Joseph, Eddie: The Hindu Cups
1956 Abbott's Magic Mfg. Co.,
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 48 pages

Published in the U.K. by Max Andrews, Vampire Magic
              Hindu Cups
Abbott Magic Edition
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              Hindu Cups - Vampire
Max Andrews Edition
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Comments: Photographs by Max Andrews. "An Expose of the Greatest Mystery in the Orient"


3 Foreword by Max Andrews
5 Contents
7 Introduction
11 The Hindu Cups: Basic Secret Moves
11 Move I: The Transfer: uses rubber "valves" rather than balls
12 Move II: Secret Introduction
13 Move III: Simulating Visible Introduction
14 Move IV: Loaded Lift
15 Move V: Loaded Lift Combination
18 Routines: The Short Routine: uses 3 cups, 4 valves, working surface. In the short version, the valves vanish, appear under the cups, penetrate, and so forth.
26 The E.J. Extended Routine: add three surprise climaxes. First Stage
34 Invisible Passage: The second stage of the Extended Routine
37 From Hand to Hand: third stage
39 The Three Surprise Climaxes: last stage
42 Suggestions for Varying the Climaxes
44 Genuine Hindu Routine. Full routine