Kellar's Wizard's Manual

Kellar, Harry: Kellar's Wizards' Manual
©1892 (circa) Harry Kellar, the Arthur Westbrook Company, OH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 69 pages

Also published by:
Royal Publishing Co, PA

Svengarro, Prof: Wizard's Manual
1910 J&M Ottenheimer, Baltimore

Harry Kellar: Kellar's Wizard's Manual
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Comments: "A practical treatise on Ventriloquism and Hypnotism, according to Prof. E.H. Eldridge and other well-known professors; Sleight-of-Hand secrets and methds of performing many marvelous mysteries, such as hae astonished the public of all nations"

Publishing Note: The contents of this book appear to be completely different than Wehman's Wizard's Manual (listed here separately under the author Skinner), even though they share the same general cover. I wonder if Harry Kellar may not be the author, but rather that his name may have been used for this book given the 1910 edition attributed to Prof. Svengarro as the compiler. 


11 To Force a Half Dollar Through a Table: performed seated
11 To Make a Part Appear Ghastly: using salt and spirits on fire
11 How to Crawl Into a Pint Bottle: gag
12 The Magic Bell and Bushel: apparatus and working briefly described
12 To Eat Knives and Forks: while seated
13 The Hen and Egg Bag: double bag produces eggs
13 The Double Tunnel: a magic liquid funnel described
14 To Cut Off a Cock's Head, Put It On, and Exhibit the Bird Alive Again
14 To Convey Money Out of One Hand Into the Other
15 Bottle Imps: glass figures dance in a bottle
15 Bonus Genius: a small figure vanishes in a cap
16 To Cook an Omelet in a Hat
17 To Tear a Handkerchief in Pieces and Make it Whole Again
17 The Phantom at Command: a two person code
18 To Make a Card Jump Out of the Pack
19 How to Change a Pack of Cards Into Pictures
20 The Locked Jaw: a lock mechanism described
21 To Put a Ring Through One's Cheek
21 To Take Three Button Moulds Off Two Strings
22 To Make a Knife Leap Out of a Pot
23 The Melting Box: a coin appears to melt in a box. Note effect uses Mercury which has been found to be toxic
24 The Globe Box: a variation on the ball or egg vase
25 To Draw a Card Through Your Nose: using an apparatus
25 How to Cut Your Arm Off Without Hurt or Danger: using a faked knife
26 How to Cut a Man's Head Off and Put it Into a Platter, a Yard From His Body
26 To Turn Water Into Wine: chemical magic
28 To Cut Glass: using match cord
28 Trouble-Wit: some paper folds briefly described
31 To Make a Piece of Money Sink Through a Table
31 To Throw a Ring Out of a Window and Cause It to be Found in a Gentleman's Pocket: using duplicates
32 Rings Strung on a Double Ribbon: rings pass off the string
32 The Knotted Handkerchief: knots vanish
34 Ventriloquism
35 How to Make the Pass: cards
36 The Multiplying Mirror: using a gimmicked looking glass, using Mercury
37 The Long Card: gimmick described
37 The Obedient Watch: watch stops and goes on command
37 To Convey a Card Into a Cherry Stone
37 How to Eat Fire
38 To Tell the Names of All the Cards in the Pack Before You See Them
38 The Four Accomplices: card trick
39 How to Hold Four Kings In Your Hand and by Words to Seem to Transform Them Into Four Aces and Afterwards to Make Them
All Blank Cards
39 The Restored Thread: cut and restored
40 How to Kill a Fowl and With Words Bring It to Life Again: actually stabs the bird, I would not recommend this
40 To Let a Person Hold Ten Pieces of Money In His Hand And Commend Them Into What Number He Can Think Of
40 To Make The Constable Catch the Knave: card trick
41 To Burn a Card and Find It In a Watch
42 The Counter Changed: paper fold to vanish money
42 The Marionettes: brief description of how the puppets work
42 To Break a Gentleman's Watch to Pieces and Afterwards Restore It To Him Whole
43 To Pour Cold Water Into a Kettle and Make It Come Out Hot Without the Aid of Fire: using a gimmicked kettle
44 The Card in the Egg
44 To Tell How Many Cards
45 To Make a Card Which a Person Has Drawn Dance on a Wall: for stage
46 How to Bring a Dead Bird to Life: shooting with Mercury
46 A Quantity of Eggs Being Broken, To Find How Many There Were Without Remembering the Number: math puzzle
46 How to Change Cards and Money Put Under a Hat Into Different Objects: using a table trap
47 How to Change a Card Locke Up In a Box: using a gimmicked box
48 To Write Any Name Upon a Paper and Then Burn It To Ashes, Yet Afterwards It Ma Be Read Plainly
48 A Curious Wa of Restoping: a fly comes back to life
48 To Make a Card Spring Up Into the Air From the Pack Without Being Touched
49 To Tell a Card Thought Of Blind Folded: using 21 cards
50 The Flight of the Ring: a finger ring moves to any finger
50 The Magic Twelve: card effect
51 A Person Having Drawn a Number of Cards From a Pack To Guess the Number of Spots They Contain
52 How to Let Twenty Gentlemen Draw Twenty Cards and to Make One Card Every Man's Card
52 To Nail a Card To the Wall By a Pistol Shot
54 To Make a Quarter Dollar Turn on Its Edge On the Point of a Needle: stunt
54 The Toper's Tripod: brittle tripod can support large weight
54 How to Fill a Glass With Beer and Water At The Same Time: without mixing the two liquids
55 Seven at Twice: puzzle
55 To Lift a Bottle With a Straw: stunt
56 The Heart and Ball Puzzle: puzzle
56 The Mystical Dial: a cryptographic dial
57 How to Hypnotize
57 - How to Make a Lady Fall Backwards
58 - How to Cause a Subject to Fall Forward
59 - How to Clasp the Hands Together
60 - How to Cause the Subject to Forget His Name
61 - How to Make the Leg Stiff
63 - How to Produce Sleep
64 - Flower's Method for Producing Sleep (Sydney Flower)
66 - Other Methods of Inducing Sleep
66 - Hypnotizing Instantaneously
67 How to Awaken a Subject