Lane, Frank: Lane's Book of Patter
©1928 Frank Lane
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11"
Lane: Lane's Book of Patter
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Frank Lane: Lane's Book of Patter


Contents (from LearnedPig eBook edition, numbers are not page numbers):

1 To All My Friends And Purchasers Of This Book
2 Opening Talk For Magic Acts: four samples
3 Patter For Mephisto's Firecracker
4 Patter For When The Magician Uses Magic Seed
5 The Multiplying Billiard Balls
6 The Torn And Restored Paper Napkin
7 Patter For Dollar Bill In Egg
8 Patter For Poko Chinko: blocks off the cords
9 Patter For Card Act Or Routine
10 Wise Cracks To Be Inserted Into Any Magical Performance Or Routine: 18 of them
11 Seventeen Smart, Witty Talk-Ettes
12 Patter For Handkerchiefs: 7 gags
13 Special Material: opening lines for a lodge meeting
14 Gags: 7 one-liners
15 Patter For Egg & Handkerchief & Sucker Effect
16 Patter For The Multiplying Coins
17 Patter For The Halter Trick: ropes through neck
18 Patter For The Vanishing Bowl Of Water
19 Patter For The Passe Passe Bottles
20 Comedy Bits Of Business For Master Of Ceremonies: 13 of them
21 Sixteen Card Patterettes
22 Ten Closing Remarks & Gags For Magicians
23 An Original Finish For A Magic Act