Jahn, Viggo (Vic): Lecture Notes
©1980, Vic Jahn
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 28 pages
Vic Jahn Lecture
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Comments: B&W photo illustrated. "Original Tricks and Ideas Created and Presented By Vic. Jahn". Includes a full section on small fan manipulation.

Contents (from book):

2 A Cane Disappear In a Scarf (Vic Jahn): using a vanishing cane
4 From One to Two Canes: using an appearing and a regular cane
6 Balloon to Cane: A balloon changes to a cane as it is deflated
7 Comedy Egg Routine (Vic Jahn): silk changes color, then into an egg, egg changes to ribbon
10 Ribbon Cascade: how to prepare a ribbon
12 Fanipulation: a very unique manipulation section with a miniature fan
21 The Construction of the Fan
22 Fingerpalming: with the tip of a magic wand (see next)
23 Manipulation With the Tip of the Magic Wand: 8 routine ideas
28 The Floating & Dancing Magic Wand: with IT