Kaufman, Richard: Tom Mullica Starring In Show Time at the Tom Foolery
©1992 Richard Kaufman & Alan Greenberg
Hardcover, 218 pages
Show Time at the Tom
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Comments:Includes not only Tom Mullica's famous cigarette act, but the Mullica Wallet, a cups and balls routine, and more.


xiv Time Table
xv Introduction (Richard Kaufman)
xvii Foreword (John Thompson)

1 1948 to 1991: My Magical Life (An Autobiography by Tom Mullica)
1 The Birth of Tom Mullica (1948)
5 His First Three Tricks (1954)
7 A Fascination for Cigarette Magic (1957)
11 Ken Grunwald at the Airport Bar (1964)
13 From Europe to Waupun to Alaska (1969 to 1988)

23 1965 to 1978: The Evolution of the Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre
23 The Shed (1965 to 1966)
23 The Abbey (1974 to 1975)
24 Clarence Fosters - The Tom Fooler Magic Bar (1976 to 1977)
29 The Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre (1978 to 1987)
37 Doty and His Plan
38 The Setup Behind the Bar and Servante
40 The Music System

41 STOP! It's Crazy to Put Lit Cigarettes Inside Your Mouth

43 1984: A Saturday Night Show at the Tom-Foolery Magic Bar Theatre
43 6:30-7:00 Tom's Set Up
44 7:00 Entering the Tom-Foolery Front Room
45 7:45 Entering the Bar
46 7:54 Tom's Entrance
48 7:56 Prologue: "The Number Trick"
52 8:00:20 Pasteboard Overdose Begins: fast paced opener consisting of multiple card effects
59 8:02:37 Schizophrenia: throw-away with a lit match on the tongue!
62 8:03:21 Pasteboard Overdose Continues
74 8:08:16 Cheek to Cheek: Jim Ryan's Cards Across Routine (palming)
82 8:19:08 Gum Gozinta Balloon
99 8:29:54 Taradiddle Begins: Tom's version of Jim Ryan's Bill Tear
102 8:30:55 Karrell's Kaput Kard: torn and restored card
104 8:32:29 Mullica's Complete Restoration Finale: a full restoration for the above
105 8:32:35 Taradiddle Continues
108 8:35:44 Nicotine Nincompoop: Tom's famous cigarette eating routine
114 8:38:38 The Apple Trick: card in apple finale
128 8:56:00 The Show Ends

131 Other Scenarios
131 Card Is Cigarette (or Chicken is Elephant): card becomes cigarette, required tonguing a lit cigarette
136 A.E.R.O.B.I.C.: a reworked classic
141 Clockwise Cigarette Restoration
144 It's Matchic: with wooden match sticks
147 The Mullica Wallet: originally developed in 1968, and released to the fraternity 7 years later
151 Shenanigan Matches: a simple throw-away with a quick set-up
153 Torn and Restored Cards to Pocket
161 The Signature Trick: signed card routine
164 Double-Ended Jarrow: a reworking of Jarrow's Hanky-Panky, with shot-glasses
167 Machiavellian Bill in Cigarette: borrowed & signed bill found in cigarette smoked by the bartender
172 The Oviparous Sack: Tom's egg bag routine, with a glass and bottle climax. Uses two bags.
182 The Card in Mouth: a lesson in misdirection
190 Rouge de Paris: Cup and ball routine using sponge balls
205 Smoke Cocktail: a cigarette production routine
216 The One-Hour Show Skeleton Timetable