Joe Karson: Complete Club Act
Karson, Joe: Complete Club Act
©1933 Joe Karson, CT
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 13 pages
Joe Karon: Complete Club Act
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Comments: Available in ebook format as part of the Joe Karson Collection from A complete act that can be performed in about 1/2 hour.

Contents (from eBook):

1 Complete Club Act: Introduction
2 Triple Glass of Water Production: three glasses of water produced from under a handkerchief
3 Giant Rope and Ring Mystery: 10" ring removed from knotted handkerchief
4 Card Burning and Magical Flight: Envelope with card selection is burned and selection found in 2nd envelope
5 Red and Green Mystery Silk Change: supposed repeat of above demonstrated with silks
5 Simple Cut and Restored Rope: center is cut but rope is restored
6 Beautiful Shower of Coins Act (Tom Zalkus): Miser's Dream using a paper bag for audibly dropping the coins
6 Chinese Egg and Mat Mystery: brief routine for the repeated production of an egg from a mat
7 Magical Chink Grocery Mystery: clever story with matches, rice and a purse
8 William Tell Comedy: comedy card to apple
10 Enchanted Broom Mystery: a straw broom stands by itself
11 Japanese Parasol And Duck Production Mystery: live duck production
11 Watch Me Grow Six Inches: amagician appears to grow while next to measuring stand