Lunch Trick (H. Levenson)
255 The Golf Ball "Egg" Bag (Robert F. Forth)
256 To Vanish the Last Ball (Wilbert Kirkby)
256 A Switch for the Mentalist (Bob Somerfeld)
258 Nice Doggy! (Bob Somerfeld)
259 Paper (Bob Somerfeld)
259 Glorifying your Magic (Jack Yeager)
260 A Flash Paper & Match Stunt (Eddie Fields)
260 Joseph Dongu's Do as I Do Trick
261 Production Load (Glendi the Mystic)
261 My Favorite Rising Card (Ernest E. Bourne)
262 The Never Ending Tie (Robert Emerico)
262 Do you Drink? (Robert Emerico)
262 Producing Two Flashes of Flame (Jerry Hornak)
263 Billiard Ball to Playing Card (Jerry Hornak)
264 Cashing in on Close Up Magic (Bob Rettew)
264 Ideas (Bob Rettew)
265 Magic Imagination (Gene Gloye)
267 Magic Vs. Science - a Lecture on Magic (Carl D. Shoemaker)
272 The Ball Point Pen Swami (Robert Craig)
273 The Leapin' Leprechauns (Rubert Lambert): sponge balls
275 Simulated Card to Pocket (Robert Nelson)
275 Flap Stab (Robert Nelson)
276 Stage Version of the Multiplying Rabbits (Robert Brinkman)
276 Stage Size Six Bill Repeat (Jerome T. Murray)
276 Do You See Parasols in Your Sleep (Jerome T. Murray)
277 Tamawama Rope Mystery (Blackstar)
277 Rounding the Square Circle (Jerome Murray)
278 Impromptu Miser's Dream Wit a Handkerchief (Al Leach)
279 Crazy Cardboards (Dr. Fred Bertsche)

281 Year Book 1949

281 A Detective's Dream (Clettis V. Musson)
282 New Effect for Color Change Knife Routine (Dave Lee)
282 Card Force for the Stage (Dave Lee)
283 Knock Out Prediction (Joseph Vyleta)
284 Unsigned - Sealed - Delivered (Bob Somerfeld)
284 Thumb Fun (Bob Somerfeld)
285 Comedy Bit with the Wrist Chopper (Orville Brasher)
285 The Easy Comedy Golf Ball Routine (Herb Poppleton)
287 Self Working Double Load Lota, With a Comedy Routine (Herb Poppleton)
288 A Modern You Do As I Do Trick (Gordon Whyte)
289 The Invisible Card Routine (Bert Douglas)
290 Rubber Ice Cream Cone Routine (Bert Douglas)
291 The Boomerang Card (Gerald Kosky)
291 Jack Yeager's Portfolio of Magic Tricks & Ideas
291 - A Bar Gag
291 - The Yeager Four Ace Trick
292 - Card in Egg Routine De Luxe
293 - Intimate Bottle Levitation
293 - Card Catching Rope
293 - New Dress for the Passe Trick
294 - The Appearing Knot
295 - Unique Card Stabbing
295 - The Book Test X
296 - Three Nest of Boxes
297 - The Vanishing Reds
299 - As the Penny Flies: matchbook
299 - The Mental Magic Cards
300 - Shower of Sweets
300 - Finish for a Cigarette Act
301 - Spirit Tears
301 - The Hook Knife
302 Flip Flowers (Richer Vorndran)
302 Magical Business (Hen Fetsch)
303 Dollar Bill Stunt (Sidney Mayer)
303 A Possible Impossibility - Escape From a Rope (Harry Hardini)
303 Strip Deck Idea (Walter Schmidt)
303 Ring in the Shoe String Tie (Marty Williams)
304 Idea for the Rabbit Trap (R.C. Buff)
304 Floating Golf Ball (G. Klingman)
305 Silk Vanishing Pencil (Floyd Catlin)

306 Year Book 1950

306 The Homemade Magician (Maurice Kump)
307 Penny Dime Transposition (Floyd Jones)
307 On the Spot (Bob Somerfeld)
308 Out-Witted (Bob Somerfeld)
308 Loaded Spook (Bob Somerfeld)
309 Dark Thoughts (Bob Gunther)
309 Impromptu 20th Century Silks (Bob Gunther)
310 Eggs From Handkerchief
310 Tip for Anti Gravico
310 Another Revolution
310 A House of Cards
311 Tuning Up
312 By Chance Alone (Eddie Clever)
313 A Self Lighting Candle (Malcolm McCallum)
313 Silks From Nowhere (Arthur Harris)
315 Three Golden Pyramids of Valley of Oom (Nelson A. Demers)
322 Tom Fitzgerald's Passe Passe Bottles
323 New Use for a Forcing Deck (Bill Channel)
323 Rope Records & Ribbon (W.C. Gibson)
324 Card Telepathy De Luxe (James Auer)
324 - Impromptu Method
325 - An Added Method (Ed Marlo)
325 The Flight of Thought (Clettis V. Musson)
327 The Mystic Ringer (Clettis V. Musson)
328 Portfolio of Bar & Close Up Tricks (Don Alan)
328 - A Long Card Trick
329 - 7 Up
330 - Parachute
330 - Dice
331 - Egg Gag
331 - Merv Taylor Split Deck
332 William Satchell's Ball & Tube
332 The Escaping Shadow (Colta)
334 Magic Santa Claus (Dave Hagan)
334 Perverse Penetration (Norman Houghton)
335 Laundry on the Line (Norman Houghton)
336 New Memory Stunt (Gus C. Boerner)
336 Improved Square Circle (Gus C. Boerner)
336 The Geometrical Hoops (C.W. Rowland): square-circle
338 A Ping Pong Ball Routine (Merle Faber)
338 Stretching a Finger (Bill Frazee)
339 Sleight of Nose (Jerry Furman)