Joseph, Eddie & Gordon Miller (editor): Eddie Joseph On... Cups & Balls
1984 Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 88 pages
Eddies Joseph on Cups and Balls
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Comments: This is an edited and slightly abridged collection of four of Eddie's previous works: A Practical Lesson In Cups and Balls (1937), Advanced Lessons in Cups and Balls (1938), Last Word On Cups and Balls (1942), and My Favorite Routine with Cups and Balls (1949). There is a lot of information packed in these pages, but the book format leaves a bit to be desired. There are few line drawings, and the text is all in capitals. Descriptions are generally very detailed, however.

Contents: Descriptions are sparse as the titles are mostly self-explanatory

1 Introduction: about the performance of the cups and balls
2 The Psychology of Skill: developing your skills
2 The Appealing Force of the Cups and Balls: a bit of its historical attraction

4 Part One: Moves, Sleights, Subterfuges
4 The Palm
4 The Secret Introduction Method A: Introductions are methods of secretly loading a ball into a cup
4 The Secret Introduction Method B
4 Secret Extraction: Extractions and Steals are methods of secretly removing balls from under cups
5 To Show a Ball Under and Actual Empty Cup
5 To Simulate the Action of Placing a Ball Under Cup
5 The Jo Jo Introduction
6 Slow Motion Introduction
6 Side Step Introduction
6 Secret Extraction #2
6 The Side Steal
7 Direct Steal
7 Change Steal
7 Suction Pass
8 The Back Hide-Out
8 The Tumbling Cups: a flourish
8 B.H. Recovery Method One
8 B.H. Recovery Method Two
9 B.H. Recovery Method Three
9 The Double Palm
9 Holder Replacement
9 The Double Load
9 The Topsy Turvy Cups: another cup flourish w/audience participation
10 The Loaded Lift
10 The Ball Transfer
11 The Multipalm
11 Multipalm The Single Palm Method One
12 Multipalm The Single Palm Method Two
13 Multipalm The Double Palm
13 Multipalm The Triple Palm
13 The Multipalm Drop
14 The Multipalm Pass
14 The Multipalm Slide
14 One Hand Production of Three Single Balls
14 One Hand Production of Two Balls Together
15 Producing Three Balls Singly Ala Billiard Balls
15 Secret Introductions
16 Secret Introduction of Two Balls Under One Cup Simultaneously
16 Secret Introduction of Single Balls from the Double Palm
17 The Two In One Introduction
17 Secret Introduction of Three Balls Together Under One Cup
17 The Tip Up Introduction
18 The Torpedo Introduction
18 The Back Street Introduction
18 The Cup Introduction
19 The Infinite Introduction
19 The Stratagem Introduction
19 The Top Hole Introduction
20 The Jubilee Introduction
21 The Hinge Extraction
21 The Double Extraction
22 The Triple Extraction
22 The Jam Vanish
23 The Grasshopper Vanish
23 The Slide Vanish
23 The Elevator Pass
24 The Thumb Steal
24 Through Passage: The ball is dropped through a cup
25 The Spidora
26 The Roll
26 The Scoop
27 The Reel

28 Part Two: Mechanical Devices and Novel Effects: a collection of ideas for unique uses of the cups & balls. Many of these involve modifying the interior of the cups to make special holders, an act that most of us would probably consider impractical. However, if an extra cup were so modified and switched in the middle of the performance, some unique effects could be performed!
28 The Cups
28 The Balls
28 A Holder for the Balls: for the jacket
28 Eggs Under Cups
28 Canaries From Under Cups
29 The Flaming Cups: using Dunlop's Rubber Solution
30 Million Dollar Cups and Balls: stud with rhinestones
30 The Rain of Balls
31 The Cup That Cheers: drinks from cup
31 Poker Dice & Shakers
31 Further Suggestions: teacups & sugar, on the beach
31 The Automatic Cup: a pin utility
32 The Four Point Cup: more use for pins
32 The Cup That Delivers: a hinged cup
33 The "Auto" Producing and Vanishing Cup: modified interior
33 The Brodie: yet another modified interior
33 Salt and Pepper: producing from a modified cup
34 Real Ice Cream Cone from Cup: using a metal cone holder
35 Real Ice Cubes from Cups: unmodified cups
36 Jelly From Cup: hinged holder
36 The Robot Cup: modified cup
37 The Half Shelf: inside the cup
37 Chinese Lantern From Cup: nice collapsible load
38 Large Stack of Coins from Cup: modified cup
39 The Rainbow Streamers: unmodified cup
39 The Shower of Cards: impromptu
39 The Bird Nest: modified cup version of canary from cup
40 Making One Canary Into Two
40 Rabid Hatching: yet another modified cup use
41 Another Canary Production
41 The Reptile in the Cup: spring snake idea
42 The Match Holder: impromptu cup holder
42 Liquid Production: using a balloon
42 The Water Fountain: modified cup
43 The Fire Cracker: using a real firecracker
43 The Three Glasses: liquid shot glass production
44 The Fire Fountain: special firework
44 Loading Tall Articles into Cups: loading tip
45 Firing the Cup: using a special cup
45 Spontaneous Combustion: using a syringe
46 The Repeat Production: moves using "nested" articles
46 Masterpiece Glass of Liquid Production: Repeat production using glasses
47 The Phantom Load: using the "lodging" principle
48 The Cotton Mill: long thread production
49 The Inexhaustible Stream: Lotta bowl modified cup
49 The Blooming Roses: spring flowers
50 Brimful of Wine: two modified cups

52 Part Three: Routines
52 A Few Words on Routining
53 Connecting the Terminals: by terminals Joesph means the climax
54 The Joseph Routine: uses the right trouser pocket only for loads. Uses four balls and three vegetable/fruit loads; can use ordinary teacups for the cups. The first part of the routine is only outlined, details to be worked out by the performer. The following finales are not all to be performed, they are provided a variations to provide variety in performance.
54 First Finale: potato, lemon, and onion found under each cup
55 Second Finale: smoke from the cups, chemicals not mentioned by name
55 Third Finale: liquid from cup using gimmicked cup
55 Fourth Finale: three glasses of alcohol found under the cups
55 Additional Moves: two suggested moves
56 The Scarlet Pimpernel: A Monte-style routine in which the blue ball keeps evading, while only the red balls are found
57 The Night Club Routine: a cups & balls routine for close-up table work
59 The Regular E.J. Routine: a routine with a three canary climax
61 The Ink-O Routine: using gimmicked cups, a routine with small glasses of ink
63 The Red Herring: A "beginner's" Monte-style routine; no difficult sleights
65 The Jumping Frog: a short description of a single ball and three cup "find the ball" routine
66 The Wandering Ball: Similar to above, with a large load climax
67 Crystal-I-Zation: an almost impromptu cups and balls using three tumblers and a sugar cube; the cups vanish within their paper covers at the climax
68 A Chinese Routine: Or Indian Style cups and balls using "pudding basins" as cups
69 Mechanical Routine: a highly gimmicked routine using several of the modified cups described in section 2
70 A Nudist Routine: no body loads to steal
71 The Hindu Routine: Nine balls and three cup routine, uses a bag and a wand
73 The Multipalm Routine: features use of a soft felt hat and several large loads
77 My Favorite Routine with Cups and Balls: a direct routine with 12 minute running time. Includes a "sucker" explanation mid-point.
78 Equipment
78 Preparation
78 Getting Set
78 The Five Basic Sleights
79 Performing Position
79 The Routine
79 Phases One through Seventeen!
88 Single Load Double Production
88 Conclusion