Kaufman, Richard: The Collected Almanac
1982-1992 Richard Kaufman, Kaufman & Greenberg
Hardcover, 398 pages
Collected Almanac
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Comments: Richard Kaufman's periodical Richard's Almanac, which ran from 1982-1985, compiled into a single volume. There is close up magic of almost every kind. Well illustrated and written.

Contents: (from book; Issue One appears printed twice: first is a copy of the demo run, then the "official" release)

vi Advertisement
vii Contents
ix First Fumbling/Rumblings: Comments on Richard's beginnings and his work on Apocalypse
xi Apocalyptic Aftermath: more comments about Richard & Apocalypse and the birth of Richard's Almanac
xii The Inner Circle: Outlines plans for a proposed newsletter, the Inner Circle
xiv The Fabulous Jumping Card by Ken Krenzel: a signed selection vanishes from between two deuces and the signed card is found to be an "odd" card placed
under a glass earlier
xvii King Flight by Wax & Kaufman: red Kings transpose with black Kings. Impromptu
xix Visiting Royalty by David Arthur: selection is sandwiched between black Jacks. Black Jacks change to Red Jacks. Deck turned over and spread, and a reversed card is found between 2 black Jacks - the selection. Red Jacks appear.
xxi Silver Aces by David Arthur: Hofzinser Aces variation, Coin jumps to spectator's selection
xxiv Almost the New Phoenix: another newsletter false start
xxvii The Other Richard's Almanac: a column in Magic Manuscript
xxviii Paul's Bill Comes Due by Kaufman: handling of Paul Harris' Bill Collector. A dollar captures a card selection
xxxi Boxed In by Jon Racherbaumer: card vanishes from between 2 cases and ends up inside
xxxiii Do It Yourself Double Drop by Jim Swain: dropping 2 cards to table in perfect alignment
Covering the Turnover Pass by Derek Dingle
xxxvi Cheating the Greek for a Second by Tom Gagnon: using the pass in an apparent Second Dealing demonstration
xxxviii England's Vanishing Aces by England & Kaufman: Aces vanish one by one and selected card ends up between them
xli Holy POD'd Again by Ed Marlo: selection sandwiched between two cards with holes in them so the selection shows through still vanishes. Uses special gaffed card
xlv Reversi by Mark Lefler: a reverse matrix with only two cards
xlix Ad for Richard's Almanac

1 Vol 1 No 1 (sample edition)
1 The Alpha Toss (Derek Dingle): toss change
2 Digital Copper/Silver (David Roth): spectator takes silver coin from your fingertip. Copper coin changes to silver, and spectator now holds copper
4 Kabbala Aces (Peter Kane): a 4 Ace trick with a LePaul Wallet ending
5 G.P. Bottom Steal (Geoffrey Latta): coin steal combined with Goshman pinch
7 Commentary by Kaufman on 1982 NY Symposium Yearbook and other
8 Bull: more commentary
lix Commentary on the changes to 2nd Issue
lx The Never Ending Search: discussion of finding material to publish
lxiii Examination of a So-so Notion by Jon Racherbaumer: Example of effect as sent in to Richard. Red and Blue decks in cases. Blue deck jogged out partially. Face card shown, and decks are rubbed together. Face card ends up reversed in red deck.
lxviii Credits: Better Late Than Never: commentary on crediting
lxx Inserts and Giveaways: commentary on items included with some issues
lxxii The Thirty Six Picks: Richard's 36 favorites: New Pinky Rise pg 22; Gallo Pitch pg 25; Holy P.O.D. pg 33; Plastic Man pg 36; Forgery pg 43; HPC CPH pg 47; Shrinker pg 57; Hot Shot pg 65; Fisting C/S pg 81; Isolated Visitor pg 89; Only the Lonely pg 93; Cartesian Coins pg 108; Greenwarp pg 113; Billtration pg 117; Rubber Ringer pg 120; The Signed Card pg 125; Airtight pg 137; Soleil et Lune pg 155; The Graveyard Shift pg 157; Meta Ssembly pg 165: Drawing Conclusions pg 189; Fugitive Coins pg 195; Firp pg 203; Covering Ramsay pg 211; Loaded pg 229; Diamond Bar pg 236; George Steps Out pg 245; Coins Glass & Napkin pg 264; Wishing shells pg 275; Stencel Aces pg 281; Thought Through pg 322; Elastically Yours pg 332; Rip It Revolutionized pg 370; Convincing Technicolor Oil & Water pg 377; Your Mine and Ours pg 387; New Wave Cigarette Through Quarter pg 387
lxxiv Bull Update: commentary
lxxviii Japanese Richard's Almanac
lxxxvii Index Covers by Sid Lorraine

1 Vol 1 No 1 (again, as delivered to subscribers)
1 The Alpha Toss (Derek Dingle): toss change
2 Digital Copper/Silver (David Roth): spectator takes silver coin from your fingertip. Copper coin changes to silver, and spectator now holds copper
4 Kabbala Aces (Peter Kane): a 4 Ace trick with a LePaul Wallet ending
5 G.P. Bottom Steal (Geoffrey Latta): coin steal combined with Goshman pinch
7 Commentary by Kaufman on 1982 NY Symposium Yearbook; review of TV Rising Card and Wireless II by Karl Fulves
8 Bull: more commentary

9 Vol 1 No 2 Oct 1982
9 Biological Shuffle (Paul Harris): Magician locates 4 Kings in an unusual way
12 Sonic Squeeze (Michael Ammar): barehanded production of 4 coins
14 Visu Pinch (Herb Zarrow): Instant visual copper to silver coin change as coin is dropped from one hand to the other
16 Bull: info about NY Magic Symposium, tip from J.K. Hartman on Flying Signature II

17 Vol 1 No 3 Nov 1982
17 Bi Way (J.K. Hartman): impromptu packet. Ace moves through packet of deuces
19 Star Tell (Phil Goldstein): 2 phase Mental effect with ESP cards.
21 Triple E.G. Spell (Michael Rubinstein): 3 coin spellbound using edge grip
22 New Pinky Rise (Friedhoffer): Rising card, impromptu
24 Bull: additional tips and info, Pass Cover by Slydini

25 Vol 1 No 4 Dec 1982
25 The Gallo Pitch (Lou Gallo): coin pitch
27 G.M. Shift (Gene Maze): card pass
29 Cut to Kill (Daryl): Spectator cuts the Aces effect
32 Bull: magic convention, review of Sessions by Aronson & Solomon, Tipnician by Bob Chesbro

33 Winter Extra 1982-83: Krenzel, Dingle, Kaufman
33 Holy P.O.D.: cleverly gimmicked card allows effects with a card with a hole in the middle to be used.
36 Plastic Man: Stretched card with a gimmick
38 X-Ray Coins: Coins through the glass table

41 Volume 1 No. 5 & 6 Feb 1983 Jay Sankey Issue
41 Bandaid: bandaid fixes a partially torn card
43 Forgery: forgery demonstration using cards
46 Pyramid: Flourish with an application
47 HPC CPH: Han Ping Chien with instant reload
49 Under Wraps: card and coin routine using the above move
51 Palm Up HPC CPH: Another variation
52 CPH Wild Coin: uses HPC-CPH and Pyramid
54 Open Letter to Harry Lorayne
56 Bull

57 Volume 1 No 7 Mar 83
57 Shrinker (Bob King): shrinking deck routine
59 Flair Play (Max Maven): Flair pen 2 person mentalism
60 Particle Push (John Carney): coin penetrates hand multiple times
62 Preset (Jim Swain Geoff Latta): Ace and King packet trick
64 Bull: Review Ed Marlo Cardician video

65 Vol 1 No 8 April 83 John Carney Issue
65 Hot Slot: magician relates story of losing money in slot machine. A champagne glass representing machine loses first a dime. then a quarter, and finally a half turns into a handful of halves.
67 Rubber Detective: rubber band around entire deck selects spectator's chosen card
69 Okito Oddity: Okito box and single half quickie
72 Bull: Magic news, Review of Marlo Without Tears, Racherbaumer on Changing a Bandaid, Automatic Pyramid

73 Vol 1 No 9 May 83 California Issue
73 Astro Card (Larry Jennings): A card is placed on the card case, the hand is waved over it, and the card appears inside the case.
75 CSB Jumper (David Gripenwaldt): Copper Silver Brass coins across using pop up coin move
77 Up Set (Earl Nelson): 4 Aces rise one by one from a shuffled deck (Faro shuffle)
79 Pre Posted (Phil Goldstein): Single red prediction card is shown, and post it is signed to mark the card. Spectator points to any card from the face up blue deck, and when the prediction card is shown, it matches the prediction!
80 Bull: notes on Mullica, Krenzel book, Paul Harris, and more

81 Vol 1 No 10 June 83 Geoffrey Latta Issue
81 Fisting C/S: Copper Silver exchange in the spectator's hands
82 Dazzling Interchange: Aces to Kings collection
83 Clipped: easy coin vanish with a pen
84 Heartless: a solid heart drops off the 3 of hearts to become the 2 of hearts (spectator's selection)
86 Iced: situational effect: a signed coin is dropped into a drink and passes through the glass
88 Bull: why issue was late, reviews of Versatile Card Magic by Frank Simon, Gamblers of Yesteryear by R. Barnhart, Frank Garcia Stars of Magic Video

89 Vol 1 No 11 July 1983
89 Isolated Visitor (Derek Dingle): handling of Jenning's The Visitor (card)
92 Striking Glass (Michael Weber): marked coin in bottle; no gaff
93 Only the Lonely (Lou Gallo): The Hotel Mystery with Kings & Queens
96 Bull: Info on Kaps wallet, broken & restored razor by Tony Miller, review of Precursor by William Miesel, 21st Century Card Magic by Marlo, Marlo's Plus Package

97 Summer Extra: 1983 Jon Racherbaumer Issue
97 Audacious Sandwich: selected card appears between 2 Jokers
98 Technicolor Reset: reset plot with two different colored backs
100 Racherbaumer's Laws: Murphy's laws for magicians
102 Small Fry: shrinking deck with rising card
103 Recollectors: 3 selections appear between four Queens

105 Vol 1 No 12 August 1983 Jay Sankey Issue No. 2
105 Royal Rivet: a coin with a paper fastener hunts down spectator's signed card
106 Time is Money: pocket watch changes into 4 half dollars
107 Temporal Elasticity: a sticker on a rubber band around a deck vanishes and the band appears around your watch
108 Cartesian Coins (Sankey & Kurtz): a unique coin production
110 Stick It In Your Ear! A mini card is found in your ear
112 Bull: comment on SAM convention, review of Mike Powers Powerful Magic, Racherbaumer Card Puzzle, Carney Knowledge
112 Cartoon of How Richard's Almanac was born
112b Index of Volume One by Issue, Trick, and Name

113 Richard's Almanac 13 Sep 83
113 Greenwarp (Bob McAllister): Card Warp with a dollar
116 8 Coin Matrix (Mike Gallo): Card & Coin Matrix effect
117 Billtration (Tony Miller): card through card penetration
120 Rubber Ringer (Bill Kalush): Linking finger ring on rubber band
124 Bull: Lorayne's The Magic Book, Goldstein's Major Minor, Ben Harrs' Prime Hole Card, Australian Magic Magazine, Harry Blackstone Card Trick System

125 Richard's Almanac 14 Oct 83, Bro. John Hamman Issue
125 The Signed Card: unknown card set aside becomes Spectator's signed selection after being lost in packet of 3 Aces
128 Gemini Count: show 4 cards, hiding values of 2
130 The Pinochle Trick: a hand of Pinochle using the Gemini count
131 Wild All the Way: Long 4 phase wild card routine
136 Bull: Cornelius FISM Flash, Jon Racherbaumer's Never on Thunday effect explained,

137 Richard's Almanac 15 Nov 83
137 Airtight (Jay Sankey): deck of cards in balloon
139 Soft Muscle (Roger Klause): coins hand to hand using soft coins
141 i.e. Ball and Vase (Mike Gallo): routine with two Adams' Ball & Vase sets
144 Bull: Scotty York's Lamp Trick, Kaps Wallet, Gene Anthony's Penetra Bill, Skinner's Intimate Magic, Ammar's Encore 3, Mendoza Portfolio No. 1

145 Richard's Almanac 16 Dec 83 Michael Skinner Issue
145 Slowly Folding: Coin vanishes and reappears in the fingers in a slow display
147 Up the Ladder Aces: flashy Ace production
148 SentiMental Aces: Slow Motion Ace Assembly, requires palming
153 The Ken Beale Display (Phil Goldstein): apparently show all 4 sides of 2 cards; came with gaffed cards (original)
154 Bull: A History of the Brainwave Principle by Karl Fulves; Mike Tissington gaffed cards; Gallo's lecture notes; exposure, magic as entertainment

155 Winter Extra Almanac: 83-84
155 Soleil Et Lune (Roger Klause): Sun and Moon coin routine
157 Graveyard Shift (Steve Draun): a cad shift for control or color change
158 Flash Link/Linking Stanley (Michael Weber): 2 rubber bands held in separate fingers are linked; jumping rubber bands with surprise ending
160 Fasten-ation (J.K. Hartman): stapled card theme
162 Magic trick swiping; Paul Harris' Stars of Magic; description of a sponge ball bit by Sol Stone

163 Richard's Almanac 17-18 Jan Feb 84 Larry Jennings Issue
163 The Purloined Thought: A card is thought of by the spectator and passes from one half pack to the other
165 Meta-ssembly: Ace Assembly; introduces the Take and Leave Switch
167 Cut as I Cut: Aces are buried in the deck by cuts of both performer and spectator but they end up on top.
169 Silver Ascending: Coins through the table from the bottom up.
171 Circle Shift: card shift
172 The Searchers: slow motion card sandwich routine
174 Just Think: pseudo-mental card effect
175 They Vanish! (two methods: one impromptu & difficult, the other setup and average difficulty). Aces are collected, change into other cards, and are found face down in the deck.
178 Bull: Comedy & Magic Club Hermosa, Bruce Cervon, Earl Nelson, Bertram on Sleight of Hand, Busby's ARCANE.

179 Richard's Almanac 19 March 84
179 Two Bit Wild Card (Daryl): quarter sticker on playing card duplicates on other cards, then materialize to real quarters leaving holes in the cards
181 AC/DC (Bruce Cervon): one of 2 chosen cards vanishes to be found in the middle of the pack. Uses Vernon Utililty Move
182 Welded (Roger Klause): a spoon is bent, broken, and welded back together
184 Striker (David Williamson): The striking vanish with a coin purse and copper silver exchange
186 Bull: Yedid's Cardinal Cards; David Roth; Contest winners; Steven's Marlo tapes vol 1-4 reviewed

187 Richard's Almanac 20 April 84 Max Maven presents a Phil Goldstein Issue
187 Alphabetween: Performer writes a prediction on a business card. Alphabet deck is shuffled by spectator. Spectator inserts business card into deck. Prediction reads "your initials", cards above and below are spectator's initials
188 Choice Flesh: a cannibal plot with the 4 Kings
189 Drawing Conclusions: a card out of an extended ESP pack is selected. The performer selects 4 cards from the deck, but all fail to match. Then it is found that the selections "spell" the spectator's card.
190 Sinology: coin effect with Chinatown Half and expanded shell
191 Quintemonte: find the lady monte effect with a found the man climax!
192 Midas: borrowed coin is identified behind back and the date is declared
194 Bull: Fechter's, Sankey's Airtight, Weber notes, Mullica Evening at the Tom Foolery, Miesel's Precursor, Nelson's West Coast Quarterly, Kaufman's list of 10 top sleight of hand books (cards and other)

195 Richard's Almanac 21 May 84
195 Fugitive Coins (David Roth): clean coin transposition done standing
196 Slider (Paul Harris): 4 Ace and 4 Jack effect
198 OP Bones (Jay Sankey): elevated card and coin matrix using a finger rin
200 Parabox (Jerry Andrus): optical illusion puzzle to cut out
203 Firp (Gary Goldberg): Faro Invisible Reverse Placement plus effect
204 Double Find (Bill Kalush): uses FIRP
206 Bull: news about Revelations, Illustrated Erdnase; Paul Harris Close Up Seductions review; info on Ammar Cup & Ball book; Martin Gardner perfect push effect described

207 Richard's Almanac 22 June 84 Michael Gallo Issue
207 Opti-Coins: Three silver coins turn to gold and are tossed into a clear cup. When dumped out, they turn back to silver!
208 Break Four: Silver dollar split into two halves, then 4 quarters. In the hands stand up, no gaffs
209 Suited Up: Performer cuts to the Aces, then mixes them in, then cuts them again, and the Kings; in fact the whole deck is arranged
210 In Purson: 3 coppers & 3 silvers removed from purse; coppers placed back inside. Silvers turn to coppers, and silvers are found in the purse. All in the hands
211 Covering Ramsay: a coins and purse frame routine inspired by the Cylinder & Coins
216 Bull: Cervon Monte reviewed, Duffie & Sadowitz Contemporary Card Magic, Harris Close Up Seductions, more

217 Summer Extra Almanac 84 Jon Racherbaumer Issue
217 Autograph Round: performers signed card transposes with spectator's signed card, then performers signature transfers to spectator's card
219 The So So Notion: a partial effect. Selection ends up in a card case after some changes
221 Brain Waved: begins as Brain wave, but signed selection ends up in red deck
223 Really Here! Four Kings & Four Queens are mixed, but the Queens come back together. The Kings have turned into Aces
224 Sliding Triumph: quick description of an in the hands Triumph

225 Richard's Almanac 23-24 July Aug 84 California Issue
225 Cocktail Time (Dai Vernon): impromptu coin and shot glass effect
227 LJ's Prophesy (Larry Jennings): Selection turns upside down in the deck
229 Loaded (Michael Weber): a plot about gimmicked dice
231 The Stripout Insertion Addition (Bruce Cervon): twist on Vernon's Stripout Addition
232 Poker Interchange Exchanged: Swain's Poker Interchange using Stripout Addition
233 NFP Collectors: Walton's Collectors variation using Stripout Addition
234 Two Bit Sandwich (Frank Simon): Card and coin transposition
236 Diamond Bar (Daryl): Kings vanish to appear in packet
238 Triskadekaphobia (Max Maven): Mathematical force
240 Bull: Vernon's Revelations, Epoptica 1984 Yearbook, Card Ventures by Robert McDaniel, Nelson's West Coast Quarterly, Ortiz Gambling Scams, Burgers Craft of Magic and Other Writings, Ammar's Success In Magic

241 Richard's Almanac Quarterly Vol 3 Spring 85
242 Ad for Cervon Monte, Card Secrets of Bruce Cervon
243 Mental Five (Dai Vernon): 5 cards selected, spectator thinks of one, and 5 cards are placed back in the deck. On spreading the cards, one is seen face down: it is the selection
245 George Steps Out (James Rigali): a one dollar bill is signed and turns into a fiver
246 Make Me Small (Larry Jennings): Three Queens join the fourth in the magician's pocket
251 Universal (Daryl): Joker at top of deck turns into three different selections one at a time
252 Swatch This (Michael Weber): a time prediction using the Swatch brand watch (may be borrowed)
253 The '66 Vanish (Bruce Cervon): a selected card sandwiched between two others vanishes
255 The Fifth Card (Bruce Cervon): another version, but selection is merely thought of and card vanishes from packet still in the hands
256 Hold Tight (Larry Jennings): a fine 4 coins across
259 Queen Jump (Bruce Cervon): Queen jumps from one half the deck to the other.
261 King Jump (Dai Vernon): Different approach to above. Uses ATFUS.
262 Matrimonial Jump (Dai Vernon & Bruce Cervon): a further development of Queen Jump
264 Coin Glass & Napkin (John Carney): a coin penetrates a glass, and the glass is placed mouth down over it. The coin is removed and vanished, and reappears under the glass. The coin now passes through the bottom of the glass. Finally the glass is covered with a napkin, and the coin penetrates both the napkin and the glass. The napkin is smashed to the table, and the glass penetrates the table.
266 Ad for Roth's Expert Coin Magic
272 Bull: lots! about Lynn Busby's Sterling Egg Bag, Ross Bertram's cups & other products, complaints about Jeff Busby, info on Doug Henning & David Copperfield & Penn & Teller, Racherbaumer's At the Table, and more.

273 Richard's Almanac Quarterly Vol 3 Summer 85
275 Wishing Shells (Allen Okawa): copper silver done with small sea shells in the spectator's hand
276 Duck Soup (Roy Walton): poker hand prediction
280 Srabismus Switch (David Roth): coin switch in the spectator's hand
281 Stencel Aces (Robert Stencel): Four indifferent cards turn into 4 Queens
287 Penny Times Two (Walter Rollins): Two silvers and two English pennies shown: English pennies turn to American pennies
289 The Magic Cards (Bro. John Hamman): cards change magically: uses the Gemini count
290 Flash Poker (Bro. John Hamman): Deuces change to Jacks. to Three Deuces, to full house, to Royal Flush
293 Signed Transversal Triplet (Bro. John Hamman): Two signed selections are sandwiched between Kings and trade places
296 The Poker Palm Shift (Bro. John Hamman): pseudo gambling demonstration
299 The Toss of a Coin (Larry Jennings): controlling the coin toss
301 Haunted Card (Lynn Searles): single card revelation: the card shoots out and pivots from the deck
302 A Conversation Along a Thickly Wooded Path by Eugene Burger (essay)
308 Bull: NY Symposium, more on Bertram cups, address for Lynn Busby Egg Bags, Racherbaumer provides alternate 66 Vanish handling, John Cornelius' crawling pocket, note about Frank Garcia's 3 Card Monte articles, Bob Farmer idea of using credit cards for Plastic Man, review of Ben Harris New Directions, Ultimate Floating Deck, Roayal Dive, Hypercard Experiments. Falanga's Lake Tahoe Card Magic. New York Magic Symposium Collection 4, Dai Vernon's Revelations, Fred Braue Notebooks, Karten Zum Zaubern, Earl Nelson Video Workshop videos, more on Greater Magic Video Library series from Steven's.

309 Richard's Almanac Quarterly Vol 3 Autumn 85
311 Satan Deals Again (Michael Skinner): a "demonstration" of false deals
312 False Count With Coins (Michael Ammar): simple but clever count 4 coins as 5 with audible backup
314 Psychic Twins (Max Maven): two phase mental card magic with 4 Kings and a card case
318 Ad for Ammar and Fleischer Magical Arts Journal
319 Number Numb-er (J.K. Hartman): a number prediction using pairs of 4 digit numbers
320 Coin Con (J.K. Hartman): a number prediction using coin cards
322 Thought Through (J.K. Hartman): performer deals to spectator's selection
324 Stack Knack (J.K. Hartman): gambling demo with strong climax
326 Rip It Redux (Slydini): Torn & restored bill with one bill!
328 Once Torn, Twice Restored (Robert Stencel): Performer attempts to have 2 selections reverse in deck, but only one does. In frustration, card is ripped up, but torn pieces turn out to be first card. It is then restored and all can be examined
332 Elastically Yours (Michael Rubinstein): unique torn & restored rubber band
335 Incredible Cards & Coins (Lou Gallo): 8 coins are produced from under four Aces
337 Ad for NY Magic Symposium Japan 86
340 The Smoke Filled Room (Russell Barnhart): satire
348 Bull: lots of it. Orson Wells death, censorship and dealers, Lyon's Ibidem, Penn & Teller, Ladshaw's First Annual, John Carney on Merv Griffin, Okawa's LePaul/Jennings Wallet, more Busby bashing, Fulves' S-C & Self Working Paper Magic, Magic by Gosh, Roger Klause on Greater Magic Video, A Session with Ben Harris, Ammar Kid's tape, Magic of John Ramsay, Close Up Classics of Paul Harris.

349 Richard's Almanac Quarterly Vol 3 Winter 85
351 About Face Gymnastic Aces (Larry Jennings): Gymnastic Aces produced, but face up
352 Bill Book and Candle (Roger Klause): burnt and restored bill
355 Ad for Eugene Burger's Spirit Theater
356 Slick Splits (Jay Sankey): 3 coin production
357 Duo Mental (Gene Maze): 2 card selected. One half deck dealt face up, one half face down. Spec calls face up card, other selection is found on top of face down pile.
359 Chinese Challenge (David Roth): Shell coins across with a change to Chinese coins at the end
362 New Shuffles Harry (Bro. John Hamman): Triumph variation with a shuffled deck
364 Penny Lane (Gary Kurtz): purse and glass coin routine without the glass (needs lapping)
370 Rip It Revolutionized (Johnny Hirose): deceptive torn and restored bill
373 Kissing to be Clever (Daryl): odd-backed cards match selections
376 Ultimate Pop Up Move (David Gripenwaldt): with coins
377 Convincing Technicolor Oil & Water (Jon Racherbaumer): straightforward Oil & Water
381 Card Factory (Jim Swain): difficult packet effect on how cards are made
384 O Henry Selection (Jim Swain): Joker's catch spectator selections and then vanish
386 Up the Sleeve (Jim Swain): sugar disappears from magician's and and is poured from the spectator's sleeve
387 Yours Mine and Ours (Jim Swain): Kings turn into selected companions
390 Bull: book news, Dover's Hofzinser's Card Conjuring, info about Dingle's New Wave Cigarette Thru Coin.
392 New Wave Cigarette Thru Coin (Derek Dingle): explained in full
395 More Bull: Korem without Limits, Martin's Miracles, NY Magic Symposium Collection Five, Classic Magic of Larry Jennings, Johnny Paul ad Larry Becker & Charlie Miller and Tom Mullica Greater Magic Videos, Roth's coin magic reduced price, Last Issue notes.