Kaufman, Richard: Williamson's Wonders
1989 Richard Kaufman
Hardcover, no dj, 96 pages
              Williamson's Wonders
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Comments: The Magic of David Williamson. Excellent close up magic. Witty, clean and practical effects. Good illustrations. Highly recommended.


7 Foreword by Max Maven

9 Coins
9 Wonderful Coin Vanish: Vanish and repro, hands seen empty. Retention Clip Vanish
12 Cross-Eyed Coins Across: An uncomplicated 3 coins across, uses a table
14 Rebate: Rattling heard in pen, $25 cent rebate falls out (2 dimes & nickel). Coins are placed back in pen.
17 The Striking Vanish: Excellent utility move, especially for Cups & Balls. Improved explanation from original detailed in Encore II. Includes Open Hand Vanish, Closed Hand Vanish, Visible Change, Coin From Pen Cap, and Coin in Bottle.
21 Copper, Silver and Purse: Copper & Silver dumped from purse, copper replaced. Silver struck with coin purse, to change into the copper. Silver is found inside coin purse. Uses Sriking Vanish and LePaul French Drop.
23 Wishing Well: A coin changes size and color as the magician wishes when dipped into fist. Retention Clip vanish and Roth's Edge Grip handlings. Includes Jumbo Coin variation
27 Money Talks: Coins are heard but not seen, and appear one by one
32 When You're Behind, You're Ahead: Three coins produces, vanished, and produced again. Very clean
35 The Change Bag: A unique routine with a coin purse and coins. The coins tranfer to the coin purse, the purse changes size, and a jumbo coin makes an appearance. A full routine.

42 Coins and Cards
42 Floating Assembly: Clean chink-a-chink, cards appear to never touch the coins
45 Cello-Feign: Dime vanished from hand to appear inside cellophane wrapper in deck of cards
48 Don't Cut Me Out: A coin and card routine

54 Cards
54 He Who Spelt It, Dealt It: Cute spelling card trick with humerous ending. Hofzinser Spread Cull.
58 Interlaced Swindle: Four Kings are shown. An Ace, Two, and Three are mixed in between, and the 7 cards are shown. Suddenly the Ace, Two, and Three vanish from the packet
62 Stabbed From the Back: A card is tossed into the deck and locates the selection
64 Double Time Travelers: 4 Aces travel from deck to 4 different pockets
67 The Famous 3 Card Trick: Magician want to show three card trick, but keeps finding more...
69 The Hypnotist: Two spectators pick only blue card among reds, then all cards get blue backs
70 Torn and Restored Transposition: Awesome torn & restored card routine
77 51 Cards to Pocket: 51 cards "selected" by spectator travel to pocket. Signature on 52nd is actually peeled off the card in this comedic routine

80 The Rest
80 Whirlybird Silk Vanish: Silk cleanly vanished from hand with a wave of the wand (regular wand, TT)
83 Beelzebub's Blade: Knife through napkin, knife vanishes, and napkin is restored
86 The Gold Cups: Dave's famous 2 Cup and Ball routine. Great squeaker ploy included.