Klein, Jim (editor): Mortimer's Magic Magazine, Issues 1-4
©1990 American Magic Company, Harrisburg, PA
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 201 pages
Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 1-4
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Jim Klein: Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issues 1-4

Comments: Jim Klein's Mortimer's Magic Magazine ran from 1990 through December 1992, for 13 total issues. Mortimer is the fictitious character created by Jim Klein and Dawn Gibb. Some issues originally came with extra props such as cards, printouts, etc.. This volume includes issues 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the index to these issues, which was originally sold separately.

Contents (from book, page numbers for each issue are numbered independently):

1 Mortimers Magic Magazine Issue 1, 1990
3 Longer Than Usual Editorial
3 Why Mortimer's Magic Magazine?
5 My Opening Routine Part 1 (Bill Pryor): Chinese Sticks, Hank Pull, Egg Vase, Climax Egg Bag, Drawer Box, Dragon Silk, Spring Snake, Magic Wand, 2x12 inch silks
8 Oops, Sorry! (Pierre Fontaine): trick for the Astral Ashes
9 The Government Boo-Boo Bars (Doc Dougherty): using a Pom-Pom Pole
10 Theme Magic (Mark DeSouza): idea for going back in time
11 Double Whammy ESP Cards (Oran B. Dent): using Marked deck of Jumbo ESP Cards
12 Inventing and Creating (Steve Dusheck): essay
13 Gagamania: column
13 - Quintet Snake Box
13 - Borrowed Half on End of Snake in Nest of Boxes (Jim Klein)
16 The Jolly Joker (Larry Baukin and Doc Dougherty): presentation for Seventh Inning Stretch card trick by Martini
17 Dealer Demo
17 - Silk Handkerchief Vanish and Production
19 - Vanising a Burning Cigarette
20 Creating Magic Jokes: column
21 The Baseball Game (Larry White): packet effect using a gimmicked baseball card
22 Magic Mist (Jim Klein): card discovery
24 Rainbow Chips Mean Business (Gerry S. Jaffe): presentation for Rainbow Chips
25 Force Among Two: psychological force
26 Too Many Balls (Dan Tong): sponge balls
27 Not Ahother Twisting Effect (Steve Brown): cards
28 Promotion/Advertising/Giveaways: column
28 Math Animal Hunter (Bill Pryor): pencil movements end up at selection on card
29 The Comedy & Magic of Steven Bender (Steven Bender): introduction
30 The Triple Gag Bag Set (Bender): using multiple zippered Gag Bags
31 A Funny "Magic" Routine (Clint Riedel): reminicing on a comedy magic show
32 Contributions: essay
33 Silk Surprise (Martini): Children's routine using a Change Bag, Spring Flowers, silks, and a few other items
34 Laws of Magic: comedy
35 Advice and Tips: column
35 - Leaving Early (Jim Klein)
37 Magic Prop Make-Over (Martini): repainting old equipment
39 Bonzo's Diet (Jim Klein): presentation for Run Bonzo Run commercial effect
41 Construction Section - Double Wall Paper Bag
42 It's a Little Known Fact: column
42 - Antiperspirants
43 - Alternative "Dry" Routines
43 Daffy Definitions From the Revised, Updated, Annotated, and Completely Non-Collegiate Mortimer Dictionary: humor
44 Trick Braining (Jim Klein): ideas for the Scarf Rope

1 Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issue 2, 1990
3 Editorial
4 The Spirit of Magic Will Never Die!: obituary of Joe Homcheck, 1923-1989
6 Guts Location (Steve Brown): cards
7 Flag Burning (Jim Conner): ideas about burnt and restored flags
8 Harold The Playful Poltergeist (Larry Baukin): routine for the One Handed Knot
9 Fireproof Thumb Tip (Steve Dusheck): ideas
10 Magic Titles (Rick Westhafer): methods to magically produce song titles (or other messages)
11 Follow Up on Bill Pryor's Article in Issue 1: more details for the routine
12 Jumbo Perplexing ESP Plaques (Doc Dougherty): routine for Larry Becker's commercial product.
14 More Ideas for Oops, Sorry (Pierre Fontaine): more on the commercial Astral Ashes
15 Magic Prop Make-Over Part 2 (Martini): stenciling and more, with sample dove pattern
19 Coin Switcheroo (Dan Tong): seated routine using two copper and one silver coin
20 Playing With Fire - The Magic of Pyrotechnics (Dave Braidman): first part of a series
21 Theme Magic Part 2 (Marc DeSouza): more time reversal ideas
22 Magic With a Christ-Centered Flair (Steve Varro): Gospel Magic introduction
23 - Bible Coloring Book
23 Another Daffy Definition From the Revised, Updated, Annotated and Completely Non-Collegiate Mortimer Dictonary
24 It's a Little Known Fact - Doughnuts: ideas
25 Houdini Unchained (Bill Pryor): three card trick for a card flap box
26 Dusheck On Magic (Steve Dusheck): Levels of Magic, close up magic, etc.
29 Cold Fusion (Jim Klein): routine for the Atomic Light Bulb
30 The Comedy and Magic of Steven Bender Part 2
30 - A Pair of Whistles
30 - The Rooster Whistle
30 - DIYMG: expanded idea for Pride and Joy gag
31 Comedy Shackle Escape (Jim Klein): using the commercial Shackle Chain escape
34 The Handsome Prince and Beautiful Princess (Stan Shirey): a presentation for the linking paper clips using jumbo clips
36 Divine Find (Len Harvey): Divining rod helps find the envelope with the coin
37 Fire Tips (Ken Maxwell)
37 - The Finger Flahser
38 - Throwing Fireballs
38 - The Finger Flasher and Nielsen's Vanishing Bottle
38 - The Fickle Flashpot
38 - Silk to Cane
39 Force Among Three: a magician's force
40 Pickpocketing for Magicians (Martini)
41 Razzle-Dazzzle, Tissle-Tassle (Jim Klein): routine for Pom-Pom pole
43 Thome Tips (Ed Forsythe): collection of magic tips
44 Dealer Demo - Japanese Nose Chopper: finger chopper
45 Inventing and Creating Part 2 (Steve Dusheck)
47 Advice and Tips: on handling wandering children
48 Whiteisms (Larry White): humorous story
48 Follow Up to the Quintet Snake Box Routine in Issue 1
50 Snot White and the Seven Little Dudes (Jim Klein): using the wilting flower
52 The End

1 Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issue 3
3 Editorial
5 Mind Over Matter (Larry West): mentalism with Red and Blue backed decks
6 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (Mike Valek): using the Triple Blooming Flower Bouquet
7 Painting Tricks (Jim Schuyler):
7 - Painting Stripes: gag brush
8 - Brush Out: card selection is brushed out of the pile
8 - Paint Brush Silk Production
9 - Paint Brush and Spectator's Coat: gag
9 Hedge Hog Balls: idea
10 Playing With Fire Part 2 (Dave Braidman): How to avoid inviting the Fire Department to your show
11 Professor Pryor's Pain Killer Routine (Bill Pryor): Routine uses Passe Passe Bottles, Milk Pitcher, Magic Comedy Funnel, Fooled Again Rabbits, Confusing Die, Five Bill Repeat, Chen Lee Water Suspension, and Soft Soap
14 Three Cup Con (Paul Diamond): Which cup has the water? Uses Slush Powder
15 Ultra-Match (Bob Solari): Three cards in envelope match selections
16 My Wand Routines (Ricky Childress): gag
17 Let's Make a Deal (Martini): improved Bill in gum wrapper
19 Magic With a Christ-Centered Flair (Steve Varro): The importance of Presentaton
21 Force Among Loads, Gobs, and Even Multitudes - One to Six Force
22 Dusheck's Creating Part 3 (Steve Dusheck)
23 A Lighter Side of Magic (Ed Veran): stories
25 Card - Signed - In Balloon (Dale Gingrich)
27 Nursing Home Magic (Gerry S. Jaffe): essay
28 10 Small Businesses Most Likely to Succeed: humor
29 The Sidewalk Shuffle (R.E. Zweidini): presentation for Sidewalk Shuffle card trick
31 Dusheck on Magic Part 2 (Steve Dusheck): essay
33 The Comedy and Magic of Steven Bender Part 3 (Steven Bender): The Infamous Pea Can
33 Follow-Up Dealer Demo for the Pea Can/Magic Tube (Jim Klein)
34 Slush Powder Ice Cream (Paul Diamond & Sid Lorraine)
35 Mom's Bank Night Trick (Larry White)
36 - Handling Note
37 Advertising/Promotion
37 Advertising Tips for Magicians (Mike Schirmer)
38 It's a Little Known Fact...: Heads I Win Tails You Love (Jim Klein)
39 Magic Mission Impossible (Jim Conner): using a flip over box
40 Letters to the Editor
41 Mathematical/Alphabetical Prediction (Pierre Fontaine)
42 A Real Broken Wand (Greg Lang): idea for breakaway wand
43 Brownisms (Steve Brown): tip
43 Showdown: Puppet and Jumbo McCombical Prediction deck
45 Magic Prop Make Over Part 3 (Martini): repair tips
46 Another Daffy Definition From the Revised, Updated, Annotated and Completely Non-Collegiate Mortimer Dictionary
47 Comedy Mental UPC Prediction (Tom Dillon)
49 Observations on Observation Test (Doc Dougherty): Martini's effect
50 Theme Magic Part 3 (Marc DeSouza): Rubik's cube ideas
51 Humpty Dumpty on the Berlin Wall (Jim Klein): ideas
52 Gagamania - Candy and Baby Food (Renee Dusheck)
52 - Hi Bouncing Candy
52 - Baby Food: sick joke
53 Motel Surpise (Dan Tong): variation of Don Wayne's Room Service
54 Number Force

1 Mortimer's Magic Magazine Issue 4, June 1990
3 Editorial: June 1990
4 My No Tear Paper Routine (Paul Diamond): gag routine for the no-tear paper
5 A Really Magic Coloring Book Routine (Harry Damareck): standard Magic coloring book, snake can, clown wig, paint brush
6 Advertising/Promotion - Season Pass (Mike Schirmer)
7 Theme Magic Part 4 (Marc DeSouza): science
7 Thought Travel (Jim Klien): silk transposition
8 Magic With a Christ-Centered Flair Part 4 (Steve Varro)
8 - 1-2-1 Handkerchief: cut & restored to theme of 'wages of sin is death'
9 E.S.P. Mix Up (Martini): routine for ESP deck
11 The Comedy and Magic of Steven Bender Part 4 - Spotty (Steve Bender): Commercial Spotty trick
13 Dusheck on Magic Part 3 (Steve Dusheck): essay
15 Follow-Uppers, Tips and Ideas (Dan Tong): ideas and tips on previously featured tricks
16 Dry Rice Bowls: using spring flowers, hat coil, a can, and two bowls
17 It's a Little Known Fact...: Bananas
17 Banan-a-Magic: ideas
19 Yet Another (Ed Forsythe): Four ace trick
19 Dealer Demo - The Stripper Deck (Jim Klein)
21 Larry White's World Famous Yes/No Paper Trick - An Unbelievable Miracle of Ages Past, Present, Yet-to-Be, or Ever Will Appear (Larry White): using a no-tear card
22 More From Larry: more ideas
23 Playing With Fire Part 3 (Steve Chezaday): hand flashers
24 Dick Dale's Sponge Bear Routine (Dick Dale): using Eddie Ace's Sponge Bears
25 Professor Pryor's Pain Killer Routine Part 2: continued from last issue
27 Dusheck's Force Fields For Kids (Tony Baronio): using the Force Fields commercial effect
27 Routine 2: another idea
29 Torn and Restored Cane (Steve Brown): Fantasio Vanishing Cane to Silk
31 Key Routines for Key-R-Rect (Pierre Fontaine): three routine suggestions
32 The Gambler Vs. The Magician (Larry Baukin): Die Box routine
33 Silk Bilk (Steve Dusheck): thumb tip effect
34 Electrical Heartbeat (Mike Valek): Atomic Lightbulb and Light Fantastic combination
35 Baffflers, Bogglers and Bewilderers (Jim Schuyler)
35 - Testing the National Geographic
35 - Blowout Card Revelation
36 - Long Match From Purse Frame
37 Video Review (Tom Dillon): Live Kidbiz by David Ginn
37 It's Not Exactly Magic (Tom Dillon): school show opener
39 Table Hopping 300 People (Doc Dougherty): essay
40 More Daffy Definitions From the Revised, Updated, Annotated, and Completely Non-Collegiate Mortimer Dictionary
41 Magic Prop Make-Over Part 4 (Martini): when wood split, loose screws, etc.
42 Presenting the Preplexing ESP Plaques (Alexander Thomas): commercial effect
43 Dushcek's Creating Part 4 (Steve Dusheck): essay
44 The Princes and the Old King (John Cooper): routine for Chinese Sticks
45 Sucker Force for Lotsa Pops (Bill Pryor)
46 Wing and Wong (Jim Conner): Chinese Paper Tear
47 The Three Little Wolves (Jim Klein): using seven silks and three changing or vanishing devices

49 Mortimer's Magic Magazine Index 1-4
© 1991 American Magic Co., Harrisburg, PA