Klamm, R.W.: The Magic of God's Word
1984 B.C. Klamm. pub R.W. Klamm the Magic Man
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.5", 78 pages
              Magic of God's Word
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Comments: I can't recommend this book, more from a theological perspective than a magic contents perspective. You may be able to use some of the tricks to good effect. The premise of the book is to use "sales" techniques to win people to the Gospel. While not entirely out of line, the focus is not on allowing the Holy Spirit to work. Also, the author seems to doubt God's word concerning such things as the Loaves and the Fish in "Will the Real Miracle Please Stand Up?". While I don't expect to agree fully with all Gospel Magicians, there are certain minimums such as taking the Bible literally when appropriate.


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Table of Contents
Index to Routines

1 Chapter 1 Before You Begin: salesmanship

4 Chapter 2 Who? Me? The Secret Identity: the patter story
8 The Giant Little Christmas Tree: newspaper tree with story

11 Chapter 3 What Else Did You Expect? Assuming the desired result
15 Getting Together: uses Stretch-a-Rainbow effect or instructions from Klamm Magic's Rig Up the Ropes

18 Chapter 4 Eeny Meeny The Choice is Minor. The Weighted Choice.
21 Billy's Private Telephone to God: cut and restored rope story

24 Chapter 5 For Me? The Special Incentive.
26 How God Can Multiply Money: six bill repeat and how to make

30 Chapter 6 Oh No You Don't! the fear of loss
34 Mr. Scarecrow Learns of God's Magic Secret: coat passed through rope

38 Chapter 7 Don't Stop Me Now! The rule of physical action
40 Let's Play God: Ball vanishes from hand while covered with handkerchief (stooge)

43 Chapter 8 Now That You Asked: requesting the desired result
47 Moses in a Cake Pan: Puzzle - remove coins from pan of water without tipping pan or getting fingers wet

49 Chapter 9 Harmonizing With Words & Magic: Putting it all together
51 You, Too, Can Work Miracles: In-N-Outer boxes
53 Three Gods Make a Knotty Problem: patter for "Christopher's Three Knots in a Rope" from Tarbell Vol II

57 Chapter 10 Dancing to a Different Beat: The Informative Message
58 The Red. the White, and the Blue: Crystal Tube (three silks become linked when blown from clear tube)
61 The Magic of God's Church: Afghan Bands

63 Chapter 11 Custom Tailored in a Similar Style: Examples You Can Use
64 Christ as the Center of Your Life (Bruce Eicher): Acrobatic Silks
68 Jesus Makes You Different (Art Zachman): Abbott's Comedy Card in Balloon
75 Caught In the Middle: Four ended rope and Tarbell
78 Will the Real Miracle Please Stand Up? One to many bills. Tarbell III