Kenner, Chris: Out of Control, Totally Out of Control
1992, Kaufman and Company
Hardcover, no dj, 183pg
Chris Kenner:
              Out of Control - Totally Out of Control
Front and Back Covers: Image courtesty Magicref

Comments: (Wolfgang, aka CyberCardMagic of Berlin, Germany): Great book of close up magic. It is designed in two halves; you need to turn the book over to read the 2nd half (Out of Control and Totally Out of Control)


9 Introduction by David Copperfield
11 Prelude by Chris Kenner
12 How to Read This Book
15 Missing Link: linking and unlinking rubber bands
25 Hellbound: Spellbound routine with Silver to Copper transformation
29 Three Fry: Three Silver coins vanish, reappear, and change to Copper
34 Perversion: Selected card turns face up in face down deck twice in a row. Finally the entire deck turns face up while selection remains face down
40 Travlrs 1: Travellers variation
46 For 4 For: a four card top of the deck switch
48 Diet: Four Kings eat two cards, and turn into Four "Ate's"
51 Aftershock: Four Coin Assembly/Matrix
57 In Ten City: Two red tens and two black tens in a variety of tranformations
62 Long Gone Silver: Vanish and reproduction of three Silver coins
69 Menage Et Trois: An at the fingertips coins across with three coins
77 Cloth And Pence: Three coins vanish and reappear one by one in a silk
95 Print Shop: a business card printing effect
98 Schwing! A rising card routine
102 Twin Peeks: Performer reveals chosen card twice in a row
106 Twister: A Twisting the Aces effect
112 The Deep: A four coins across routine
117 Into The Woods: cigars are removed from a too small purse, multiplied, and vanished
122 Sybil: a false cut
125 The Five Faces Of Sybil: flourish
129 Bad Credit: A Collectors plot
135 3, 2, Gone: 3 coins appear and vanish
140 Paint By Numbers: Triumph with a Royal Flush finish
145 Must Be 21 To Enter: 21 Card Trick
147 Poker In The Eyes: A poker demonstration
152 S.W. Elevator: Elevator card
157 Sybil The Trick: an effect using Sybil
162 O.O.S.P.C.A.: Another four coins across
166 Five Speed: an ambitious card routine, plus more!
172 3-D Ropes: A cut and restored rope routine