Kattner, Wilbur: You're On! Magic for One and Two
©1944 Wilbur Kattner, Washington
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 22 pages
Wilbur Kattner: You're On
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Comments: presents two full magic routines, complete with patter, and some additional effects. For the routines, the details of each effect are not presented, but the general performance and patter. The effects starting on page 10 are fully described.

Contents (from book, updated Mar 2023):

ii Preface and Dedication (Wilbur Kattner)

1 Magic in the South American Way (Kattner): a routine for one
1 Multiplication of Bills
1 Racing Form to Shorts (Thayer): torn and restored
2 Bossy the Bovine (Ireland)
2 Magic Web (Waller): silk penetration
3 Assisto (Loyd)
3 Whiskers! (Cochran-Thayer)
2 Egg Bag
3 Otto the Automation Duck (Ireland): cards, an alternate routine for 'bossy
4 Technical Data:
4 - Multiplication of Bills: how to
4 - The Racing Form to Shorts: commercial routine
4 - Bossy The Bovine or Otto The Automaton Duck: commercial routines from Ireland
4 - The Magic Web
5 - The Egg Bag: tips

5 Wine and Water Variations (Kattner)

6 Gay Nineties Routine (Kattner): a routine for two
6 Glass of Wine Production
6 Rising Handkerchief
7 Repeat Vanishing Handkerchief
7 Mutilated Parasol
8 Bird Cage Production (Ireland)
8 Carnation to Sunflower (Abbott)
8 Feather Bouquet Production
8 Technical Data:
8 - The Glass of Wine Production
8 - The Rising Handkerchief
9 - The Baffling Bloomers
9 - Panties to Lemon or Egg
9 - Production of an 18" Silk
9 - The Large Silk
9 - The Parasol Trick
9 - The Gilded Cage Production
9 - The Feather Flower Bouquet
9 - The Carnation to Sunflower
9 - Naomi Bowl Production (Al Baker): alternative to the opening effect
9 - Color Changing Necktie (Charles): could be added

10 Restless Colors (Meyer): card trick with red and black packets
12 Think! Milk! (Kattner): liquid magic
13 Perfect Pitch Test (Kattner): two person code for a music test
15 Egg Stretching Interlude (John C. Holoubek): egg manipulation routine
16 The Secret of Wit Is Repertoire: on patter and comedy lines
17 Think! Ice! (Kattner): chemical effect
18 Torn Card Combination (Kattner): full routine
20 The Sieve of Karen (Kattner): a porous sieve holds water, then one more drop makes it all rush out
21 L'Envoi: conclusion, and some more patter lies

22 Index