Leech, Al: Al Leech's Legacy
1980, Magic Inc., Ill
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 125 pages
Leech's Legacy
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Comments (DA): I like Al Leech's magic. It is straight forward and uncomplicated, yet magical. His writing is very conversational, similar in my mind to J.G. Thompson and Bruce Elliot. If you are going to purchase more than one of Leech's books, Magic Inc. offers a collection called "All of Leech", which is very economical. According to the note at the end of this book, this book was in progress when Al Leech passed away. This volume contains some good card magic, some good billiard ball work, and good thimble magic.


3 B&W Photo of Alfred B. Leech with billiard balls
4 Preface by Al Leech
7 Alfred B. Leech Magician of the Month (John Zweers): a biography of Al Leech
11 Major Surgery: in trying to locate the selection, the magician finds a card double in value. In trying to remedy the situation, he "shrinks" the card, but ends up with a miniature of the selection
18 A Typographical Error: similar to the above, a miniature card appears with a different colored back
21 Platform Wild Card: a version adapted for platform use
26 A Bicycle Built for Profit: quarters appear on the back of Bicycle brand playing cards
30 Too Small: another use for miniature cards
34 Snap Change: a card change made effective by use of rubber bands
38 Crooked Card: a novel effect using a "crooked" deck (commercial item)
44 Three Cards Across: several cards jump from one spectator's pocket to another's
51 The 1971-2 M-U-M Award: Al Leech's announcement
52 A Card Trilogy: a three card effect. Each can stand alone or be sequenced. The 4 Aces keep cropping up as a running gag.
56 Coins and Cards: producing coins from under dealt cards
59 The Coin Star: Al Leech describes Paul Rosini's coin star
61 Ball Manipulation Past, Present and Future: essay on angles an difficulty of finding suitable balls
64 Chicago Balls. The Chicago Ball Trick and a Routine: uses "sponge" multiplying balls, but may also work with Fakini's. A lengthy and practical routine.
74 A Color Change Routine: using standard balls
83 A Rainbow Routine:  a multiplying ball routine with color changes. No advanced holders required. Be careful of angles.
90  Thimble Theme: a full thimble routine for standard thimbles
95 Thimbles Unanimous: Intro to thimbles
95 Basic Sleights: The Thumb Palm
96 Thumb Palm Vanish
97 Thumb Palm Color Change
97 The Finger Switch
98 The Finger's Palm
99 The Palm
100 The Multiple Palm
101 Thimble: a vanish of a thimble from the thumb
102 Marksmanship: a thimble on the right thumb is fired like a pistol into the left fist
103 A Surprise: Guess which hand the red thimble is in? Wrong, it has turned to green.
104 Topsy Turvy: a transposition of two colored thimbles
105 Thimble and Thread: a thimble and thread spool transposition
107 Complete Confusion: a color changing thimble routine
109 Rainbow Thimbles: a red thimble changes to white, then three thimbles multiply
110 Thumbs Up: instant appearance of thimbles on the thumbs
111 Finger Switch Color Change: thimble color change move
112 A Penetration: thimble through handkerchief
114 An Easy Production: four thimbles are produced from a silk
116 Four Thimble Vanish and Recovery: four thimbles vanish in the left fist and are found stacked on the right thumb
118 Complete Multiple Vanishes: ideas
119 Multiple Vanish from a Silk: four thimbles vanish from the fingertips under a silk
120 Multiple Production from a Silk: short
120 Come and Go: as above, but vanish one at a time
121 The Multiplying Thimbles: a thimble jumps about and suddenly multiplies to 8. No body loads needed, can be done impromptu.
124 A Deception from Dublin (Billy McComb): four thimbles vanish and appear on the other hand
125 Thanks to Dr. Richard O. Mossey: a brief note about the passing of Al Leech and Dr. Mossey's help in the development of Al's last book