Kort, Milton: Kort is Now in Session
1962, Ireland Magic Company
Softcover, comb-bound, 6x9", 64 pages
Kort Is Now In Session
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Comments: Illustrations by Steranko. Good little book of close-up magic by Milt Kort.


4 B&W Photo of Milt Kort
5 Foreword: Milt Kort
7 Exhibit One - Kortially Yours: Multiple spectators hold packets of cards and perform a "do as I do" with the magician. When the packets are spread, each has a face up card that matches that spectator's selection. 
10 Exhibit Two - The Homing Pigeon: reveal a card by throwing a joker in boomerang fashion and catching it with the deck.
13 Exhibit Three - The You Got Nothin Poker Deal: Poker hands are dealt, but when turned over, the magician has only a pair of threes. However, the spectator's hands consist of all blank cards.
15 Exhibit Four - Cup-Hola:: a hole is poked in the bottom of a paper cup and the cup is placed on the spectator's hand. A coin (larger than the hole) is placed over the hole, and a handkerchief placed over the mouth of the cup. The coin penetrates the hole. (uses a folder)
17 Exhibit Five - Sheer Brute Strength: A borrowed penny is bent in the performer's hands (switch)
21 Exhibit Six - Half from One: a dollar is folded and a half dollar is produced from the folds. Hands are shown empty at the start, and the dollar can be borrowed.
25 Exhibit Seven - Misers Dream In Reverse: An explanation of the Miser's Dream is that the coins are hidden in "air pockets" for later retrieval. Magician demonstrates by vanishes several coins into these pockets (uses back clip)
31 Exhibit Eight - The Kort Star: The Coin Star flourish in Milt Kort style, with drawings & B&W photos
37 Exhibit Nine - Gone, Again, Again and Again: Four coin vanishes under a handkerchief (each different)
41 Exhibit Ten - Cups and Balls in Miniature: Cups and Balls routine designed for the inexpensive plastic sets. Teaches the Fake Load, the Turn Over Load, the One Hand Cup Turnover, and the Two Hand Cup Turnover. At the end, the balls vanish and a balled up dollar bill is found.......
53 Exhibit Eleven -Chromo Cups and Balls: utilizes three cups of different colors, and five balls (three of color A, one color B, and one color C)
57 Exhibit Twelve -Dice / Dice / Dice: combines ball move from John Scarne, coin effect of Dai Vernon, and Chink-A-Chink from William Larsen into a lengthy dice routine. Uses 5 red dice (about 5/8"), a similarly sized green die, and a double sized die.
63 About the Author: short biography of Milt Kort