Kellerhof, Alfred: Typisch Alfred! (Typical Alfred!)
©2003 Zauber Kellerhof
Hardcover, w/dust jacket, 15.5x22.5cm, 160 pages
Typisch Alfred
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Comments: Book in German, contains a color changing knives routine, a chop cup routine, and much more. Available from
Alfred Kellerhof was a charismatic magician and dealer. Contains tried and tested routines, as well as many memories and episodes from a magic dealer. Numerous photos, 53 drawings by Maria Schlingschröder.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):
Note: book is in German, so the following is a rough translation

1 Foreword (Wolff Baron von Keyserlingk)
2 Foreword (Joro)
3 Preface by the author
4 Memories of a "Magic Dealers"
5 Episodes from a Magician Life
6 First Aid for Unemployed: performance tips and hints
7 In an interview with Uwe Schenk and Michael Meyer Special

8 From My Program
9 My opening: Flames burst out of your wallet
10 Metamorphosis: Kellerhof's approach to the egg bag
11 The Mother-Trick: a silk trick around the story of a honeymoon couple and the mother in law!
12 The Escape From The Harem: an escape routine
13 The Cable Cards: a rope is lowered into a bag and finds the selection
14 The Bauernegel-Rope Trick: cut and restored rope
15 The Milk in the Light Bulb: milk is vanished and appears in a previously empty light bulb
16 My Bottles Proliferation: bottles change places under tubes, with a bottle production finale

17 Out Of My Close Up Program:
18 Three Bold Claims: Impromptu Mental wonder with an audience and some ordinary coins.
19 My Chop Cup Routine: A crafty routine without too much repetition and with a potoato climax
20 Four Coins Hike: coins to glass, no extra coins
21 The Färbemesser: Kellerhofs color changing knife routine

22 Out of My Kids Program:
23 Where's the Towel?: Balloonk, handkerchief, and Clown Hat
24 Canary Cats: Jumbo card trick with cats and canaries
25 The Candy Making: comedy cooking routine with a sweet surprise

26 Other Tips:
27 Sponge Ball Surprise: Short, crisp sponge ball routine, with a climax foam rabbit.
28 Black and White: paper ball trick
29 Back and Forth: an original rope trick
30 A typical Nick Trost effect - Fifty-Fifty: card trick for two spectators
31 The Walking Stick In The Newspaper: A highly original variation; made popular by Fred Kaps.
32 This Trick Makes The Audience: an audience involvement trick
33 Joro Wholly Owned Forecast: card prediction
34 The Jumping Silk: Silk jumps to rope
35 Intermezzo in the Magic Shop: burned and reconstituted tissue paper
36 Board Computer: mind reading computer
37 Elegant Opening: an appearing cane opening
38 Number or Eagle: always know which coin side is up
39 How to Turn a Bag: make a nice bag from newspaper