LaRue, Robert D., Jr & Steve Spangler: Bouncing Back
1997 by WREN Publishing
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 65 pages
LaRue: Bouncing Back
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Comments: 50 New Routines and Presentation Ideas with the Bounce No Bounce Balls. Great book with lots of ideas for the Bounce, No Bounce balls. Edited by Lindsay Smith, Feature Illustrations by John T. Sheets, Technical Illustrations by Robert D. LaRue, Jr.


9 Foreword by Daryl: a background to the development of this book

11 Historical Background: Jay Marshall on the Bounce No Bounce Balls as told to Dr. Earl Reum
12 Bruce Hetzler presents: The Goof Ball, by Bev Taylor, with help from Bobo. A routine from Bev Taylor's Town House Magic. Lighthearted and straightforward to be presented in an informal style
14 Jim Nevison: on the development of the Bounce No Bounce balls
14 Jimmie Nevison's Bounce, Distributed Exclusively by Paul Diamond: Win a rabbit or a drink...
15 Paul Diamond's Routine for the Bounce No Bounce Balls: using a glass, presented as a challenge
17 Don Lawton's Lines from Lawton: An advertisement from 1962 for "The Goof Ball" with a comedy approach from Senator Crandall

19 The Science of the Bouncing Balls: Even Magicians Wonder Why? Section by Steve Spangler on the Science of the balls
20 The $64,000 Question: What good is a ball with no bounce? The differences between the balls
21 Used as a Sales Tool: The Gates Rubber Manufacturing Company
21 The Rolling Ball Race: a science experiment (non-magic)
22 A Cold Winter's Day: a note on temperature
22 Does It Float or Sink?: try it yourself
23 How High Can You Go?: introduces the concepts of potential energy, kinetic energy, and conservation of energy; also uses a racquetball

25 Ball Sleights
25 Drop Vanish (Variation) Dave Neighbors
26 Classic Fake Take Vanish
27 Placement Vanish
28 Drop Switch (Variation) Dave Neighbors
28 Change Over Switch - Dave Neighbors
30 Shuttle Pass Switch
31 Fake Take Switch
31 Toss and Catch Vanish or Switch - Ed Marlo and Bob LaRue
32 The Captain Queeg Switch (Roll Switch)

33 Routines: some are short ideas, others are full routines
33 Heavy Suggestion (Bob LaRue): the power of suggestion
34 Kinetic Card Rise (Jim Kawashima): energy from ball transfers to a card
36 Steeling the Bounce (Gene Gordon): the bounce is magically removed from a ball, which then turns into a steel bearing
38 The Animal Within (Gene Gordon): "gumball" turns into a balloon animal!
39 Expansion of Spirit (Curtis Kam): the "soul" of a rubber ball
40 Spirit Medium (John T. Sheets): the energy from a ball finds the spectator's card
41 Magician's Jacks (Curtis Kam): the ball helps find the Jacks (a quickie idea)
42 The Ball Factory (Dave Neighbors): clay to ball routine
43 Slow Motion Vanish (Dave Neighbors): and reverse
43 Poing! (Bob LaRue): an idea using a "popper coin"
44 Bouncing Transposition (Dave Neighbors): bounce transfers from ball to ball, routine is better with a Topit
45 Healing the Bounce (Keven Williams): an idea for children's hospital visits
46 Lie Detector (Ken Simmons): used in a "lie detector" card trick
46 Squeaky Ball (Lamout Ream and Bob LaRue): helium makes it bounce...
47 Anti gravity Particles (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): removing the anti-gravity
47 Nailed to the Table (Lamont Ream): ball finds the selected card
48 Static Charge (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): a silk enhances the static charge
49 Static Discharge (Brad Montgomery): with real sparks!
49 Springing Forth (Curtis Kam and Kainoa Harbottle): removing the "spring" from the ball, literally!
50 Black Jack Surprise (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): ball to gum
50 Color Prediction (Mark Strivings, Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): a clever prediction
51 The Witch Test (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): testing the ball to see if it is a witch
52 Microphone Madness (Lamont Ream): a stunt for an MCee
52 Wind Up (Dave Neighbors): the ball needs winding up
53 Count Down (Doc Murdock): ball finds the card
54 The Unbearable Lightness of Balls (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): the ball gets lighter and lighter...
54 Black Hole (Lamont Ream and Bob LaRue): a domesticated black hole
55 Rubber Magnet (Lamont Ream): a magnetized ball
55 Living and Dead Test (Lamont Ream): with business cards
56 Pregnant Balloons (Todd A Neufeld, Bob LaRue, Larry Mahan): neat idea for a giveaway
56 Pop Up Surprise! (Lamont Ream): using a pop-up tie
57 Bounce No Bounce Check (Bob Loomis, Bob LaRue, Lamont Ream): ball finds the "bounced" check
58 Infection Inflation (Larry Mahan): curing a sick ball
59 The IQ Test - Laugh Meter (Al Finnegan, Jr. and Peter Marucci): Originally in Oct 1997 Linking Ring

60 Drunken Spin-Offs: variations on the theme
60 Breath Tester (Geoff Williams): complete with breath spray...
61 Bar Bat (Daryl and John T. Sheets): with a shot glass
61 No Sleight Drunk Test (Danny Archer): another version

62 Odd Balls: A collection of ideas that did not fit anywhere else...
62 In the Pink (Bob Friedhoffer): making stage sized
62 Sticky Ball (Eric Mead and Lew Wymisner): an experiment
63 Poor Man's Bounce No Bounce (Jerome C. Dumaine): using Silly Putty
64 Now It's Your Turn: request to send in suggestions