Lever, Derek: Ken Brooke and Friends
©1986 Taurus Magic Supply, England
Hardcover, w/dj, 300 pages
Ken Brooke and Friends
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Derek Lever: Ken Brooke &K Friends



8 Introduction (Derek Lever)

10 Part One - The Veroni House of Magic and the Ken Brooke Magic Shop, Bradford
10 Ken Brooke - The Early Days (Malcolm Davison)
13 The Early Years (Arthur Russell)
16 A Strange Interlude At The '21' Club - Beer From A Balloon (Gene Morrell And Ken Brooke)
18 Ridiculous Rupert (Dennelson And Ken Brooke)
20 Robbery On Fifth Avenue (Gene Morrell And Ken Brooke)
24 Mechanical Three Shell Game (Albert Verity(
27 The Return To Karnak (Gene Morrell)
31 Mind Your Mind (Gene Morrell)
32 The Monkey Tells (Gene Morrell)
34 Diddle The Gaffer Bv Gene Morrell)
36 The Topper Tray (Alan Milan)
37 Your Selection (Alan Milan)
39 Sp1n-A-Dart (Benson Dulay/Aian Milan/Ken Brooke)
41 The Rope Miracle (Jack Chamn/Ken Brooke)
46 Spot Sticks (R. M. Jamison/Jean Hugard/Ken Brooke)
50 Passing Coins Through A Spectator's Hand (Ken Brooke)
52 Ken Brooke's Routine For The Three Card Trick (Ken Brooke)
55 Ken Brooke's Presentation Of The Note Under Cup (Ken Brooke)
61 Egg And Bag Routine (Ken Brooke)
65 Nudist Deck Routine (Ken Brooke)
69 Card To Pocket (Ken Brooke)
72 The Gipsy Necklace (Barry Stevenson And Ken Brooke)
75 Fl1m Flam (Ken Brooke)
80 Ken Brooke’S 3umbo Crazy Cards (Ken Brooke)
84 Trigon 19 (Peter Warlock)
86 Tricon Twin (Peter Warlock)
88 A Rope, A Ring, A Hat (Alan Milan)
89 Repeat Rope Trick (Ken Brooke)
95 Diddle The Middle (Ken Brooke)
95 The Endless Chain (Ken Brooke)
100 Dennelson’S 'Impossible' (F. Jackson And Ken Brooke)
102 The Ken Brooke Routine For Enchanted Bottle And Rope)
103 All Clear Enchanted Bottle And Rope (Billie Jones)
106 Ken Brooke Routine For 'Ju Ju Stick’
113 Ken Brooke Routine For 'Ring Off Wand'
115 Ken Brooke's 'Amazing Ring'
120 Ken Brooke Routine For 'Ring Off The String'

122 Part Two Ken Brooke and Comedy
122 The Ken Brooke Sense Of Humour (Derek Lever)
128 Convention Gags Remembered (Harry Nicholls)

131 Part Three Ken Brooke's Favourite Card Magic
131 Repeat Joker Trick (Ken Brooke)
134 Magnet Card (Ken Brooke)
135 Ken Brooke Routine For 'Think-A-Card’
138 Comedy Cards Across (Ken Brooke)
140 Ken Brooke Presents 'The Miracle Speller' (Chris Ban Bern)
142 Ken Brooke Presents Albert Verity's 'Double Climax’
144 Ken Brooke Presents Douglas Hood's 'The Jumping Jack'

149 Part Four Ken Goes Mental
149 The Ken Brooke Magazine Test
151 The Ken Brooke Presentation Of Robert Harbin's 'Psychic Vision Newspaper Test'
153 The Ken Brooke Routine For The 'Himber Wallet'
155 The Ken Brooke Telephone Directory Divination

157 Part Five The Ken Brooke Stage And Cabaret Act
157 The Dancing Cane
162 Ken's Crazy Card
165 Chase The Ace
171 Hello Twins
172 French Without Tears
172 The Baby Gag
173 The Chinese Rings
188 Slydini Rope Trick
190 Sucker Colour Changing Silk
201 Paper Balls Over The Head
204 Passe Passe Bottles
209 Multiplying Martinis

219 Part Six The Friends
219 The Flaming Match Box (Doug Alker)
221 The Pound Note Counting Routine (Doug Alker
223 Sweet Silver (Gordon Bruce)
226 Easy, Easy Mind Reading (Malcolm Davison)
229 Extravaganza (Wayne Dobson)
230 Obliteration (Wayne Dobson)
234 The Bite (Arthur Day)
235 The Pill (Arthur Day)
235 The Biro (Arthur Day)
235 The Glass Test (Arthur Day)
237 Ken's Opening Gag (Kenny Dean)
238 Ken's Newspaper Tear (Kenny Dean)
238 The Kenny Dean Ring In Box (Kenny Dean)
242 Audition (Mike Gancia)
244 Cover Up (Mike Gancia)
246 Smash Vanish (Andrew Galloway)
249 Left Handed Card In Wallet For Right Handers (Paul Green)
251 Coins Through A Book (Francis Giles)
253 On The Level (Francis Giles)
255 Compere Gags (Ken Green And Mo Howarth)
257 Ken And The Compass (David Hemmingway)
258 •m.J Traffic Road Sign (David Hemingway)
262 Absolutely Impossible (David A. S. Howarth)
270 Champion (Roy Johnson)
272 Comedy Routine For Dippy Duck (Derek Lever)
275 Mentalmania (Derek Lever)
278 Pen Flash (Simon Lovell)
279 Non Burning Finger (Simon Lovell)
280 T.U.A.S.P.O.A.L.A.D.F.U.A.O.P.B.M. (Simon Lovell)
284 Credit Card (Bob Ostin)
286 My Torn And Restored Card Trick (Johnny Paul)
290 Roth's Brand New Card In ^ Allet (Roy Roth)
291 Smash Glas> (Roy Roth)
292 Comedy Hanky (Roy Roth)
293 Knickers To The Egg Bag (Barry Seymour)
295 Confabulation Plus (Kees Winkel)