Lewis, Eric C.: A Choice of Miracles
©1980 Magical Publications, Sierra Madre, CA
Hardcover, 8x11", 213 pages
A Choice of Miracles
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Eric Lewis: A Choice of Miracles

Comments: The first of the "Miracles" Trilogy: 1) A Choice of Miracles (magic up to 1939); 2) A Continuation of Miracles; and 3) The Crowning Miracles.


10 Publisher's Note
11 Introduction (Charlie Miller(
13 Foreword

15 Chapter I In The Beginning
19 The Great Super-Colossal Jumbo Card-Pip Trick
24 The Alarm Clock Production
26 An Introductory Item
28 Four In Hand

33 Chapter II And Then Came The Magicians
35 The “Pump And Guess” Card Discovery

43 Chapter III “Well I Never"
44 A Broken And Restored Wand
45 Visibly Through
47 The Multiplying Wands
50 Merely A Mistake
52 A Useful Forcing Device (Divinadisc)
54 Magical Pictures
56 Playing With Fire
57 The Book Of Spells

61 Chapter IV A Magical Mentality
63 Off And On The Ribbon
65 The Strange Letter
66 The Walking-Cane Suspension
70 Silk Over Head, Plus

73 Chapter V Commercial Magic In the Early Thirties
74 Through a Half-Inch Hole
77 The Locked Books Release
79 Card Castles
81 A Self-Erecting Card-Castle Table
83 The Case of the Curious Cubes
85 Curiouser and Curiouser
89 The "Miracle" Passing Cards
91 The Improved "Zen's" Switch
93 The Queen of the Air

99 Chapter VI Oriental Frolic
101 The Penetrating Flower Pot
104 Comedy Flower Growth
105 The Chinese Hat
106 Dual Lantern Production
108 A Modern Chinese Lamp Stand Production
111 A Multiple Lantern Production
113 A Surprising Lantern
114 The Mystery of the Triple Temple

119 Chapter VII "...Except Thee and Me..."
128 If All The World Were Wine
129 The Convocational Jacks
131 An Everlit Match
132 Chris Van Bern's Mirror Mystery

135 Chapter VIII Three From '33
136 Archie Byford's Living and Dead Test
137 Cups and Balls For the Stage
145 The Shrinking Wand

149 Distant Drums
150 The Art of the Magician, by The Great Levante, 1936
152 Magic as a Business, by The Great Levante, 1937
154 Novel Nemocracy With Numbers
156 A Remarkable Record
159 The Obedient Cigarette Paper
160 Hallucination
163 The Educated Silk
165 The Unexpected Glass

169 Chapter X Magic For Moderns
170 A Convincing Color-Change Wand
172 The Vanishing Tube
174 The Quadrifid Cards
176 The Golden Arrow

XI The Calm Before
180 The Eric Lewis Natural False Count
181 “A Little Trick with Eight Cards”
182 The Sharper Sharped
184 The Natural Put-Back Count
185 The ‘Streamlined” Cards to Pocket
189 Fantasm
191 The Big-Little Joker Transposition
193 The Electric Bulb Penetration
196 The Mutilated Note
198 Two-Color Paper Routine

XII The Storm

207 Appendix
211 Index