Lane, Frank: A Real Magic Show
©1935 (circa) Frank Lane, Warren Press, MA
Softcover, stapled, 42 pages
              Real Magic Show
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Frank Lane: A Real Magic Show

Comments: A magic show via a book - each trick is introduced as if Frank was the M.C. of a show.

Contents (from book):

3 Introduction
3 Al Baker's Eye Witnesses: comedy routine with a special bill
5 Stewart Judah's Pellet Trick: card trick with 5 spectators
7 Al Saal's New Candle Production
9 The Hicks One-Handed Bill in Orange (Herbert Hicks): with special gimmick
11 Tom Bowyer's The Coin in the Bottle: prepared bottle, no folding coin
14 Frank Lane's Method of Doing The Three Pellet Card Trick: three spectators
19 Walker's Wine From Hat: a small shot-glass of wine
21 Bill Neff's Egg Routine: zipper egg bag preferred
25 - Outline of Egg-Bag Routine
26 Bill Neff's Rice Bowl Routine: standard rice bowls, plus a special can
30 Howard Albright's Tom, Dick and Harry: card trick with three spectators
32 Ellis Stanyon's Egg, Handkerchief and Wine-Glass Comedy
33 Ellis Stanyon's Four Aces on Corners of Handkerchiefs
35 Ellis Stanyon's Borrowed and Marked Coin in Unprepared Lemon
36 Brandon the Magician's Crack the Whip: selected card appears on end of whip
38 Brandon the Magician's Method for Stretching or Elastic Sticks: old boomerang illusion enhanced
40 Jake Stafford's Killing Two Birds With One Stone: living and dead test
40 And the Second Idea (Stafford)
42 Arthur Monroe's Pencil Gag: with a two-color pencil