Kraft, Frederick L. and Kraft, Arthur: Magneticoins
1971 Arthur Kraft & Frederick L. Kraft, Pub. by Paul Diamond, FL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x.5", 56 pages

Comments [Stewart Tame]: Number 1 in the Paul Diamond presents his Gems of Magic Book series. The other book in this series by the same authors states that they did their own illustrations, and the drawings in this book are in a similar style. All tricks involve magnetic and/or steel core coins and cards. It's made very clear at the end of the book that such things can be purchased from Paul Diamond of course.


5 Preface
6 Introduction by Paul Diamond
7 Cup Penetration: Coin penetrates the bottom of a paper cup three times, everything can be examined "...within the bounds of discretion."
15 Fickle Nickel: Coin penetrates a handkerchief to fall noisily into a drinking glass.
17 Sucker Three Coin Monte: Coin placed on one of three inverted paper cups, each covered with a playing card, cups moved around, spectators challenged to find coin, all three cards removed to show coin has vanished, penetrated one of the cups.
21 Nerves of Steel: Two coins balanced edge to edge on top of cigarette.
22 Copper-Silver Extraction: Copper and silver coin covered, covers removed immediately to show that coins have switched places.
26 Coin Purloined: Five coins on playing card poured into spectator's hand, hand closed, card placed across opening of drinking glass, spectator strikes card with fist, one coin penetrates fist and card to drop into glass, spectator opens hand to find only four coins.
28 Comedy Coin Divination: Coin concealed under one of three covers, magician knows where it is at all times, "secret" revealed and eliminated, magician still finds coin.
30 Permeable Kneecaps: Silver coin and copper coin held at fingertips and struck against knee, copper coin instantly vanishes, hand behind knee opens to reveal copper coin.
31 Psycho-Matic Camera: Piece of blank photographic paper sandwiched between spectator's selected card and business card, when cards removed, paper is found to have "developed" a picture of selected card.
36 Be A Better Bettor: Spectator selects card which is shuffled back into deck, magician draws card from deck, places it face down on table, places half dollar on back, bets that spectator's card is under coin, magician proves to be right.
38 Hippity-Hoppity Coin: Coin penetrates two paper cups, props can withstand "rigid examination" at the end.
43 Copper-Ation: Copper coin and silver coin placed in drinking glass, held over another drinking glass, at magician's command, the copper coin visibly drops into the lower glass.
45 Half Gone: Coin covered by two bracelets and a card vanishes, method seems obvious, but upon repetition, magician "redeems his magical reputation."
48 Okito Coin Box Routine: Coin placed by spectator into small metal box, lid placed on box, box placed on card across mouth of drinking glass, at magician's command, coin drops into glass, box shown empty.
49 Osmotic Penny: Silver coin and copper coin placed on hank draped over magician's hand, magician closes and opens hand immediately to show copper coin has vanished, hank lifted to show copper coin on magician's palm.
51 Magne-Tic-Tac-Toe: Not a trick, but a game to be played using a magnetic quarter and a real quarter, coins are mixed, then each player selects one and places it on a square of a Tic Tac Toe board with paper clips on each square, whoever's quarter lifts the clip claims the square.
53 Sympathetic Nickels: Four coins placed at points of an imaginary square, under cover they assemble one by one in the same corner.