Benjamin J. Kleinman & Tah Bah Chee: Best of Magic Around the World
Kleinman, Benjamen J. & Tan Bah Chee: Best of Magic Around the World
©1975 Micky Hades International, Canada
Hardcover, w/dj, 137 pages
ISBN: 0-919230-44-X
Benjamin J. Kleinman & Tan Bah Chee: Best of
              Magic Around the World
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Comments: Compilation of over 150 effects from the 12 volumes of "Magic Around the World" magazine.

Contents (from book ToC):

1 Hickory Dickory Clock (Ian Adair)
1 Soldier Boy Illusion (Ian Adair)
2 Jigsaw Just Chance (Ian Adair)
3 The Revolving Zombie (Victor Alves)
3 Dove In Paper Cone (Victor Alves)
3 Glass of Wine and Dove Production (Victor Alves)
3 Dollar Breaker (Lawrence Arcuri)
4 Comedy Fruit Routine (Leonard Austin)
4 A Colorful Combination (Leonard Austin)
4 The Illusive Tray (Leonard Austin)
5 A Novel Offering (Leonard Austin)
5 Magic Tubes (Leonard Austin)
5 Rising Card (J Camacho Barriga)
6 Detector Coin (J Camacho Barriga)
6 Suspended Vase (J Camacho Barriga)
6 Ingenious Penetration (J Camacho Barriga)
7 A Different Twist On The Classic Coin Fold (Dr Raymond Beebe)
7 Cutting A Borrowed Bill in Half (Samuel Berland)
8 The Multiplying Thimble Trick without Gimmick (Samuel Berland)
10 Think A Card (Dr Ben B Braude)
11 The Judah-Zerno Five Tags and Numbers Divination (John Braun)
12 The Poor Man's Magic Box (Jack Chanin)
13 Red And Green (Stan Cheesman)
14 Sweet Sixteen (Fitz Cheney)
15 Blooming Flowers From the Air (Choy Yoon Hoong)
15 A Coin Quickie (Choy Yoon Hoong)
16 Ice Cube Suspension (Choy Yoon Hoong)
16 Evaporated Milk (George J Cook)
17 A Climax To The Cigarette In Handkerchief (Ken De Courcy)
18 Putting Teeth In A Card (Theo Dore)
19 The Monkey And The Cocoanuts (Theo Dore)
20 Humpty Dumpty (Theo Dore)
21 The Magic Santa (Theo Dore)
23 The Chimes Of Santa (Theo Dore)
24 Christmas Illusion (Theo Dore)
24 Single Card Disappearance (Jacqes Dugour)
26 Mad, Mad Balls (Edwin Hooper)
27 Red, White And Blue (Edwin Hooper)
28 Advance Card To Pocket (Clark Fonda)
29 Improved Baking In A Hat (Neil Foster)
30 Ambitious Four Aces (Hiroki Fukishima)
32 Card-Thread-Pin Trick (Masatosi Furota)
32 Deck That Kicks Out Selected Card (Masatosi Furota)
33 New Silk Glass (W Geissler-Werry)
33 Billiard Ball Expansion (W Geissler-Werry)
34 Balls, Balls, Balls, Balls (W Geissler-Werry)
35 The Game (W Geissler-Werry)
37 Flying Balls (Geralde)
38 The Infinity Box (James O Gerrish)
39 Coin Cheater (James O Gerrish)
40 Big Production From An Unprepared Piece of Paper (Dr Harry Ginandes)
41 Dun bury Illusion (Dr Harry Ginandes)
42 Rising Cigarette (Bill Greening)
42 Getting More Out Of Your Botania (Leslie P Guest)
43 Six Coins To Glass (Wayne Haarhaus)
44 Harbin’s Production Box (Robert Harbin)
44 Opposites Attract (Roland Hill)
47 3-2-1 (George Kaplan)
47 The Magic Apple (George Kaplan)
48 Frisky Bottle (James Kofman)
49 Rapid Math (Gerald Kosky)
49 The Date Is (Gerald Kosky)
50 The Winning Horse Is (Gerald Kosky)
51 Floating Ball Superba (Prof Vasantha Kumar)
52 The Doll's House Novelty (Prof Vasantha Kumar)
52 The Mystic Flower (Peter F Kowk)
52 Cups And Balls Trick (Peter F Kowk)
54 Card Effect With Two Packs (Nate Leipzig)
54 Cups And Coins (Leon M Leon)
55 7 — 20 Count (Cliff Lesta)
55 Thumb Tie Trick (Les Levante)
56 The Triple Escape (Les Levante)
58 Transpo Red And Black (Erhard Liebenow)
58 Flying Saucers (Erhard Liebenow)
59 Ghost Chips (Erhard Liebenow)
60 Chameleon Chips (Erhard Liebenow)
60 Chip Thru Hanky (Erhard Liebenow)
61 Multi-Color Paper Production (Maximiliano Londono)
61 The Appearing Aces (Milo Lum)
61 Magic Matches (Gerard Majax)
63 The Dance Of The Sawed Woman (Marcalbert)
64 Total Suspension (Marcalbert)
64 The Flying Spoon (Meldini and Marcalbert)
65 The Vanishing Dwarf (Meldini and Marcalbert)
66 The Hoop On The Rope (Ormond McGill)
67 The Travelling Crochet Ball (Ormond McGill)
67 A Bit Of Mental Magic (Ormond McGill)
68 The Magic Love Thermometer (Ormond McGill)
69 Hypnotizing A Rabbit (Ormond McGill)
69 Playing Card Mental Magic (Ormond McGill)
70 The Steel Bar Through Head Trick (Ormond McGill)
71 With The Eyes Of Dr Reese (Ormond McGill)
71 Brain Illusion (Ormond McGill)
72 The Dollar Bill Ring (Ormond McGill)
72 Tearing and Restoring A Borrowed Bill (Ormond McGill)
73 A Dead Name Prediction (Ormond McGill)
74 The Floating Spirit (Ormond McGill)
74 A Striking Match Trick (Ormond McGill)
75 Spirit Rappings (Ormond McGill)
75 From The Grave Beyond (Ormond McGill)
76 A Simplified Four Ace Routine (Ormond McGill)
76 A Gag With A Cigar (Ormond McGill)
77 Santas Bag (Ormond McGill)
78 The Language Of The Eyes (Ormond McGill)
79 A Visible Version Of The Illusion — Sawing A Woman In Half (Ormond McGill)
81 The Enchanted Cane (Ormond McGill)
85 Random Thoughts On Zombie (James McInnes)
86 On Card Location (James McInnes)
87 Color Changing Handkerchiefs (Jack Miller)
88 Card Location (Jack Miller)
88 Production Of Silks Or Flowers From Paper Cornucopia (Ed Mishell)
90 The Penetrating Thimble (Albert Peller)
90 Card In The Orange (Dr Benjamin Pressman)
91 Card In The Wallet (Rahn Rahid)
91 The Classic Billiard Ball Sequences (Maurice Rooklyn)
94 The Hair That Wasn't There (Morton Rudnick)
95 Coin-Flation (Morton Rudnick)
96 Bewildering Cigarettes (Jose Ruisa)
97 The Magus Card (Jim Saltarella)
98 Three Envelopes
98 The Dam Rubber Effect
99 Fingertip Sensation (Christoph-Joachim Schroder)
100 Four Paper Balls In Hat (Slydini)
101 Modern Card Control (Christian Stelzel)
101 The Improved Card Pistol (Christian Stelzel)
102 Shina-Dama — a Japanese version of Cups and Balls (Shigao Takagi)
106 My Routine For The Comedy Egg Bag (Tan Bah Chee)
106 Magic Paper Chain (Tan Bah Chee)
107 Chinese Octagonal Prediction (Tan Choon Tee)
108 Multi-Colored Mind Reading (Tan Choon Tee)
109 Tapping Around The World (Tan Choon Tee)
110 Tantalizing Transposition (Tan Hock Chuan)
111 A Match Cutie (Tan Hock Chuan)
111 Matched Before Chosen (Tan Hock Chuan)
112 Seven's A Most Magical Number (Tan Hock Chuan)
113 A Dumbfounded Divination (Tan Hock Chuan)
114 Si Stebbins Made Easy (Tan Hock Chuan)
115 Egg Bag Plus (William Tatton)
116 A Bubble Of Rope (Tenkai)
118 Die Tube Technique (Tenkai)
119 The Chinese Magician (Milton Tropp)
120 Four Coins Transpo (Udo Wachter)
121 Paganini On Billiard Balls (Udo Wachter)
123 Musical Rising Card or "I Wish You Well" (Bob Wagner)
124 One Glass Wine, H20 and Milk Trick (Bob Wagner)
124 A Case of Assassination Called "Trapped" (Bob Wagner)
125 Dr Rhine Outdone (David Ward)
125 Perfected Psychometry (David Ward)
126 The Upside-Down Clown (David Ward)
127 Telephone Transfer (Ralf Wichman-Braco)
128 Magic Addition (Hank Wollak)
128 The Climbing Dot (Hank Wollak)
129 Jack The Acrobat (Yeo Soon Kian)
130 A Mythical Shuffle (Anton York)
130 Hydraulic Jacks (Anton York)
131 Idea For Dice Stacking (Anton York)
132 The Smart Bird (Jochen Zmeck)
132 Reverse Bottles (Jochen Zmeck)
135 Index