Klamm, B.C.: Ring Routine Featuring Klamm's Locking Key
1982 B.C. Klamm
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 5.5x8.5", 18 pages
Ring Routine
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Comments: hand drawn illustrations throughout. This short booklet comes with the Klamm Quantum Locking Linking Ring.


1 Before You Begin: introduction; presents 3 ring moves
2 Basic Moves: how to use the locking key
2 Locking & Unlocking: One handed, two handed, "remote", closing
2 Linking & Unlinking: Off he Arm Linking, Book Fold Unlinking
3 Variations
3 Instant Linked Three: three singles displayed, link to three as a Three Leaf Clover or Chain of Three
5 Surprise Unlinking: top and middle rings are pulled, suddenly bottom ring drops off
5 Sudden Drop Unlinking: Book fold unlink and drop the solid ring
5 Sudden Drop Linking: drop and spin the newly linked ring
6 Cross Hand Linking & Unlinking: in the process of changing hands, the rings link
6 Reach Thru Unlinking: reach through the key and grab the linked ring. Pull it through the hole, unlinking
6 Crash Linking: rings linked by crashing top ring down on bottom
7 Drop Thru Linking: dropping a ring onto the key
8 Summersaulting Ring: a pretty swinging display
9 Slow Dissolve Unlinking: rings are slowly pulled apart
9 Gypsy Ear Ring Link: two solids dangle from key
11 Finale Separation: from two solids hanging in key
14 Patter Suggestions: a routine with the 3 rings using the above moves