Kardyro, Tony: Close-Up Deceptions
1972 Tony Kardyro and the Royal House of Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 36 pages
Close-Up Deceptions
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Comments: A nice little booklet of close up ideas using coins, Okito Box, Steel Ball & Tube(s), sponges, double backed cards, and more. Available as an eBook from Trickshop.com, with a bonus routine.


3 Contents
5 Close Up Views: thoughts and tips for the strolling performer
6 T.K.'s Chinatown Coin Routine: a half and Chinese coin transposition using a handkerchief and an Okito box
7 T.K.'s German Coin Box Routine: a coins through the table using a German Box
9 T.K.'s Coin Box Routine Supreme: Uses an Okito box that looks the same top and bottom when the lid is on. Also uses a C/S coin.
11 T.K.'s Ball and Tube Routine: uses an extra larger steel ball as well. Includes an alternate ending.
12 T.K.'s Ball and Tubes Routine: The steel ball is put in the pocket but keeps returning to the top of the tube, then finally turns into a jumbo steel ball
13 T.K.'s Magic Dust: a sponge routine with a gag eyeball ending
14 T.K.'s Deceptions with Sponges: a full sponge routine with multiple sponge climax
16 I'll Do It Again: Paper Napkin balls through the table...twice
18 A Magician's Test: a variation of the Pea Can, in this case using a Marble and Salt with patter to match
18 T.K.'s Pentro Hank Move: a clever move for a coin through handkerchief penetration
19 T.K.'s Pentro Vanish Supreme: a coin vanish routine using the Pentro move
20 T.K.'s Pentro Exchange Supreme: one coin penetrates, the other transposes
20 T.K.'s Pentro Coins Deception: Four coins go through, but one doesn't. Finally the fifth coin penetrates the handkerchief.
21 T.K.'s Trans-Coin: a marked coin transposes with another coin, both enclosed in handkerchief (uses an expanded shell)
22 T.K.'s One More Time: a coin penetrates into the pants pocket even when held by the spectator
23 T.K.'s Screwy Cards: Four cards with Red Back on one side and Blue Back on the other are shown; One card is selected and turns out to be really Screwy as it has 15 pips on it!
24 T.K.'s My Magic Cards: Magician has four Magic Cards (double facers) and one is selected by the spectator. He finds his deck is missing one card, and the Magic Card is turned over, which now has a face on it and is the missing card. Provides a 2nd method in which the Magic Card matches a selection.
25 T.K.'s Color Change Supreme: a sucker card color change. Card hidden in hand is shown to be a joker. The color change move is not described.
27 Bonus Effects: "To Be Used Only When the Situation Calls for Them"
29 A Mental Effect for the Card Man: Spectator writes on a blank business card and gives the card to the magician but face down so it can't be seen. Magician writes on another business card, and the writings match. (Top Card Change and Double Lift)
30 The Probable Winner: Magician determines which horse race was selected by the spectator (a version of the center-tear)
31 You Buy the Drinks: the spectator can't duplicate the supposed method the magician used in determining a selected card
32 T.K.'s Various Peeks: various methods of determining the selected card for use with the above or other effects.
33 Behind My Back: 6 spectators write on blank cards. Magician is able to tell what was written on one of the cards. (This is primarily a parlor effect)
35 The Invisible Trip: a sort of Chink-A-Chink with matches and a handkerchief