Jordan, Charles Thorton: Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks
1920 Charles T. Jordan, Penngrove CA
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 5.5x8.5", 23 pages

Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks
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Comments: The third of five in the Ten New Tricks Series.
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Contents: (from book, descriptions added Jan 2023):

1 Preface (Charles T. Jordan)

2 The Cord Restored: cut and restored cord with ungimmicked rope
5 A New Ring Release: curtain ring, cord, and box just large enough to hold the ring
8 Coin Divination (James J. Moren): magician determines dates on heads-down coins
10 Another Date-Reading Trick: magician names the dates of borrowed coins as removed from a hat
12 The Ubiquitous Poker Chips: red, white and blue poker chips dropped into hats collect into a hat with red, one with white, and one with blue
14 The "Full-View" Color-Changing Thimble: a thimble instantly changes color at the finger-tip
17 The Letter-Mailing Mystery: numbered chips aid the magician in naming the selected envelope
19 A Clean Ball Production: billiard ball poured from a previously empty glass covered with a paper tube
21 A Manipulative Opening: production of a card, a thimble, and a billiard ball
22 The Book Mystery a book testing using the time and a knife inserted to find the page and word