Marvin Kaye: The Complete Magician
Kaye, Marvin: The Complete Magician
©1973 Marvin Kaye, Macmillon, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 8.5x11", 253 pages

©1976 MacMillon, The Complete Magician
Softcover, perfect-bound, 278 pages
Marvin Kaye: The Complete Magician
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Comments: Edited by John Salisse. Note this book has the same contents as "The Stein and Day Handbook of Magic". Listed here separately since it's not obvious from the title.

Contents (from book):

11 Preface - The Magic Circle (John Salisse)
13 Introduction
15 Modern Magic — Its Rise and Fall
23 Why Do People Like Magic?

27 Foolproof Magic
27 The No-Burning Handkerchief
28 Hidden Treasure: magician determines value of coin hidden under a cup, with a confederate
30 The Travelling Coin: another confederate effect
33 The Penetrating Cup: cup penetrates a table under a napkin
34 Find the Ball: magician knows under which of three cups a ball end up
37 The Colour-Changing Pencil
38 The Floating Pencil: rises in a bottle
40 A Reliable Prediction: mathematical 1089 prediction
41 A Chronological Prediction: addition prediction
43 Invisible Flight: two handkerchiefs trade places
44 A Ring on a Rope: bracelet penetrates rope tied between the wrists
45 Two Tone Prediction: magician predicts ration of red to black cards after dealing
46 The Know-All Turnover: sucker card revelation
48 Telepathic Tone: spectator calls out cards, and magician tells the selected card
49 Olympian Vision: magician reveals two cards chosen by two spectators
52 More Tricks: list of commercial tricks that are foolproof
54 References

55 What Do You Say and How Do You Say It?
57 Rehearsals
61 Further Exercises
62 References

63 When Do You Move and Why Do You Do It?
66 Six Foot Positions
68 Exercises
69 References

70 Essential Sleight-of-Hand Movements
71 Card Sleight-of-Hand Movements
71 Card Spread
72 False Overhand Shuffle
73 False Riffle Shuffle
73 Three-Pile False Cut
74 False Overhand Cut
74 The Palm
76 The Glide
77 Reverse Slip Round
77 False Card Count
80 Key Cards
81 The Thumb Pushback
82 Top Count-Off
82 Cutting Force
83 Behind-The-Back Force
83 Dealing-Off Force

83 Coin Manipulations
84 Basic Coin Palm
84 Thumb Palm
84 French Drop
88 Handkerchief Coin Vanish
89 False Coin Count

89 Other Sleight of Hand Tricks
89 Billet Switch
90 False Knot
94 References

95 Tricks With Sleight-of-Hand
95 Coin Flick: coin change
96 Serial-Number Prediction: on a Bill
97 Centre Tear: reading the mind of a spectator
100 Flyaway Pip: a wrong card is magically altered to make it right
101 Sucker Ace Change: changing a 3 to an Ace
102 Eliminating Cards: selected card transposes with another on the table
103 Two Reversed Cards: two selections end up reversed in the deck
104 Stop Me Anytime: Spectator stops magician dealing cards and selection matches a prediction
105 Double-Coincidence and Prediction Miracle: two cards predicted, spectator locates one of them
107 Impossible Location: spectator finds the selected card of another spectator without help
109 Cut and Restored Rope: seven part routine includes a stretching the rope portion
118 - Cut and Restored Rope Patter
119 More Tricks: list of excellent commercial sleight-of-hand tricks
120 References

121 Stacking The Pack
122 Location Systems
122 Eight Kings
122 Si Stebbins
123 Two Card Divination
123 Basic Mnemonic Coding
126 Silent Card Coding: three feats of mind reading
128 Special Set-Ups
129 Paired-Card Force Deck
129 Out of this Universe: a specially paired deck
130 Missing But In Good Company: a triple climax
132 Card Set-Ups Available for Purchase: recommended commercial card decks
133 References

134 Controlling The Audience’s Attention
136 Performer's Personality
136 Nature of Props
137 Suggestions and Inducement
137 Pretense
137 Diversion
137 Distraction
138 Pointing
138 Repetition
138 Confusion
138 Anticipation
138 Premature Conclusion
138 Ruse

141 In Search of Personal Style

148 Putting Together An Act

155 Magic of the Mind
157 ESP Card Finding: spectator selects same card as magician
158 Last Minute Message Reading: in envelope
159 A Fast Prediction: card prediction
160 One Ahead Message Reading
162 Undetectable Object Code two person code
164 Code for Any Room
165 The Ultimate Premonition: named card is missing from a pack and is found in an envelope
166 Super Sucker Spirit Slate: card revelation using a flap slate
168 The Free Choice Telephone Test: card named over the phone was predicted and has an odd colored back
169 Ultra-Mental Phone Code: for two performers
170 Two Word Card Code: another code
171 More Tricks From Magical Retailers: recommended commercial effects
173 References

174 Preparing For The Stage Show

183 Assistants and Volunteers

188 Tricks and Routines For Stage and Platform
188 The Drunken Magician: general routine described using visual jokes and good acting
192 Closing Time Blues: production of liquids from a variety of apparently empty containers
193 Impromptu Sawing a Woman in Half: rope through an assistant
195 Silk Escape: rope penetrates a silk tied between the wrists
196 Under-Chair Escape: escape from a chair
197 Comic Rope Tie: comedy escape
199 Knockout Card Prediction: of a mentally chosen card
201 More Tricks: list of commercial effects for the stage
202 References

203 Performing For Children
203 Broadness of Gesture
203 Continuity
204 Vivacity
204 Diversity
207 Forget the Adults
207 Radiate Fun
207 Take the Audience's Limited Experience Into Account
208 Emphasize Visual Appeal
208 Personify Props
208 Forget About Subtleties of Routining
208 Keep Shows Short
209 Consider Sucker Tricks and Standard Effects Carefully
209 Select Assistants Carefully
210 Be Suspicious of Magic Tricks That Dealers Label For Children

212 Magic For Children’s Shows
213 Sample Count Emkay Routine: a Miser's dream routine, with patter
216 Puppet Routine
220 Mesh Egg Bag Routine: using a lemon and an egg
221 Rings on Rope: commercial effect using rings with one color on one side and a different color on the other, and a rope
223 The Magic Word: presenting the magic word
223 Acrobatic Silks: or Monkey Bar; silks change places magically on a rod
224 Afghan Bands: or Moebius Strip
225 Tri-Color Ropes: three different colored ropes become joined without knots
227 Forgetful Freddie: commercial prop
229 Children's Coin Routine: using Devil's Coin Box, Nest of Boxes
231 Final Effect: full routing using Spring Flowers, silks, Evaporated Milk Jug, hat loader
235 Encore Bullet Catching Routine: special coins, cap gun, blindfold, water pistol, gag sun-glasses
238 More Tricks: List of commercial effects recommended for children's shows
239 References

240 Other Special Audiences
241 Shows for Difficult Audiences
242 Geriatric Wards and Old People's Homes
244 Hospital Shows

246 Do’s and Dont’s of Magical Entertainment

248 Glossary
250 Appendix I Supply Sources of Magical Tricks and Literature
251 Appendix II List of Magical Societies
252 Further Reading