Kraft, Frederick L. and Kraft, Arthur: Coin Magnetrix
1973 Arthur Kraft & Frederick L. Kraft, Pub. by Paul Diamond, FL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 77 pages

Comments [Stewart Tame]: Book No. 3 in the Diamond presents his Gems of Magic Book series. Illustrations by the authors. Sequel to MagnetiCoins by the same authors. A booklet of tricks using magnetic coins.


2 Preface
3 Introduction by Paul Diamond
7 Phanto-Matic Card: Spectator selects card, initials it, and shuffles it into the deck, spectator then examines, seals, and initials an envelope, magician places the envelope on top of the deck and a fifty cent piece on top of the envelope and bets spectator fifty cents to a nickel that spectator's initialed card will be in envelope, deck placed on table, spectator's nickel placed next to fifty cent piece, envelope torn at one end and initialed card produced from within.
14 Clipped: Nickel wrapped in dollar bill which is clipped with paper clip to keep coin from escaping, bill placed on business card which is placed over opening of drinking glass, at magician's command, nickel melts through bill and card to make a noisy appearance in glass
18 Midas' Magic Mint: Nickels are changed to dimes in an endless stream with the aid of a half dollar and a borrowed credit card.
21 Ectoplasmic Nickels: Three coins travel from the table to the magician's hand with the aid of a couple of ID cards from magician's wallet.
25 Magneti-Coin Monte: Small piece of paper moistened and affixed to the underside of one of three coins, coins are then slowly and openly mixed and spectator is challenged to find the paper.
28 Follow the Arrow: Spectator covers three coins-two copper and one silver, magician finds silver coin with aid of a paper arrow.
31 Spectral Spectacle: Nickel placed in magician's hand completely vanishes, both hands shown empty, coin reappears, can be performed in short sleeves or even in a bathing suit.
35 Coin Teleportation: Copper coin and silver coin sealed in envelope, both coins visible through transparent window in envelope, copper coin moves away from window, magician extracts it without opening envelope.
43 Copper-Ation Superlative: Two glasses, one smaller than the other and resting in the mouth of the larger are shown, a copper and silver coin resting on the bottom of the smaller, with a shake of the magician's hand, the copper coin visibly vanishes from the smaller glass and drops into the larger one.
47 Handy Dandy: Silver coin openly dropped into spectator's hand mysteriously changes places with copper coin held in magician's hand.
53 Exalted Coin: Copper and silver coin placed in glass which is covered with draped handkerchief, corners of hank gathered up and given to spectator who lifts hank off glass, only one coin remains, missing coin found in hank when it is unfolded.
56 Okito Ultissimo: Copper coin and silver coin openly placed in metal box which is placed on business card set across mouth of glass, lid placed on box with no trace of move normaly used in Okito box routine, one coin penetrates box and card to drop into glass, spectator may open box to reveal single coin inside.
58 Numis-Magic Brain: Spectator's innermost thoughts revealed on previously initialed "photo-sensitized paper" held between two coins.
63 Coin Flight: Copper coin and silver coin openly displayed in one of magician's hands, other hand shown empty, both hands close, open to show one coin in each hand.
64 Capricious Coins: "Two coins (one Silver, one Copper) are set on an improvised 'drumhead', made by securely fastening a paper napkin over the mouth of a drinking glass. The performer puts the coins through their paces by causing them to flit to and from his pocket: then one of them suddenly and inexplicably arrives within the confines of the sealed glass."
74 Glossary
75 Reference Tables