Kaps, Fred (edited by Pete Biro): Fred Kaps Lecture Book
1972 Magic Inc., Ken Brooke
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 9 pages
Fred Kaps
              Lecture Book
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Fred Kaps
              Lecture - Brooks Edition
Ken Brooke Edition
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Comments: As with many lecture notes, this book has low production values. The typeset is clear, but there are no photos or illustrations. Also as with most lecture notes, certain moves are assumed to be known. For example, the Ascanio spread, Dai Vernon adding move, Larry Jennings vanish for cup and ball, and so forth. These notes mostly provide an insight into the routining provided by Fred Kaps. A few effects, however, such as I Am In Debt and Newspaper to Dollar Bills are pretty well self contained. The Brooke edition includes an extra page detailing the construction of the Newspaper to Bills gimmicks.


1 Some things to think about: Tips such as "Effect should come first; method second." Plus list of recommended reading: Erdnase, Expert Card Technique, Greater Magic, Bobo on Coins, Stars of Magic, the Marlo books, Dai Vernon books, Slydini books, Buckley books, Fitzkee Trilogy.
2 International Coins Through Table: four similar coins through table.
2 Fred Kaps' Version of Twisting the Aces Using The Ascanio Spread: a quick rundown of Fred Kaps' approach to this Dai Vernon card effect
3 Combination - Larry Jennings' One Cup - Three Ball and Chop Cup Routine: Uses a chop cup, three chopped balls, one large chopped ball (or if the ball is large enough, could just "wedge" in), a silk, glass and bag, and one non-chopped ball. References Larry's routine in Genii Vol 34, No 9, May 1970.
4 I Am In Debt: four "bills" represented by playing cards always add to 10
4 Real Magic: Linking ring and silk presentation, references Dai Vernon and Jack Miller moves.
5 Another Click Pass: As used for International Coins through table
5 Newspaper to Dollar Bills: strips of newspaper change instantly to dollars
5 Thanks to Tenkai Card Production: Card manipulation
6 Red In Blue Deck: Any card named has red back in blue deck (a use for Stick Tack)
6 A Sound Coin Vanish: using nesting metal cups that are slightly modified
6 Sun and Moon in Spectator's Hand: half and penny exchange in specs hand (uses Half, C/S, English Penny Shell)
7 Larette Table Set Up: Nice idea using mouth up box and lid w/silk between
7 Bob Driebeek's Tosheroon Variations: I'm not familiar with this, tips seem to concern a card and coin prediction effect.
8 Coin Change and Vanish in Silk: Marked coin dropped into silk vanishes
8 Lecture Film No. 1 and No. 2: list of effects apparently shown in two films during lecture.First titled "Expert Card Manipulations" and 2nd "Notes on Coins"
9 Professional Views on Doing Professional Magic for Layman: a one page essay