Laflin, Duane: Beautiful Gospel Magic
©1989 Duane Laflin
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 58 pages
Beautiful Gospel Magic
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Duane Laflin: Beautiful Gospel Magic

Comments: "Part of this book was prepared and presented at Denver, Colorado, for the regional gathering of the fellowship of Christian Magicians on October 7, 1989...The book is given the title, "Beautiful Gospel Magic" because of the two routines it contains that are a combination of effects done to music."

Contents: (from book updated Jun 2019)

1 The Linking Ropes: ropes link & unlink; Lesson on Love & Fellowship
5 A Second Lesson for The Linking Ropes: Lesson Triune Nature of God
7 A Third Lesson for The Linking Ropes: Lesson pay attention to Spiritual aspects of life
9 The Egg Bag: Lesson Christ risen from the Tomb
13 The Power of The Prayer Closet:Silk Cabby box
15 Clarence The Caterpillar - Gospel Style: silk production forming a huge Butterfly; Lesson God's work in our lives
19 A Gospel Message with the Mis-Made Flag: using double change bag; Lesson one nation under God
23 Something Beautiful: Music routine - Dye Tube silk production leading to flowers, etc.
29 Joyful Joyful: Music routine - silks, flags, and a rabbit!
33 Your Records: color changing records; Lesson spiritual records
37 Double Color Changing Silk: Opener; Lesson brand new person
39 Is the Hand Quicker Than The Eye?: color changing shoelaces opener; Lesson illusion
43 Elijah and the Hungry Widow: Lota vase
47 Everybody Needs the Lord: Equal-unEqual ropes; Lesson on Missions
51 A Lesson on Priorities with the Strat-O-Spheres: Lesson on priortities
55 20th Century Silks - Gospel Style: Lesson death, burial, ressurection of Christ