Levent and Todd Karr: Roy Benson by Starlight
©2006 The Miracle Factory
Hardcover, w/dj, 800 pages

Was also available in a leather-bound edition
Levent & Karr: Roy Benson by Starlight
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Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

Preface: Levent
Psychopathic Suite for Piano and Triangle: Todd Karr
An Artistic Evolution: Levent
Benson of the Fords: Liane Curtis

The Second Oldest Profession: A Study in Magic Introduction (Roy Benson)

Magic Without Mercy: Roy Benson's Stage Act
1. Oh, See The Pretty Thing
2. The Three Chinese Sticks
3. The Benson Billiard Ball Routine
4. The Benson Salt Pour
5. The Psychiatrist Routine
6. Encore: The Siamese Act

7. Strictly Underhanded
8. The Six Card Redux
9. Benson's Deck Switch
10. The Knife Force
11. The Card on Glass

12. The Finger Palm and Malini's Lady
13. Benson's Copper and Silver
14. Impromptu Coin Vanish
15. Banished
16. The Visible Miser's Dream
17. The New Miser's Dream

18. The Billiards
19. The No-Move Color Change
20. The Shell Turn21. The Leipzig Drop
22. The Vanishing Ball
23. The Ball Box

24. The Benson Bowl
25. The Ring on Stick
26. The Cigarette Vanish
27. The Flash Cigarette
28. The Wand from Purse
29. Close-Up Favorites

Stage Magic
30. The Bizarre Bag
31. The Benson Linking Ring Routine
32. The Vanishing Silk
33. The Benson Rice Bowls
34. The Hugard Newspaper Tear
35. The Dice Box
36. The Hydrostatic Cravis
37. The Wines of Beelzebub

38. Steals and Holders
39. The Kellar Finger
40. The Magician and his Table
41. Flesh Paint

The Words of Roy Benson
1. Presentation
2. Routining
3. Entrances and Exits
4. Acting
5. Audiences
6. Hecklers
7. Wardrobe
8. Music
9. Television
10. Amateurs and Professionals
11. Peers
12. Children
13. On the Death of Vaudeville
14. Some Thoughts on Presentation

Benson on Magic (1972)

A Record of Nate Leipzig
Quietly Astounding Roy Benson
The Autobiography of Nate Leipzig Nate Leipzig
Leipzig: Merlin of Legend Fred Keating

Twenty by Leipzig
The Magnetic Knife
The Leipzig Pass and a Miracle Therewith
Leipzig’s Red and Blue Pack
The Ubiquitous Cards
Effect with Two Packs
Delayed Location
Five Hands
Penetrating Card
Nate Leipzig’s Card Through Handkerchief
The Imaginary Rubber Band
The Complementary Cards
Leipzig’s Pocket Card Trick
Peek Procedure
The Revolving Peek
The Knee Vanish
The Leipzig Center Cut
Card-Stab Procedure
Match Swindle
Nate Leipzig’s Grindstone

From Leipzig’s Pen
36 Years A Magician
P. T. Selbit
Harry Kellar

Appendix 1: Nothing from Nothing: Further Adventures of Roy Benson
Appendix 2: Letter from a Carnival Connye Benson