Jay, Joshua: Magic The Complete Course
©2008 Joshua Jay, Workman Publishing Company
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 280 pages
ISBN 978-0-7611-4987-3

Came with DVD with video instruction
Joshua Jay: Magic The Complete Course
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Comments: An excellent introductory or intermediate book of magic, with a DVD included as well! Many sidebars throughout with a focus on magicians such as Tommy Wonder, Malini and Marting Gardner, the first magic book, how Houdini died, throwing cards, etc.


ix Introduction: why has magic become trivial?

1 Chapter One: Magic School
3 Exposure or How to Vanish an Elephant: exposing vs. teaching
3 The Observation Test: a quick test
10 Using This Book:
10 Magic Words: some definitions
11 The Lessons: on the layout of the book
12 Breath New Life Into Old Props
12 The DVD
12 Getting Help: Magic Organizations

13 Chapter Two: Impromptu Magic
15 Making the Ordinary Extraordinary
16 The Warm Up: finger exercises
16 Finger Flexibility; hand exercises
17 The Palm: with a coin
18 False Transfer: with a coin
19 Phoenix Matches: burnt match goes back to matchbook
22 Match-Ic Wand: matches vanish and appear in a sealed straw
26 Trick Shot: pool chalk appears on spectator's palm
29 Blister Vanish: a blister vanishes quickly
31 Hand-Eye Coordination: spectator ends up with both pieces of napkin
35 The Game: an object prediction
37 Four Elements: a bar bet

42 Chapter Three: Dinner Deceptions
42 The Warm-Up
42 Lapping
44 Change Machine: a clever exchange move (performed seated)
48 Sugar to Salt: an application
50 Spoon Switch: yet another application
52 A Pinch of Salt: salt vanishes from rolled up dollar
54 The Sensational Salt Trick: saltshaker through table
57 Suspension of Disbelief: a spoon is suspened and turns into a knife
61 Silverware Sorcery: an optical illusion turns real
63 Card in Bread: selection found in a dinner roll
66 Bewitched Banana: banana becomes sliced before peeling

72 Chapter Four: The Ten Greatest Card Tricks of All Time
72 The Warm-Up
72 Thumbing
73 How to Shuffle Tabled Riffle Shuffle
74 How to Shuffle Overhand Shuffle
73 A Card Force
78 Out of This World: the reds and blacks separate
78 Finding Four Aces: each "stop" is at an Ace
80 In the Queen's Hand: a supposedly failed revelation is actually correct
81 Order from Chaos: the Hearts sequence themselves
85 Invisible Deck: commercial trick with some twists
88 Her Card Her Name: selection bears the spectator's name
91 Do As I Do: two decks, magician and spectator end up with same card
94 Ashes on the Arm: card revelation
97 Mixed-Up Kings: mixed up deck ends with only the Kings face down
100 Five Cards by Touch: named cards are instantly removed
103 The Rising Card: from the card case
106 The Bullet Card: an effect using the commercial Svengali Deck
111 Wagers of Sin: a story card trick

118 Chapter Five: Kid Conjuring
118 The Warm-Up
118 How to Produce an Object
120 Cutting a Child in Two: ribbon through the body
123 Gum Balls From the Mouth: an endless supply
126 Poked: a hole is poked in a shirt but no harm done
128 The Vanishing Pet: pet vanished from a photo!
131 Sleeves and Sneezes: production effect

136 Chapter Six: Working Miracles
136 The Warm-Up
136 The Big Action Covers the Small Actin
138 PEN-etration: pen thru bill
142 Telekineticlip
146 Mathemagic: number stunt
150 Disappearing Ink: a pen trick
154 Post Bent: spoon bending on a Post-It® Note
156 Groupthink: object mentalism
158 Psychic Stocks: two mentalism tricks combined
162 Coffee Conjuring: magic with a hot cup of coffee
165 Mental Money: only one winner
168 Karate Clip: catching a paper clip
170 Virtual Magic: Internet Card trick

178 Chapter Seven: Money Magic
178 The Warm-Up
178 Finger Palm
179 The Production
180 The Switch
180 The Complete Vanish
181 The Miser's Dream
184 The Unexpected Profits
188 Money Laundering
190 Table Trouble: coin through table
192 Penny Pressed: flattening a penny
195 Trash to Treasure: torn and restored bill
199 Coin Through Bottle (Old Dog New Trick Using a Folding Coin)
202 Bank Roll: magic with a roll of money
204 Coin Rolling: flourish
207 Grandpa's Coin Trick: appearance of two coins

214 Chapter Eight: Parlor Prestidigitation
214 The Warm-Up
214 Perform the Magic at Chest Height
214 Fill Out Your Space
214 Project
215 Ovation Position: liquid production
219 Hand Scam
221 Torn and Restored Newspaper
226 Pick a Word: book test
228 Earth Shoes: rock from shoe
230 Lord of the Rings (Old Dog New Trick Using a Set of Linking Rings)
238 Money Mischief: magic with borrowed money

244 Chapter Nine: Telephone Trickery
244 The Australian Shuffle
246 Cell Sorcery: a card trick
248 Predicting a Phone Number
250 Dream Vacation
252 Whatisyourcard.com
254 Telephone Osmosis
255 Progressive Anagram Chart
256 Da Vinci Decoded

262 Chapter Ten: Get Your Act Together. Five Complete Shows to Amaze any Audience
262 Close-Up Act
263 Card Act
264 Parlor Act
265 Kid's Show
266 Stage Act

269 In Closing
269 Resources
269 Five Ways to Stay Involved
271 Extended Credits
273 Index
278 Acknowldegments
278 About the Author