Lewis, Eric: Personal Magic Vol. 1
2000 MagiKraft Studios, CA
359 page e-Book on CD-ROM
              Lewis Personal Magic Vol 1 CD
Image from MagiKraft Studios

Comments: Eric Lewis' Personal Magic notebooks typed up and illustrated and now available in electronic form.


13 Six Silk Repeat; "Erebus" (Silk Effect)
17 The Undisturbed Knot; "Vampire" (Silk Effect)
19 Single Knot Release; Herpick (Silk Effect)
21 Knot Release; Middleswart (Silk Effect)
23 Wonder Box and Cane; R. W. Hull (Silk Effect)
26 Ring and Rope Release; Peter Warlock (Miscellaneous)
28 Silks and Tapes; Tenkai (Silk Effect)
32 Reilly's Rope Trick; Reilly (Miscellaneous)
37 Ultimo; Jordan  (close up)
45 Fantasm; Fred Payne  (close up)
48 Kidnapped; Ireland & King  (close up)
52 Lesson in Card Magic; Jack Shepherd  (close up)
58 Unimentality with Cards; H. P. Albright  (close up)
61 Sooper-Dooper Optical Illusion; Clayton Rawson  (close up)
65 Technicolor Follow-My-Leader; Peter Warlock  (close up)
72 Mental Discernment; R. W. Hull  (close up)
76 20th. Century Spell or Count; R. W. Hull  (close up)
81 Jim Jam Cards; R. W. Hull  (close up)
85 One Chance in Eight; Francis Haxton  (close up)
86 Worlds Fastest Card Trick; Joe Karson  (close up)
89 Cards to Pocket; Larry Knecht  (close up)
93 Progressive Cards to Pocket; Stewart James  (close up)
95 Five Ace Alex; Tom Sellers  (close up)
97 You Do As I Do Miracle Routine; Bob Weill  (close up)
100 Color Change Deck; Paul Curry  (close up)
102 All Do As I Do; Jay Dee  (close up)
104 One Hand Six Card Repeat; Senator Crandall  (close up)
106 Eleven Card Trick; Edward Victor  (close up)
110 Coincidence Code; Laurie  (close up)
113 Bean Cup; David Hemmingway (close up)
118 he Recurring Card; George Blake  (close up)
121 Silver & Sponges; L. L. Ireland  (close up)
125 Passing The Buck; Tom Osborne  (close up)
131 Card in Cigarette; Douglas Hood  (close up)
135 Phenomenal Memory; Will Blyth (Mentalism)
137 Chinese Color Change Coins; Harlan Tarbell  (close up)
142 Congregating Coins; Sands & Slyker  (close up)
145 Copsil; Ed Marlo  (close up)
147 The Silver Spheres; Ed Marlo  (close up)
157 The Bewitched Disk; "Werry"  (close up)
162 King King Rope Rings; "Supreme" (Miscellaneous)
165 Bending Glass; Oswald Rae (General Apparatus)
167 The Story of Each Individual Card; G. McKenzie  (close up)
172 Clean Cut Color Change; Harlan Tarbell (Silk Effect)
174 Two Girls and Oranges; U. F. Grant (Children's)
176 Close-Up Floating Light Bulb; U. F. Grant (Miscellaneous)
181 Acrobatic Silks; Haskell (Silk Effect)
187 Color Change Supreme; Jack Channin (Silk Effect)
190 Fairy Tales (patter); A. Crowther (Children's)
193 4th. Dimensional Telepathy; Annemann (Mentalism)
196 Look at a Card; Moe  (close up)
197 Evolution of the Afghan Bands; Ellis Stanyon (Miscellaneous)
201 L. W. Buried Treasure; Larsen & Wright (General Apparatus)
202 Glove Dyeing by Magic; Professor Hoffmann (Miscellaneous)
205 Ajax; Stanley Collins  (close up)
208 Kortially Yours; Milton Kort  (close up)
210 Chromo Cups and Balls; Milton Kort  (close up)
215 Dice Dice Dice; Milton Kort  (close up)
220 Red Moon; "Unique"  (close up)
221 Egg Bag Routine; Proudlock (Miscellaneous)
226 The Rogues (Monologue); Anon  (close up)
228 Son John (Monologue); Anon  (close up)
231 'Orrible Murder; Eric Lewis (Silk Effect)
235 Musical Monologue; Anon (Miscellaneous)
237 Probability Zero; Paul Curry (Mentalism)
240 Flower Show; Ian Adair (Children's)
243 Lighted Pipe Production; Various (Miscellaneous)
245 Light Bulb Penetration; Lewis & Wright (General Apparatus)
248 Ribbon Fountain; "Dell" (Miscellaneous)
249 Ribbon Rings; "Supreme" (Miscellaneous)
255 Tube-It; Ian Adair  (close up)
262 Mad Mad Balls; "Supreme" (General Apparatus)
266 Scatty Skittles; "Supreme" (Children's)
268 Switch-it Glass; "Supreme" (General Apparatus)
271 Eggst-ra-ordinary; "Supreme" (Silk Effect)
274 Rainbow 20th. Century Silks; "Supreme" (Silk Effect)
277 Socko Comedy Watch Routine; Cliffe & Bee (Children's)
282 A Letter for the Conjurer; Bertram (Children's)
284 Comic Combination; H. P. Allbright (Children's)
289 Counters of Chu Chin; Edward Bagshaw (General Apparatus)
292 Psychic Vision; Robert Harbin (Mentalism)
294 The Moving Finger Writes; Robert Harbin (Mentalism)
298 Spectator's Privilege; Frank Lane (Mentalism)
301 Sand and Sugar; Louis Histed (General Apparatus)
307 Flying Saucers; Louis Bertol (Children's)
310 Ready Freddie; Anon (Children's)
314 Humpty Dumpty; Anon (Children's)
316 Sorcerer's Apprentice; Supreme & Lewis (Children's)
322 Eddie's Ghost House; Jeremy Crockett (Children's)
326 Monkey Ribbon; Anon (General Apparatus)
328 The Fairy Tree; Bertram (Children's)
333 Who Done It?; Jack Shepherd (Miscellaneous)
340 Lexicography; Eric Lewis (Mentalism)
344 Aces for Connoisseurs; Cy Enfield  (close up)
351 The IQ Test; R. W. Hull  (close up)
356 Rapid Transit; Trevor Hall  (close up)